Crushing For Her Married Childhood Sweetheart: Saturn Return

Saturn ColorfulDear Elsa,

I have a childhood sweetheart who visited my city five months ago, after an absence of over 10 years. We discovered that we’re still crazy about each other; however, he’s already married. We’ve decided to keep apart as it’s the right thing to do.

We live halfway around the world from each other. However recently, I was asked by my work superior if I’d like to relocate to the city he’s now at. I can’t help feeling like fate has an agenda for us. I also can’t stop thinking of him, and feel strongly that he’s the one for me.

Is there any chance of us getting reunited?

Childhood Sweetheart

Dear Sweetheart,

I’m sorry, but I would say there is a very slim… infinitesimal chance that you wind up with this man. I agree there is fate involved but you must be very careful when interpreting things like this. For example, the fact you are offered a job in his city is not necessarily a sign you are meant to be with him. In fact, it is far more likely it means exactly the opposite. And I want to help you and the only way I can think to do that is to be candid.

It sounds to me like you are pushing 30 years old and you want to hook up, which is very common. So here comes this guy… someone else’s husband, and you say, “That’s him! He must be the one!” And you fix on that. And you pump up the things that support your desire, while ignoring the things that don’t (he has a wife!).

Now single people rarely understand how bonded married people are. It is rare the person who can shrug their shoulders and leave a marriage just because someone glittery walks by. And in fact if they can, it indicates a deeply troubled soul. So you can move around the world if you want, but I am afraid you’ll find it has no impact on your situation at all…

Your situation being: you are pushing 30 and you want a partner. Except now you’ll be in a strange land, so especially needy and writhing around for a man who can’t come over because he’s in bed with his wife.

I’m sorry. But if I were you, I’d stay put. Stop trying to run because the astrology is very clear. This is your Saturn return and you are simply going to have to deal with yourself and projecting “soul mate” qualities onto your married, high school sweetheart is not going to help you do that.

Good luck.


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