Surrounded by Taurus!!

It occurred to me yesterday, that at the moment, I am surrounded by Taurus and they’re all men. There is my son and my ex who has been close by because of the holidays. There’s my husband, the Salesman, and my editor, HQ who has a Taurus Moon!

Am I stable yet??

You meet Taurus when you need to ground and stabilize.

If you look around your orbit, is there a particular sign that is over-represented? Who?

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  1. I have a lot of Aries around me, between my best friend, my ex-husband, and a multitude of other male friends.

    I do find what you say about Taurus to be true. One of my closest friends is a Taurus, and we clicked right when I needed stability and a clear head in my life. He is definitely one of the reasons I was able to move forward with my life and out of the rut I was stuck in.

  2. Scorpio is way over-represented in my life, Cancer used to be over-represented. I noticed there are actually repetitive combinations (Sun/Moon/Asc) – Scorpio with Sagittarius or Pisces or both (it’s interesting that before the discovery of Neptune Jupiter was considered also the ruler of Pisces), Cancer with Libra, Leo with Cancer. You say we meet Taurus when we need to stabilize – I must get me some Taurus, FAST 😀

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    Strawberry Fields

    Thanks for bringing my attention to this… I needed to be reminded… I’ve been swimming in Aries Moon people and my progressed moon has been in Aries. Been learning lots of Aries Moon lessons let me tell ya! …which is good — I needed to learn those lessons (and I have!)…

    I’m on the tail end of that now… Come summer, my progressed moon will be in Taurus. It’ll be interesting to see what new blood comes into my life.

  4. Men with Pisces moon. I am not sure I like this, I am not sure what the lesson is, it sure ain’t stability! I figured that since I have Chiron in Pisces they might be attracted to me on that level–which is what? Pain and healing and more pain and more healing?

    Quite a few intense Scorpios too. The kind with super-rationality layered like cement over churning churning churning. I actually feel like flying to some desert island that holds only earth signs. A vacation from ungrounded people. Could I market that?!

  5. Ooo…I agree on the Taurus thing. I have a sister, brother and daughter with Taurus moon, and my grandma (who I got back from visiting with for five days just tonight)is a Taurus sun who I’ve always felt supported and stabilized by.

    Well…better get to bed. Taurus moon baby has the flu. 🙁

    Uncle H

  6. I am a taurus!

    Hmm, 2 years ago my life was a pool of aquarius and sags. This year…. scorpios. Perhaps it’s because I notice that my progressed moon is in scorpio. Or that I went through some clensing process back in the summer. Either way, Scorpios are everywhere.

    And that salesman is persistent isn’t he 🙂
    these scorpios have been protective of my feelings and they have lifted me up when I was in my lowest form of self-esteem. They’ve given me energy and I could trust my confessions with them.

  7. Oh so many capricorns. I don’t even like them very much… and leo/virgo combos. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I need to be more compulsive and conscientious. Borung!

  8. I’m a double Taurus – natal sun and ascendant. I think it’s the only thing that keeps my fire and air chart from spontaneous combustion. The men in my life prior to now have mostly been Leo’s (father, high school sweetheart, husband, best friend), but I’m loving the doting attention of a Cancer Man with a Sagittarius moon that keeps him from smothering me.

  9. Sylvia, regarding that Pisces Chiron, maybe you are attracted yourself to these Pisces Moon men or “pull them into yout life” because they activate this Chiron wound that needs your own attention for healing. Maybe you’re projecting this Chiron unto them while you need to deal with its root to start a healing process or find your way with it. Just a thought.

    And there’s also another possibility. Check your 7th house and its ruler, your Venus (love), Sun and Mars (men) and see if you get something of it that suggests Pisces or Scorpio (or their natural houses, or by aspects). If you do then it represents some of your emotional nature and your needs in a relationship, romantic or friendly or any other type of partnership, but if you’re not firmly aware of these parts of your nature and your needs then you might be blindly projecting them on the men and people in your life. I mean, you might be unconsciously seeing in them something of you you’re not expressing or do not fully own (like, for instance, your own depth of emotion or intensity), or some promise for what you really want in a relationship, but since you’re not fully aware of that you are just blindly attracted to them or attract them, without discrimniation – you just attract to some specific qualities they have in common, some of the Pisces/Scorpio archetype, and end up with a bundle of other qualities you didn’t bargain for.

    And if that doesn’t work either, then I ran out of ideas :-). They seem to really get on your nerves, maybe you should just ask for their birth data before your first date 🙂

  10. In my family, there are a lot of BAD Scorpios. There are also a lot of Cancers. I have a lot of female Geminis who, unlike the Gemini stereotype, are not flightly at all and are terrific in times of crises (my mother is the only truly feckless Gemini woman I know). I attract a lot of bad Scorpio rising men and two-faced Virgo Suns.

    Lately, though, I’m encountering a lot of GOOD Scorpios and Scorpio Moons.

  11. I was around alot of my life people with first house moons. Now in my life I’ve had a lot of scorpio like people, ascendants, suns, or moons.

  12. OH Virgo’s have ruled my life!My Grandmother (who lived with us for 10 years when i was growing up) was September 14th. My Mother is September 7th, my sister is September 9th. So three of them in my early years. It was tough going for my dad (leo) and me (aquarius)!!

    Now my best friend is Virgo – go figure that after all i went through as a kid i would choose one as a friend????

  13. I’m a taurus with a few close taurus (male) friends. My extended family is almost exculsively water – scorpio, cancer, and pices. Enough of them in the family to demonstrate both the evovled version and the unevolved version of those signs.

    Personal life has two leos (excellent) two scorpios (old friends and excellent) a virgo or two, a couple of aquariuses (aquari??) a couple of aries, a gemini, a few cancers, a number of pices… and a pile of capricorns.. me – taurus.

    ironically I began involvement with a group just over a year ago full of leo and sag. and very very full of scorpios. They were bad news for me. I’ve always gotten along with scorpios but this ended up being a very bad scene for me. Something like 4 scorps, 2 tauruses, 2 cancers, 1 leo, 2 sag.

    The scorpio energy was just out of control. I’m glad I got away!!

  14. Gemini for family, my mother, 3 brothers, my son and my son’s father. My son was born on one of my Gemini brother’s b-day who died 3 years ago. Romance wise Leo or Libra sun, with either Aries or Sagittarius moon’s and Venus in Virgo. For friendship Aries or Aquarius sun. I unerstand some of the connections I’m an Aquarius sun, Gemini rising, Saturn and N. Node in Aries, and Venus in Sagittarius. But why in god’s name do I keep attracting Venus in Virgo men? Uggg! Is it because my Mars is in Pisces, an opposition? Or is it that I have Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo? If anyone can shed some light on this I’d be gratefull.

  15. In my immediate family and on my mothers side: aunt, uncles, cousins, along with all of their significant others are fire/air sun signs. My immediate family: fire/air (dad is cancer/leo cusp and his wife is air) and my sister’s kids are 1 fire & 2 air sun signs. So lots of fire/air in the fam……with quite a bit of conversation, joviality and general getting along.

    As for friends in town, they are ALL earth signs with pisces being the only water sign. It feels comfortable but like I’m on the outside looking in sometimes…

    Regarding fire/air friends…they come in and out sporadically but are too busy flitting about and then come back for a bit. My most sympatico relations are with fire/air. They feed my soul and I theirs.

    My most successful, fun and drama-free though interesting love relationships were with fire/air sun signs. This past year, I dated a taurus, a cancer and a virgo and pounce, curl, spit up: kurplunk!!! Horrendous!! NEVER again! Nothing againgst these signs, I just don’t get them in a romantic sense and they don’t get me. Two of these three have drug/alc problems and I didn’t even know at first! I just tend to think that everyone’s on the same page…oh well. Ta-ta.

    As for me, my chart is only fire/air (except for mc/ic) no clue.

  16. I’m a Taurus as is 2 room mates and now 5 friends
    A total of 8 So far and yes I definetly need to stabilise my life is shambles right now.

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