February 2008

Fixed Taurus / Scorpio Hate vs Saturn Neptune, Italian Style

This is for fellow Italian astrologer, Maddalena at continued from the Italy / Italians blog… “That’s the spirit, P,” the soldier said. “Give Italians someone to hate or be pissed off at and you’re doing them a favor.” “Italians hate people, you think? Yeah, I guess that’s right.” “Yeah, hell yeah it’s right. Italians love

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What Happens When Two Shadow Figures Join Forces? Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House

I first got in contact with the soldier in 2003 when Pluto was transiting my Sun. A Pluto Moon transit is infinitely easier to cope with but I did the best I could back then and one of the ways I coped was by writing the astrology mailing lists. More specifically, I wrote to one

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Astrology Short And Sweet: Italy, Italians, And Jupiter’s Sense Of Adventure

The soldier (Jupiter in Sagittarius) talks to me (Jupiter rising) about going to Italy and fact is, it does not take much for one to talk the other into an adventure…. “When we go to Italy…” “We’re not going to Italy,” I said. “Why are we going to Italy?” “Yes we are going to Italy.

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Cancer – Another Sign That Gets Dogged…

Someone or a few someones said no one ever says anything good about Cancer, so here goes: First, cooking is power. I can cook, by God. That means I can eat anything I am in the mood for and I don’t have to rely on anyone and yet you call Cancer “dependent”. What about all

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