Cancer – Another Sign That Gets Dogged…

Someone or a few someones said no one ever says anything good about Cancer, so here goes:

First, cooking is power. I can cook, by God. That means I can eat anything I am in the mood for and I don’t have to rely on anyone and yet you call Cancer “dependent”. What about all you people sitting around waiting (hoping) to be cooked for, hmm…?

Never mind, Cancer rules babies. What is a bigger deal than a baby, huh? Your sex life? Your friends? The dream you had last night? BABIES, people. BAY-BEEs are pretty damned hard to beat.

And what about your mother? Still laboring under the misconception she has nothing to do with you? You came out her body for Godsakes, so give me a break! You can’t hate Cancer, you can only be a fool.

“If the Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” and don’t you forget it!

21 thoughts on “Cancer – Another Sign That Gets Dogged…”

  1. I LOVE me some Cancer.

    I’m Cancer rising, got a Cancer man, and a 4th house Venus and I love to cook (and decorate) for the people I love. I can’t get enough of Cancer’s funny, empathetic and money-saving ways. Love ’em.

    Rock on, crab people.

  2. Yep, my Cancer man is funny, intelligent, frugal, polite to a fault, caring, attentive, and very sexy – and HE cooks for ME. Count me in as a Cancer lover. He spoils me rotten – and I love it.

  3. I adore Cancer men and women. My dearest relatives are Cancer women–all amazing women. Cancer men are the most gentlemanly of creatures and romantic to a fault. Only problem: maybe too attentive, too protective? I need me some space. Had one Cancer boyfriend. Only lasted a few months because I felt like I was drowning. He wrote beautiful soul-rending letters though. I miss those letters.

  4. I love my Cancer dad. Now that my mom is gone, he cooks for himself and anyone else who stops by to visit. However, he does come down and eat with us once a week . . . he REALLY likes my cooking and always has. I am the family pie maker. hee, hee

    you are so right about babies too. my Aries & i are completely nutz about the grand-babies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. “Never mind, Cancer rules babies. What is a bigger deal than a baby, huh? Your sex life? Your friends? The dream you had last night? BABIES, people. BAY-BEEs are pretty damned hard to beat.”

    :). Oh yeah.

    And this is something that Aries has known all along…

  6. I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who “dog” Cancers. However…it’s just my personal experience. The ones around me (Cancer Moons, not Suns) display the worst traits of the sign…stingy, over-clingy, whiny, manipulative, etc. etc. etc.

    Cancer Suns don’t come anywhere near me. (I’m a Leo Sun, Mars conjunct Sun, Aries rising, Libra Moon.) I never dated a Cancer, at least not that I recall. I chalk it up to my energies simply not mixing well with theirs. Not a slam against me or them.

    I’m sure positive experiences with one will change my mind. Until then…

  7. One other thing. I need my space. Lots of it. I NEED my private time, my books, my solitude. I don’t think Cancers are into this kind of thing. They wouldn’t feel needed, and I’d feel smothered. Nope. Not a good match.

    (Interesting to note that I married the sign opposite Cancer, and he gives me space and more. We both need a lot of breathing space.

    There are lots of things that drive me crazy about him, but this isn’t one of them. ;))

  8. I’m a Cancer! I’m a great cook, love to have everyone over for some nice fettucine with pesto and green beans, or some pasta puttanesca, how bout a big juicy steak with mashed potatoes and spinach on the side? For dessert – strawberry/rhubarb pie.

    I love those chubby babies and all animals (except ferrets). I feed squirrels and crows. When I pass a dog in the street I secretly try to communicate with it telepathically.

    I’d like to grow old surrounded by my family, the matriarch at the head of an enormous table, outside in the sunshine, drinking wine and enjoying the bounty of my garden, shouting over everyone else at the table, making sure everyone eats enough.

  9. I agree. That was beautiful!

    Love the happy Cancerian post. Wish I liked to cook…

    It’s always interesting to me how other things in the chart can modify the Sun (or anything else).

  10. I have much love for the Cancers. My daddy is a Cancer Stellium, so for me I associate that shy/homebody/nurturing thing with men, not women. It’s an interesting gender f*ck, but kinda natural for me since I’m an Aries Stellium. I love nothing better than cuddling up at home with my man.

  11. Now why is it that so many Cancer men are married to Aries? Both of my Cancer uncles have Aries wives and my cancer cousin also has an Aries wife. All three have incredibly content long marriages. And my best friend, a very typical Aries, has just hooked up with a Cancer man and says she has never been happier.

  12. Cancer is not emphasized in my chart (I have it on my 6th house, no planets) although I’ve found that both my parents have Cancer moons (it looks like everyone but my older brother have watery moons: I have Pisces, my younger brother has Scorpio. Older brother has Virgo — fitting, as my mother is a classic Virgo).

    My boyfriend has Mars in Cancer. He also has his sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 4th house, and his sister’s a Cancer (he spends an inordinate amount of time shuttling himself and occasionally me from one family event to another). Unfortunately, he doesn’t enjoy cooking and will exist on air (Aquarius) unless I remind him to eat (which is fairly often, since I adore eating).

    Personally, I have issues with Virgo (my mother) and I have Venus and Mercury in Virgo. Boy, do I feel it.

  13. Now why is it that so many Cancer men are married to Aries?

    Cancer is the 4th House for Aries?! And I have noticed many, many Cancer men married to challenging women . . . for years! May have something to do with Cancer being a Cardinal sign and liking to be kept on their toes. ๐Ÿ™‚ My Cancer dad was married to my Libra mom for 63 yrs.

  14. the elder of my brothers perplexes the blazes out of me- extreme risk aversion on many counts. (yet he goes mountain climbing!) but he can cook and i can’t- and he’s one of the sweetest people i know.
    my kid has a lot of cancer (moon and venus) and he’s so sweet it hurts sometimes. when he’s not having a pluto moment.
    the aries in me tends to go “don’t you dare touch them there cancers! i may not get them, but i sure as hell know we need more of them in the world” (when they’re not cracked. cracked cancers are sooo sad.) similar protective response as that i get towards pisces. (scorpio can take care of themselves, most days.)

  15. My Cancer dad has had relationships with two very abusive women and one that was just bat-shit crazy. I always kind of saw it as fixer-upper mentality not as a cardinal-challenge thing, although I can sorta see that. Maybe.
    I love me some Cancers, though. I have some issues with some other signs, but when I meet a Cancer I’m all, “Jackpot!” And I think it’s because of my dad, honestly. I would happily tear my heart out for that man and not feel one regret. *warm fuzzies* Then again, I’ve got Cancer rising and four planets in the fourth house, so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I’m a Cancer rising with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, (Venus in Cap) and I am falling (*HARD*) for a Cancer sun, Aquarius moon man, his Venus is Gemini. He is so sweet and polite and gentlemanly. And I’m very much a fire sign, but he PULLS me to him so much — that I really don’t get it. Being that I have so many planets in Sag (fire) how strong is a rising sign? If anyone can explain this to me I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  17. well i am a Cancer Sun, Libra moon, and Aries Rising. its a damn hard combo. im am never satisfied, and i am always looking for something better. everythng is horriblly contridicting! oh and very independent. I NEED MY SPACE TO. i hate clingy men. im am not very in to people, i also would rather read a book. =)

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    Strawberry Fields

    re #8. Lis – “I need my space. Lots of it. I NEED my private time, my books, my solitude. I donโ€™t think Cancers are into this kind of thing.”


    Well, I have Cancer Moon and ~I~ need my space. Lots of it. I NEED my private time, my books, my solitude.

    And therefore I am very happy (and NEED TO) give my partner the same.

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    Strawberry Fields

    Cancer Moon …

    Like Elsa, I can *COOK*! Anything! When I want it, how I want it. So no dependency here either. And it makes my partners and friends happy as pigs in slop.

    Cancer Moon means I’m attuned to EMOTIONS. Mine. And others’. I can read you like an open book, and decide whether you WANT to be pulled out of yourself or not when you answer “I’m fine” and I know you’re not. Because I’ve had lots of practice on myself. (There is a time to leave people to their insides, and a time to draw them out.)

    Cancer Moon means I *allow* my emotions to swing every which way, and I KNOW how to milk the value of that, reap the benefits. For myself. And for you. My (emotionally repressed) Taurus Sun-Moon fiancee is learning from me that to EXPRESS your emotions (in a healthy way) is A GOOD THING. She is learning to stop fearing the process. And it is having beneficial effects on her (and those around her, who FINALLY get to know how she is REALLY feeling).

    Cancer Moon… I nurture. I don’t smother. Because I have matured enough to know the difference.

    You can go on an afternoon hike with me and be confident when you get thirsty, I will have something for you to drink; when you get hungry, I will have a snack; when that wild rose thorn slits your thumb, I will have a Band-Aid; when you need to pee, I will have an extra Kleenex. Because I will have brought all those things for myself, and if I’m gonna take care of myself, I can’t help but take care of those who are along with me. (But I won’t *push* them on you. I will simply have them on hand for you to avail yourself of, should you WANT TO.)

    I chose not to be a mother. But I am looking forward to being a grandmother. Babies? Yah! Bring them on!!! (We were talking about that this weekend, as a matter of fact. Totally surprised my fiancee.)

    Oh, and I give the bestest hugs in all the world. By all accounts. (And a mean massage too.)

    My mother is a Cancer, btw. And my first two significant partners were Cancer. I will never turn down good, healthy Cancer energy.

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