July 2016

How To Deal With The Sun, Saturn, Neptune T-Square

Mike writes on Mutable T-Square – Sept 2, 2016: “Perhaps this transit explains my melancholy. But I wonder if someone is to resolve this t-square, what do they do?” The Sun in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius and oppose Neptune in Pisces, end of August, 2016 through the first part of September, 2016. This […]

Country vs Western

Saturn square Neptune. Clarity is so hard to come by. Recently my husband made a remark that explained a lot to me. My husband is from the South…and Latin America. He’s also, Italian and Arab if you want to talk about DNA.  But he did grow up in America and several countries in Latin America.  We

Venus Return – Love Coming Back To Me

If you’ve been around awhile, you probably remember that I was President of a Woman’s Club for some years. I had a particular friendship with two women. We used to meet for lunch and talk for hours and I mean three and four hours. Pity the waitress, right? I did. I used to be a

Shut Up With Your Fiery Intellect!

Mercury is squaring Mars in Scorpio at the moment. This triggers my natal Mercury Mars conjunction. It’s been a mixed bag. For example, the doctor who stuck four needles in my neck yesterday did not appreciate my chattiness during the procedure. He told me to shut up, because it moves the needles around when I

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