Psychic Ability: Moon Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio

scorpio buttonI was standing outside the motel room door fumbling to get the key in the door, balancing cups of coffee when it opened suddenly. There was my husband.

“How did you know I was here?” I asked, startled.

“Sometimes I know things.”

“I was stumbling out there.”

“I could feel you stumbling out there.”


Do you ever know things?

30 thoughts on “Psychic Ability: Moon Conjunct Neptune in Scorpio”

  1. oh TOTALLY. and yet I would probably be sensing something important while standing with my ass in the wind cos I’ve tucked my dress into my tights.

  2. I get a lot of weird psychic info in the line at the grocery store. (I’m a cancerian..) I guess I go into “alpha” state standing there staring at the front page with Britney and JFK JR. stories– zoning out– so I “hear” the thoughts (and sometimes get predictions ) for total strangers. Weird.

    In my work as an astrologer I have always HAD TO incorporate my psychic impressions despite the “scientists of astrology” who swear this is heresy.

    Lately, my DREAMS are technicolor therapy sessions from teachers from my past! Like Frasier says “I’m listening!”

  3. yes.
    though i used to doubt them a lot more.
    “how could i know X? i have no data!” (that’s the virgo asc talking.) just didn’t recognize the kind of data i was using.

  4. Satori *lol* – just that happened to a psychic friend of mine some time ago. She´s so sensitive she´s always busy shutting her senses off so she doesn´t get all the thoughts from all the people around – so anyway, she walked thru town, trying to not get overrun by information, so it was not until an embarrassing lot later she found out she had presented her almost bare ass to the crowd, since her skirt was still tucked to the rim of her panties…

    As for myself, fortunately I can´t hear the thoughts of strangers, but I do get to know things, in many different ways. Cosmic internet, I call it. Funny how people believe in everything as long as there is a mechanical tool with dials, digitals and scales attached to it ;-). As if electricity would only happen in cables…

    Madeline – Heresy *snort*… they´re just scared of everything they can´t control. Don´t bother with that. I´ve always outplayed the “Scientists” as far as accuracy goes, just by using my seventh sense. I bet the same goes for you.

  5. Do you ever know things?

    I have sun in Scorp conjunct Neptune, so, um, yeah. I tend to spend a lot of time waiting for people to catch up and do what I already know they’re gonna do.

    After plotting out the path of Holmes there, I got a bad feelin’ about this comet business.

    [‘We’ll see if I’m right.’]

  6. Yep sure do. I had funny thing happen the other day actually. My mum brought me new earrings as bday gift and I was going out to a concert and she asked me why I wasnt going to wear them and I told her I knew I was going to lose them tonight (even though I have never lost a pair of earrings before)So I wore a cheap pair of old earrings I had (the $2 kind from the markets)because it wouldnt matter if I lost them. Sure enough I lost the earrings I was wearing that night.

    Pisces rising, 8th house stellium.

  7. I have my moon conjunct neptune with moon and neptuen both in capricorn, while moon is in the eighth and neptune is at the end of the eighth. I do tend to get some subtle vibes of intution from time to time, probably more then I acknowledge.

  8. I was born November 6th.

    I have just recently been recognizing my own abilities. Such as my visions in my sleep. I mean some of my dreams completely show me how the next day is going to go. I was wondering at first if it ran in my family because my older sister is not a Scorio, but she has had the same kind of visions that I have. She has told me that in a dream, this song she had never heard before continued to play over and over, and a few days later she was driving in the car with some friends and that song came on the radio. It was the first time they played that song on the radio, because it was a world premere, and she knew every word.

    I am just searching for some answers, and some people to help me understand these gifts.

    If anyone can offer me some advice, I am on myspace at


  9. i have alot of strange filling to were i think somthing is about to happen but i think its just my mind telling me things and most the time it happens i dont know why it happens but mostly it is a possitive outcome

  10. Yes. I’m Moon in Pisces, Sun in Scorpio with a Virgo stellium (Mars, Pluto, Jupiter) in the 8th house (with a side of Uranus in Libra, same house). I’ve given up fighting my intuition. It’s no use. It’s going to find me anyway, lol.

  11. God I hope the president is safe you know the superstition Abe Lincoln then Kennedy its a number coincedence but I was getting a bad feeling I already wrote the white house years ago I said.. keep him safe tha last three months at least.. not a good feeling last night ugh bad huh?

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    I have moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio and my gut feelings are so strong I’ve almost tripped and fallen flat on my face more times than I can count getting lost in them.

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    This is a tiny example, but when I walked into my doctor’s office during a recent appointment, I stared at his full coffee cup and blurted out, “That coffee is dead.” He sipped it and said it was a little weak. 🙂

  14. Jepp – Moon square Neptune, Saturn square Neptune, Neptune trine Mercury and trine Jupiter. Neptune also trine Chiron. Jupiter in Pisces conjunct Chiron. Scorpio Asc, Sun in Cancer.
    A lot of Water..
    I know too much. It´s often a burden for me. But there is always free will – if humans can use it in a good sense.

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    Neptune conjunct ascendant in Sag. When I’m receptive to psychic energy I am rewarded. However, the optimistic belief that everything will “work out” often prevents me from heeding.

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    Thanks Elsa, once again you’ve solved a mystery for me. I’m Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house and I have always been able to figure out what children need and want. They instantly like me and I instantly have a good rapport with them. People have commented in the past how well I understand them. Also, I make accurate predictions all the time………no one ever believes me until after things happen.

    I never thought it was psychic ability – I thought my Aquarius stellium in the 8th house just made my little computer brain work overtime putting clues together and was able to follow the logical direction of things. I don’t know how I do it. Things just resolve in my mind and I know what will happen. The problem is, mostly people don’t listen. Elsa, you told me once that I can sound preachy when I talk so I remind myself of the story of Cassandra and just wait patiently. My kids have learned over the years though, when mom says something like, “switch your lane” (in traffic), they do it.

    Doesn’t stop people from successfully tricking me or lying to me though. I wish I could get psychic with the lottery.

  17. Yes, from thinking of a person right before they call, to totally mimicking scenarios others experience in real time- from strokes to heart attacks to agonizing in the hospital all night before ultimately dying- with their actual thoughts going through my mind. I hung up the phone with an old lady once, and experienced a sharp pain in my breast plate. I put my finger on it, and thought, “I am having a heart attack! Oh no! I cannot have my daughter find me like that!” but I knew I could have died right then and been perfectly happy with it, so I knew it was not me. A month later when I spoke to her again, she confirmed the spot on the chest, and the exact words I had in my mind!
    Someone described it as a huge radar antennae in my body. I have both moon and mars at 6 Scorpio, mercury at 8 Scorpio, and neptune at 10 Scorpio in my 3rd.
    I get the radio turning on by itself at 3 am two weeks after my dad died, and me running downstairs to see who is in my kitchen in a panic, stopping dead to find nothing but Pink Floyd belting out “Wish you were here” to the night air. I paused to listen to the whole song, and I said, “Must be great, Dad. I’ll see you there, but not just yet”. In the morning, I remember staring down the toaster (it had a radio!) with my arms crossed, wondering if I could have pushed a button to make it do that, and the darn thing turned on in my face, just to prove me wrong! I said, out loud, “Sorry Dad! I believe you!”

  18. Sun & Moon opposed and both square Neptune, I was puzzled early by the difference between what the grownups were thinking and feeling and what they were saying and doing.

  19. Yup have moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury so I just know sometimes. However, people do not believe me so I have to keep it under wraps…
    Recently I could tell that a new co-worker was going to be trouble the first time I met her
    I proved to be right….She was like a hurricane destroying everything in her path. So trying to rebuild now.

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