Shut Up With Your Fiery Intellect!

Mercury Confiding the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs 1734 Francis BoucherMercury is squaring Mars in Scorpio at the moment. This triggers my natal Mercury Mars conjunction. It’s been a mixed bag.

For example, the doctor who stuck four needles in my neck yesterday did not appreciate my chattiness during the procedure. He told me to shut up, because it moves the needles around when I talk.

Well jeez, doc. Why not tell me that in advance?

But another authority figure invited me to his house for a brainstorming session. This was super-flattering because he’s a known, genius. It’s not my intellect he wanted to access, necessarily. It was my FIERY intellect.

“You’ve got a lot of fire, Elsa. So I wanted to run some things by you; get your opinions on them, or your ideas. I want to see what you think of some of this…”

“Fire” in my world, refers to the Holy Spirit.  He knows I’ve got a supernatural mind, in spite of it’s many deficits.

I think it’s funny to go between being asked to talk…or shut up, depending on the situation.  Mars is involved in both stories. We’re all assertive.

How are you liking the Mercury Mars square?

7 thoughts on “Shut Up With Your Fiery Intellect!”

  1. I’m getting similar. At work, people keep telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about and I should shut up. I *do* know what I’m talking about, but nobody likes a know it all so ok.

    Personally though – messaging and talking to so many people! It’s kind of fantastic for this super Gem.

  2. I wrote a very pithy (sharp) comment to bloggers still moaning about Bernie Sanders but knew better than to hit send! (Thanks, for the headsup, P.) I’ve got Merc sq Mars natally and tr Merc’s on natal Pluto and tr Mars exact sextile Asc so my mouth’s a flamethrower today ;P

  3. I don’t know if it’s related or not but, I can’t talk right lately & it’s driving me nuts. It’s like my mind & mouth are disconnected somehow. I’m either fumbling with words, saying them “out of order” (to be coherent), or just cant think of how to phrase things. (Never mind that my sentence structure is reminiscent of someone whose first language was NOT English, naturally.) On top of that, I feel as though I have verbal diarrhea. I can see it on people’s faces that I’m talking too much but, I can’t seem to shut up. ?

  4. sibling was visiting but vacation is done so left today (though plane was delayed a few hours) 🙁 we had fun

  5. My husband and I duked it out yesterday (in spite of your forewarning)! It was inevitable. We’re going through a big transition, and when triggered we both fire.

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