How To Deal With The Sun, Saturn, Neptune T-Square

virgo virgin stoneMike writes on Mutable T-Square – Sept 2, 2016:

“Perhaps this transit explains my melancholy. But I wonder if someone is to resolve this t-square, what do they do?”

The Sun in Virgo will square Saturn in Sagittarius and oppose Neptune in Pisces, end of August, 2016 through the first part of September, 2016.

This is a good question because there are endless bad ways this might manifest. In fact, I don’t think anyone will get a good result without making an effort (Saturn).

The trick then is to transcend (Neptune) your limitations (Saturn) and shine (Sun). I realize depressed people have no clue how to do this so I have that piece as well.

We are talking about Virgo and Pisces here.  You must serve or suffer. If you find yourself feeling drained or anxious at this time, think about how you might help someone.

I know this is counterintuitive. You feel that you’re the one that needs the help. But when you help others, you help yourself. It’s quite amazing.

It’s hard to be ugly when you’re pitching in. It’s hard to feel ugly.  It’s hard to feel worthless, when you’re helping someone. But it’s easy to feel alive (Sun).

If you doubt me, just visualize any scene, anywhere, at any time, where people are pitching in. Do they not look held up? Supported?

You will be supported (Saturn) by the ethereal (Neptune) if you help out (Sun in Virgo).  Give it a try.

15 thoughts on “How To Deal With The Sun, Saturn, Neptune T-Square”

  1. Thanks. That’s good advice. I’m also, kind of, in the same situation as Mike there. I’ve been beaten, and beaten badly in the past two years. Yesterday, a person showed inordinate kindness to me. That was overwhelming. Must’ve done something right, right.. To deserve this kindness?? I’d try and help too, to the best of my abilities.?

  2. What about the empty leg for resolution? To balance the Satun energy? 10* Gemini falls in my 12th house. What’s coming to mind is: compassionate listening, a running dialog with spirit, fated timing, pay attention!, faith, feeling an undercurrent, what’s really going on?, stop fooling around and get out of your own way. Hoping to parse missing pieces to the Big Picture. Applies home, career and day to day activities… Um, everything! My 11* Cap Sun in the 7th is involved.

  3. In the New Testament of Luke 6:38 states, “Give, and you will receive.” I know I always feel better when I reach out to others who are in need.

  4. But this is only going to last about 3 days. As we’re already experiencing Sat square Nep, and as we already had Jupiter in the mix, I’m not quite sure what the big concern is. This is going to be a blip.

    1. Welcome, jillian. I disagree. Lives change in a day…in a minute. And things like that happen on days like this, particularly to people will planets in their chart at or near this degree.

  5. This transi is a little too far away to affect you at present Mike We are talking about the Sun. It is very posssible you are feeling the Saturn Neptune square as this will be in everyones Lunars until the end of the year and I would take Elsa advice for that.

    1. I’m a virgo sun at 5*. My sister, her fiancee and my cousin (who all live in the same house) have birthdays within that degree of Virgo.

  6. AND there’s an eclipse near this point, too, around the time you mention, Elsa. Extra reason for change. 🙂

  7. With Virgo ascendant, Sagittarius Sun (3rd) and Pisces Moon (7th) I live this daily and it’s true, I tend to serve others. (North node in Pisces (6th) directs me as well. This t-square will effect me but not by exact degrees. I believe I can roll with it but your advice, Elsa, is how I will approach it.

  8. The Sun in Virgo will be in my 7th house, Saturn is conjuncting my Mars-Neptune conunction in Sag and Neptune is close to my Jupiter in Pisces (12 degr). The thing is, I read more topics about helping people, connected to the transits now. But I am in therapy to learn to help myself instead of sacrificing myself for others. I have been helping others all of my life and now it is time to use that energy for myself. Am I going ‘against’ the transits or can you apply them to ‘helping yourself’ also? With virgo Sun in my 7th, and Neptune in my 1st, it still points at suffering for someone else…

  9. Ya well, I’m all caught up in this with natal sun Jupiter in virgo there. It’s been fairly euphoric but sometimes I feel myself taking a dive for no reason. Oh poor me. Am having a conversation with myself, ‘wait a minute sister you just ain’t gonna go there’. Let it go. Whatever it is reminiscent of, that’s gone now. It’s only backwash.

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