It’s Mine: The 2nd House

Rabbit“it’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it.”
โ€” A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh)

The 2nd house represents your possessions and values, money you worked for, what you have acquired. It also expresses your attitudes about such things. The sign on the cusp of your 2nd house is representative of this as are the planets in the house, even in the next sign.

My 2nd house cusp is in Virgo. Virgo makes lists. Virgo is very concrete. My attitude about what is mine is very concrete. I have a metaphorical list of everything that is mine. That’s my pencil. It was a gift to me. It is MINE. It will always and forever be my pencil unless I take some action that dictates otherwise. If you pick up my pencil and take it home with you I am baffled. It’s mine. You stole from me. That’s my attitude about what is mine. I have Pluto in the second house. That pencil may realistically have very little value but my attitude of ownership of it runs deep.

I also have Uranus in the 2nd house. One of my attitudes about things is very Aquarian, universal. On a certain level I believe that no one REALLY owns anything. And I believe that deeply as well (conjunct Pluto). So here I have these attitudes that don’t comfortably fit together. Given the right circumstances I have the setup for an attitude that might result in a fight to the death over a pencil I would have given you had you asked.

What’s your 2nd house situation? What are your attitudes (values) about what belongs to you?

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  1. Wow. Rabbit and Pooh. Those are the extreme representations of Virgo and Pisces right there. And I have BOTH.

  2. Love me some Pooh Bear!

    Cancer is on the cusp of my second house. I would feel awful if I took your pencil and would bring it back and apologize!

    If you took my pencil at home I wouldn’t care (Moon 4th). If you take my work pencil (Scorpio 6th) I will hunt you down!

  3. My Second house is ruled by Saturn which is in my first house. So I think people may see me as very responsible for my things, but in reality I am kinda lazy and in how I treat them but share with who ever asks, provided I trust them. (Venus in the second).

  4. my second cusp is in aquarius.. no planets near by, but uranus in scorpio 11th. i don’t actually OWN anything.. i’m just taking care of it for the time being. and a lot of those times being, things get passed around within my group of friends. but everything i keep at any given time does have to follow the decor. (dark wood, linen and antique glass at the moment, though there are still collections of burlap, brass and orange vinyl floating around my inner circle.. yes, orange vinyl) half of the objects i have around me came from someone else, and will eventually return to that person or be passed on to another. it’s just a huge thrift store world of hand me downs and second chances.

    as for money.. well…. i’m still not convinced. i really do think that this whole money thing is just a game some dude somewhere invented on a whim. we’re all forced to play, but i don’t have to like it.

  5. I’m also thinking that if someone has planets that fall in your second house you’re likely to consider that part of them something that belongs to you in some way.

  6. Leo.. If you want 30 pencils? I will give them to you. I like material security so that I can be free to pursue my 9th house sun and focus on the creative side of my business.

  7. it’s really pretty, green and white stripes with a white eraser. it says, “Live imperfectly with great delight.” enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Saturn rules my 2nd House (Aquarius). It’s empty. I grew up with hand me down’s and used clothes and I still am driven to find the BEST for as cheap as I can get it. I’m wearing Gucci eyeglasses I found for $2 at the thrift store, LOL

    My attitude is pretty much, easy come, easy go. There are very few possessions I am upset about losing. One was an early 20th century cast iron lamp base I’d given to an electrician friend to re-wire. His co-worker thought it was garbage and threw it in the skip. It still makes me churn when I think of it. I’m a lamp fiend. I wonder why…Aquarius=electricity?

  9. I have Sun in Virgo in the 2nd house, square Saturn. I worked damn hard for that pencil! Unlike other people, who just have these things given to them.

  10. This is really great!!!! REALLY helping me understand my Sun/Jupiter placement in this house. They also aspects my Moon(sq), Neptune(op), Pluto(tr) & Saturn(sx) AND the house is intercepted in Gemini. I also have a Taurus ASC & 4 planets in Taurus (the natural ruler of the 2nd) so I have QUITE A FEW ties to the issues of this house.

    I definitely LOVE owning/possessing THINGS. I take very good care of everything I own and I think I kind of see my possessions as an extension of who I am, which I think is where the problems come in. I have pretty deep emotional and sentimental attachments to these THINGS…although with Gemini on the cusp, it would seem that I SHOULD be able to detach easily. Not so:-( Not too sure about that one?

    I read someone’s interpretation about the interception of the 2nd/8th as “viewing money and possessions in a very compulsive manner which others may have difficulty understanding”. So, that kinda makes sense….

    Anyone else have Gemini on the cusp?? I’m interested to see how we compare;-)

  11. Libra ruled 2nd. Libra venus and Scorp sun in the 2nd. I don’t want a lot of things, hate clutter, but when it comes to what I have and what I spend money on- I want the best. We put a floor in the family room, and it had to be unfinished, top grade hardwood, then the best finish from Sweden or whatever, a top guy to install it- no Home Depot or Lumber Liquidators. I hate half-ass and I DESPISE crappy material. I also do not have respect for crap on the walls- I don’t have to have a famous artist, but I want real art. I love jewelry, but again, nothing from like a mall or chain store. It just bugs me. Also love anything tablesetting related.
    I actually love sharing things and love putting together presents. As far as money, I don’t want to worry about if something costs more. So what? How much does extra even add up to, after all? A few hundred, a thousand dollars over a year. If I have to worry about that amount I’ll shoot myself. I also am not into clothes so much, but will pay a lot for beauty services. Salon, skin, teeth whitening.
    I like having money and I guess in general just spending it freely when I want to, without thinking twice, because I know I am not a shopper/overbuyer as a general rule.
    My dream is to spend money on assistants and people to do stuff I don’t feel like doing. Sometimes it’s not that much in dollars but it’s hard for me to do.
    As far as ownership- objects– all I want to keep for me is my books, my journals and notebooks, and some art- my jewelry and dishes/serving pieces. And my Christmas decorations!! The rest I could sell or give away.
    I love the 2nd house, maybe ’cause my sun is there. Very interesting.

    Also: my Pluto and uranus are in my hubs 2nd house. He owns my– ?

  12. My Capricorn grandpa used to say that you don’t really own anything, you’re just in charge of it for a little while.

    Got Libra on the 2nd. I don’t have ugly stuff.

  13. I have Jupiter in Pisces in the 1st Placidus in the 2nd equal. Although I have a very sentimental attitude about stuff (Moon/Mercury/Venus in Crab and probably Taurus on the IC), my most precious stuff is online (my friends’ emails and the funny stuff I collect) as well as, you know, in my tribe. It’s easier for me to give stuff than buy it for me mostly because other people can rock on and I can’t figure out how to put a nice futon in my room. Money tends to go like water and usually on stuff that I can’t keep like food. I mean, the Cancer side of me is the really crucial part in shaping me. The stuff I value are my books and my collections from my past. I don’t cry when I mess up my laptop, I cry when my email gets erased or when someone wants to take my box of books out of my room.

  14. l have NN in Libra 2nd house and l like sharing with others in whatever l have. l like working with others and making money together with creative projects, love working with Librans.
    l also have Pluto 2nd house. l have experienced the 2 extremes of money. l can survive either way just fine. Having money it’s not important but it does play a role in my life, when l do have money l like to invest it to secure the future. Possesing things does make me feel secure and adds to my self value in a way, l’m not talking about lilttle things, more in terms of property, land etc. 2nd house cusp Libra.

  15. Sagittarius rules my empty 2nd house. I value experiences over material things. I would rather buy a plane ticket than a new couch (which I really could use). I’ll fret over spending money on ‘stuff’, but not blink an eye when it comes to spending money going out and socializing with friends.

  16. My second house is gemini, what I really love are books! I have venus and saturn there, if I love you, I will give you one of my books, but I’ll try to save up the money to replace it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Saturn ruled second house tenanted by 5planets in aspect to Neptune in the 12th. I think of myself as a conduit and steward of the stuff I acquire.

  18. Second house has Pisces and the moon.

    If someone takes my pencil I feel violated and wounded because I probably got the pencil as a gift from someone special or bought it as a souvenir from a trip. It was mine and if you would’ve asked I would’ve given you one exactly like it, but not the one that I had sharpened just right and broken in the eraser on ๐Ÿ™

  19. @Satori Reading your comment was like being hit with a lightening bolt! In high school and early college, my first serious boyfriend was a Pisces. He and I still email and text, over a decade later. Especially around our birthdays (we missed this past year for the first time ever). But just this past week we’ve been communicating A TON – it’s really nice. He’s a good guy.

    Anyway, so I looked up his chart. It’s riddled with Pisces. Almost all of his personal planets are Pisces, except his moon, which is Scorpio. I just thought it was so weird because, ever since we were in high school I have called him ‘Pooh Bear.’ I don’t even know where that name came from. He has tons of Winne the Pooh stuffed animals that I’ve bought him over the years. Ha! Very strange! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I, somehow, have Scorpio as both my ascendant AND my 2nd house cusp. Most of the 2nd house is in Sagittarius, though.

    I do tend towards secretiveness about what is mine- creative projects, sexuality, my true feelings.
    Both Uranus and Neptune are there in Sag. I’m not sure what that means, but I’ve been told that trine my Midheaven I will supposedly have an usual career path. Any thoughts about having the same ascendant and 2nd house sign?

  21. Avatar
    Anna in Canada

    Like PixieDust and others with Libra on the second cusp (and it’s my rising sign as well), I hate ugly stuff and refuse to pay money for junk. I’ll pay hundreds for a real piece of art but I won’t pay 10 cents for a “deal” at a garage sale (except for old books but that’s different). I’m not a spender though. I’m pretty careful with my money although I probably spend more than some women on my clothes, hair and grooming.
    Neptune in Scorpio in second–take my pencil but if you walk out of my office having stolen one of my ideas, you’d better be prepared to fight!

  22. sagittarius rules my second house. i’ve read that the native can feel quite content with whatever they have. i was pretty fortunate growing up – got anything i needed and most of what i wanted. i will happily spend money on anything that expands my mind or sense of wonder – books, art, astrology consultations ๐Ÿ™‚ but i also am realizing i owe it to myself and my son to be more mindful of my finances for the sake of future security.

    also i’m not very sentimental about what i own. my most meaningful possessions are my diaries (i’ve journaled since i was seven) and anything i’ve created.

  23. Aquarius, Saturn in the 2nd. I’m with rantares. All I’ve ever seen money ever do is enslave people force them to live in fear of not having it, and if they do have it now the fear of not having it *later* or the fear *losing something they have*. My hometown is full of people in their twilight years who are stuck in houses with lots of junk other people left there. Eventually they’ll sell the whole thing so they can live in a nursing home with people who care whether they’re in pain or not.

    I don’t think life is too short. I think life is incredibly long. It’s too long to keep holding on to one dirty silver coin hoping one day it will save you from ruin. It just aint so.

    When I have money, I spend it on what I think is important. When I don’t…I’m okay. What bothers me is people with money who think their superior bank accounts add up to superiority.

  24. The other thing is, I’m always trying to analyze my second house saturn. Like is that the reason I get involved with a situation like this:

    I ma looking for an apartment. I can afford a decent apartment, was actually thinking about buying a house but I changed my mind. So I go and look at all the nice apartments with their track and recessed lighting and their swimming pools and nautilus equipment and I almost get involved with one after another until I’ve turned down three of them — and I mean I pass the credit check and I pay the application fee and then I call them two weeks before I am supposed to move in and they keep my application fee.

    There are many reasons for this but one of my problems is I don’t particularly want a nice apartment. They freak me out, people spend too much money to live somewhere they think they’re supposed to live. What I really want is a sort of crappy apartment that has tons of ancient builtins and a kitchen that smells like water and a clawfoot tub even.

    Now the thing I get into with myself is whether my saturn is messing with me trying to convince me that I don’t deserve to live in a nice apartment, and that is why I want a shitty one. No, I’ll argue, it’s not that, it’s just that those places seem so empty and strange and like…owned by foreigners or the mafia or whoever and the girls who run the office are nine years old wearing enormous wedding rings and that just is not a home to me.

    See what I mean?

  25. Eva – I have the same sentiments that I’d prefer an older building with history and character than a snazzy new condo that has amenities I’ll never use. I don’t begrudge people who like that, it’s just not my thing.

    I would think Saturn in 2nd house is a pretty awesome placement. Like ‘sound body, sound mind’ also extends to sound finances, sound home.

    Also, your post reminds me of my father. He lived in a termite-infested wooden shack. But the money he saved he used to support seven kids through college, and to travel the world. Some people would think that’s a horrible sense of budgeting. It’s just a question of values (2nd house). And he was a Taurus.

  26. :). That’s how I think. What do I need this for? I see other people seem to really think a new car every year is important or something, I’m just not attached to that stuff. A new car becomes an old car soon enough, you know?

  27. I have second house Libra, and my moon is there. Mars is in Virgo, on the cusp. I love beautiful things, and I make them. I’m proficient in a few different media, so if I want something cool; I just get the supplies and whip it up. I’ve never attempted anything big like making saddles or furniture, but I have gorgeous hand-dyed clothes and jewelry I’ve made; as well as decorative items for my home. Little bit of a fashion designer/Martha Stewart thing goin’ on.

    Oh, and I hate the clearance racks in a store (like Marshall’s & similar), and Goodwill makes me gag, starting with the smell; and ending with the abundance of drab, worn-out crap. No offense to those who relish these settings, it just overwhelms my Virgo Mars, and my Libra Moon just finds it too yucky and off-putting. *cringe*

  28. Les,
    I feel you on that. I have my sun in Virgo second house sextile Saturn. I feel like I put my sweat in everything I own and if gifts are handed to me I cherish them and am very greatful.

  29. I have Mars-Venus conjunct in Cancer. Mmmmhmmm.

    I don’t have a lot, but what I have I love and I intend to keep it safe. I can be quite generous with my stuff, but *I* get to decide when and with whom. Once I’ve offered, you’re welcome to it, but before I offer keep yer effin mitts OFF!!!! *crab claws snap*


  30. I have Libra in 2H, no planets, but my Venus is in Capricorn 5H. I don’t understand where my attitude toward possessions comes from: I am VERY possessive. If I lose or misplace something I love, I feel crushed. If I loan something out that I care about, I can’t wait to get it back. We’re trading in our truck for a new one and I want to cry, even though I knkw I’ll love the new truck!

    I hate souvenir, tchotchkes, tacky things. But I love organic things, various art / handmade things, rocks, “found” items.

    I love having a stash if cash but I can go through it fast (unless I make goals) because make up, clothes, jewelry, music, I want to treat you to something or buy my favorite people giffts!

    1. Yeah, it makes sense now: pretty things, Libra; possessive and “ownership”, Capricorn; I want to buy you gifts: 5H.

      lol, *sigh*

    2. Yeah, it makes sense now: pretty things, Libra; possessive and “ownership”, Capricorn; I want to buy you gifts: 5H.

  31. I’m going to try and make sense out of my 2nd house. The cusp is Capricorn and it is intercepted with Aquarius. I also have the moon in Capricorn 25 trinned to Pluto 24 Virgo 9th house. It is in square to Jupiter in tenth in Libra at 27. Saturn is in Taurus in 5th at 14 conjunct Mercury at 13. Uranus in Libra 4 in ninth conjunct MH and trinned Sun in Gemini at 3 in 6th. When I was younger I loved to collect things and save them, I wasn’t a horder but I liked things. I’m 44 and divorced and Pluto in my 1st has wrecked havoc on my life. Now I take things I own and sell them on Ebay to make money. I have tried to learned to detach(uranus) myself from the item. I have learned this because of my lack of money situation and time. I don’t get angry about how much I make or the loss of money, its all a gain to me. I have rationalized this in my head. When I am unsuccessful at selling the item, or just to lazy because of the nature of the item(moon sq jupiter). I may just want to give it way give it away to someone who may want it or to my mother in laws church, they take donations for there white elephant. When I am ready to unload it I don’t care what the person does with it, it has been a learning process. In this process I am thinking or maybe making motions of trying to build a some type of substantial business for myself by going to garage sales. Sometimes my friends have me sell stuff for them too, not a lot though. I wish I was more driven.

  32. Aqua rules 2nd with uranus in 1st. Pisces intercepted, mars in aries but it’s on the cusp. I loose things, I find them back. They are MINE. They are noone’s. Some days I can be really disinterested in my stuff, feels like I can sell them or give them all away and know it will be fine without anything. But some days I want things. With taurus venus in 4th I want beautiful things. Just now saw a wood resin comb with a deer in the woods that shines in the dark and I want it so badly because it’s gorgeous, because it’s practical,because it’s unique, because it screams earth dominant astro element, but God, why is it so expensive ๐Ÿ™

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