Are You Sensitive To The Energy of Inanimate Objects?

Do you feel that things have energy? For example my friend, Alexa, a full blown eccentric raised in a commune holds what she calls “Switch and Bitch” at her house a couple times a year. She invites a group of women to her house asking them to bring the clothes they have outgrown in either size or style.

The women then pick through each other’s stuff. They “switch” while they prattle on (bitch) about whatever and this is a grand idea because everyone arrives burdened and leaves lighter.

Alexa is very sensitive to energy with a 12th house sun and a Cancer Moon and tells me she feels fantastic wearing her friends clothes. She wears mine when she wants to have an “Elsa day” and she combines her friend’s clothes to swirl things up.

Do you like wearing other people’s clothing?

pictured… that’s Alexa, she’s glorious!

11 thoughts on “Are You Sensitive To The Energy of Inanimate Objects?”

  1. I buy all my stuff at the thrift stores – a habit I got into when I was in school and poor and never broke. I get sticker shock when I go to a department store. Heck, even Wal Mart is too expensive for my taste.

    I have a 12th house sun as well, and I always buy clothes that “feel” good. I have not purchased an item based solely on how negative it feels when I try it on – not physically, but somehow I feel the vibes from the clothes, I think, if that makes sense.

    I have some of my Grandma’s clothes, too. I love to feel them and feel closer to her that way.

  2. What a great idea. When i was little my mum had a friend who wore alot of designer wear and every now and then she’d bring a bag round of stuff she no longer wore and i loved it! Like dressing up. When i got to my teens i hated 80’s fashion so became a mod. We used to trail all the second hand shops for 60’s gear and it was so cheap! I love a bargain. Now i generally buy new but occasionallly i’ll borrow something from a friend and then not wanna give it back. Hadn’t really thought about the energy but thinking back, when i’ve warn they’re clothes i have felt different, like i’ve taken on part of their persona in some way which is probably why i dont wanna give them back.

  3. my dad had a flea market and antiques store growing up [the whole family had to work at both] and i always hated it. i’m sure one of the reasons why is b/c i absorbed all that energy. as far as clothes go, some of my favorites are hand-me-downs. not necesarily nice things either, just a long sleeve t-shirt with holes in it even! i’m wearing my friend’s/sister’s/etc. energy…

  4. I picked the first one. While I don’t believe inanimate objects inherently contain energy, I DO believe that we humans pass (and store, hence ghostly ‘fingerprints’ in hauntings) energy in inanimate objects that can be absorbed by others. This is why I love going to Tombstone (right near where I live) and other touristy places. The energy is fantastic!

  5. I have only ever worn other people’s clothing (started as being the youngest child and handmedowns, then broke, then ethically against excessive consumerism–ahem).
    I don’t believe that inanimate objects have energy. I have been against this thought since I was a kid raised in church, and being told certain objects were “evil” or “had the devil’s spirit.” I am sorry, I can’t buy that. But I agree with Daeshii that humans pass our energy through things…

  6. I have a lot of clothes my friends gave me -maybe 50% of what I wear. One of my friends in particular – a leo. Her clothes make me shine. On the other hand, some other friends’ clothes I would never ever wear, because their energy is so opposite to mine, and I just couldn’t.

  7. The only “energy” I think inanimate objects have is the energy we create in our own minds thinking about them. I don’t believe your clothes gave her an “Elsa day” – the clothes may have been a catalyst, but that is a far cry from saying the clothes actually *contain* the energy. Although I’m not living her life, so what do I know?

    Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Venus in 12th, but this seems like “magical thinking” at it’s worst. Maybe that’s the Saturn talking?

  8. i must have missed this the first time around. i defintely believe inamimate objects pick up energy and will not keep things left from people whose energy is problemmatic for me.

    if i’m having a rough day or feel like i need extra protection for some reason, i wear one of my husband shirts.

    what a cool idea your friend had. i love eccentrics!

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    Little Miss Hermit

    A psychic medium I know advices against buying wooden antiques^^

    I would not have given it much thought, were it not for an experience I had with her, where I identified the energy of someone who’d died of tuberculosis and was stuck in the wooden framed bed we were examining.
    That is to say, I suggested tuberculosis, and the medium concurred with a intrigued sideways glance at me. Well, she could obviously have led me on, but she was very down to earth and in all, I found her completely believable. She has Sun-Neptune in Libra; her Sun on my 8th house Mercury.

    I don’t like to wear other people’s clothes at all. They feel all wrong and it’s just very uncomfortable. Moon in Taurus – in the fixed 5th house!;)
    I’ve bought second-hand a few times for themed dress-up parties, and it’s great fun – but getting out of the clothes is a great relief;)

  10. I voted “yes”, because that’s closer, but, I meant, “… it very much depends on a whole variety of factors.” 🙂

    I firmly believe we have much choice, in this regard. I mean, everything in my whole life, leads me to think so. 🙂 I have – have always had – clothing, objects, whatever that had previously belonged to others. Likewise, gifts from others. In my experience, we can decide what associations we attach – and, which ones we do not. E.g. clothing… deciding one wash and dry cycle is going to wash away previous associations, does exactly that. (Note to supersticious people, pre-soak whatever in salted water – whyever you do this, it’ll add another dimension to clean, anyway. Especially for delicate fabrics.)

    The objects I own that remind me of people I’ve loved… no matter where or how I got them… well, they remind me of what matters to me. Period. (I believe we can recycle trash-experiences, and trash-feelings. I really, really think so.)


  11. I get this, too, but so far I’ve only noticed the bad things that occur when I wear certain things. There must be loads of good things that happen with other objects and I probably take it for granted.

    As to why…I don’t know. I have a lot of earth, including Venus and moon. Moon sextile Neptune, where Neptune is in my 3H. I mean, earth is very concrete, materialistic (in the way that we value tangible objects), and tactile.

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