4th House: Your Private Root

zodiac puzzle mod brightThe fourth house in your natal chart describes your innermost self. It’s what you know is true about you, that’s not going to be observable to others, outside you very close family.  It’s your root.

I’ll use myself to illustrate this; I have Taurus in my 4th house.  I talk about Fixed signs and stubbornness, well how do I know?  It’s because deep down, I’m stubborn myself. Immovable, even.

I’m also really into securing the home. I got my mother a house and bought another for myself, in my twenties.  The minute I had a mortgage, I set to paying that sucker off.  Taurus possesses.  I wanted to own my home.

I also conflate food with love and nurturing. You come to my house, you’re going to eat, because I am going to tempt you with fine food and plenty of it.

I also enjoy what I call, “in tact self esteem”. People ask me sometimes, how I’ve not been crushed by my various experiences. Liking myself is part of it.  Deep down, I think I’m ok!

What’s your fourth house like?  What’s true about you, other may not realize?

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  1. 4th house cusp witn venus and mercury in taurus and sun in gemini. I like people coming to my place. But not when they invite themselves on a whim, cause there are things to prepare beforehand. Food and I like everybody to have a stress free time, so schedule needs to meet everyone’s availability. I want people to have a good time and feel comfortable.

  2. Capricorn in the 4th, with a retrograde Mercury conj the IC. Placidus houses also place my early AQ Venus in the 4th. Growing up with old people, old people are safe people, honouring and seeking wisdom, slow learner but very methodical and super good long term memory. Sun in the 3rd, our home was and is my launching and landing plot, open for others but I do expect a certain independence and respect of privacy – and claim it for myself. I moved a few times and always enjoyed ‘building’ a new home, also chucking things around and making changes and improvements. I do not clutter and don’t like to own a million things I never use, I de-clutter and give away regularly.

    That Mercury Retrograde in Cap is to the degree inconjunct Uranus in Leo in the 11th who is opposing my AQ Venus. So – I am an ulitmate out -of-the-box thinker (say the people who know me well) and make my own mind up about everything which REALLY takes much longer than learning concepts and applying them.

    There was a time when I felt I should have had more formal education to have it easier in the world we live in but since I am older I see many people trying to unlearn knowledge and think more for themselves, even if it means being the odd one out.

  3. Scorpio. With Pluto in sag in the 4th sextiling Mercury/Uranus in Capricorn. My emotions run deep though most never see more than my Leo ascendant or cap sun allow. I find the people around me shocked when they get a glimpse. I’d love more insight on this as I feel it’s a part of my chart i have trouble perceiving correctly.

    1. I have sun conjunct IC in Gemini.. imagine my home- it is full of books ( i also have stellium in 3rd house with prominent Jupiter). As a kid I fantasised about being in perfect home alone, having all the books in the world as a massive library somewhere deep in the woods, staying cosy with animals. My work is also somehow a part of my home ( mentally)

  4. Taurus on the 4th house cusp, moon in the fourth house, but it’s in Gemini. All mixed up here, although I yearn to own my own home too.

    1. i also have gemini/taurus 4th like yours but my cusp is gemini, not taurus. I guess it’s talking /chatting & food but maybe because gemini/mutable is unstable i tend to go to and fro twice a year to stay in a different resident due to responsibilities. so thats the instability going back and forth. although its connected to home, as the home i’m helping in, is part of inheritance too and contents in it. have no placements in gemini though.

  5. The 4th house is interesting. My husband and I have mutual Sun conjunctions each others ICs and we felt comfortable and at ease with each other the minute we met. We felt understood by each other without having to speak.

    I don’t know… having a Scorpio IC is kind of a mystery to me. Psychological inheritance. All the way down my maternal line are Capricorn Moons, goes back to my great grandmother, that I know of, maybe further. I have Saturn near the IC, but no Capricorn Moon. My husband has a Capricorn Moon. So some sort of karmic inheritance that I don’t understand and probably never will.
    When I was a child the dark psychological undercurrents were intense. Hard to put into words properly.

    On the other side of the coin, I have Uranus and Jupiter in Sagittarius further into my 4th house which describes this sort of saving grace I have experienced my whole life. I would say this describes my fathers side of the family. This was my oasis as a child. This is probably my saving grace now too. Internally, I am uber positive. I can’t stay down long.

  6. I think the IC is observable to others, but only in its footprint. Maybe just because I have Mars there. Nobody looks and me and thinks I could do the things I’ve done. But I have a boiler for a heart.

  7. I don’t have Taurus anywhere in my chart, except for tangentially, and i definitely do not relate to that energy; I throw things away far more than I accumulate them. My home life has been quirky, to say the least. At this point I have moved 17 times in my adult life, and boy, would I love to just put some roots down somewhere; those of you that have, understand what a gift something so simple is. Doesn’t seem to be in the cards, as my most recent move, less than a year ago, will likely not be the last. Or even the second to last.

    One thing I have gotten good at: staying in the moment and making the best of a situation as it is right now, and then tomorrow, repeat. The last home I left was something I put my whole heart into, but nevertheless, had to move on after a few years. I am old enough I will never have a ‘family’ home. It is literally inconceivable. I am fully aware of blooming where I am planted wherever I find myself, but I am sure tired of being a Bedouin or a vagabond, carrying what I have, my hopes, and whatever is left of my relationships in a satchel. Not something I wanted or asked for. I may very well be extraordinarily wise on my deathbed, but happy? I just don’t know. These times are challenging, to be sure. i know better than to pre-judge the future, though. Things can certainly turn on a dime.

        1. Interesting. I have asc 5 Aquarius, Saturn 29 cancer 6th, Mars 5 Leo on Dsc, stellum in Taurus – from 11 to 29 degrees ( SN, Jupiter,Moon, Pallas, Mercury, Venus, Vesta)

          1. Picses rising, Alice and a fixed Grand Square over 24-28 deg. How does that Mars on the dec. work for you? I have Pluto Virgo conj. the dec. Sometimes l am not sure what is mine…or theirs, if you know what l mean…

  8. Wow, this is very true for me. I have Sun, Mercury, Uranus AND Pluto in the forth house in the sign of Leo except Pluto in the sign of Virgo. I also love making good food and sharing with loved ones. Owning my home has been a sour spot for me, hopefully that will change in the future.

  9. I have Aries on the 4th house. I find that my concept of a house and what constitutes a home is evolving. Chiron transiting the 4th has been revealing some vulnerability as well as some pain that needs to be acknowledged. It is an ongoing process. The upcoming solar eclipse in Aries is a biggie for me.

  10. Aquarius 4th house, lonely Chiron sitting by itself. That means lonely Chiron 4th house is in opposition to my 10th house Leo moon.

    The challenge of a chart like mine is that it is very lopsided. 7 of my planets are within 45 degrees of my MC. When transits go through my 10 and 11 house they ping all those planets. The same except in opposition when they travel through the th and fifth houses. Constant push and pull between demands of family home and work. That’s the easy explanation.

    How do you know your chart is accurate? Well, I had an excellent, although heartbreaking proof on June 15, 2022. Saturn had crossed into my 4 th house creating the usual hard lessons. In June and it retrograded back back and fourth over my Chiron, finally settling for several days conjunct Chiron at 25 degree Aquarius. It had been over that point before, but this time other transiting planets ganged up, Sun in the 8 th house, trine Chiron,
    Neptune 5th house semi-sextile Chiron,
    Pluto 3rd house (3 degrees from my IC) semi-sextile Chiron.

    There were other things that were pertinent going on in my chart but you probably get the gist. My Stepmom had passed away on June 9th after a long hard time with Alzheimer’s. Covid had been tough, we couldn’t visit and she wasn’t good enough to really talk on the phone. So the 9th was the first time I was supposed to get to see her since the start of Covid. She died 10 minutes before I got there. So instead I helped my Dad plan her funeral. On the day of the funeral, everything went fine. (Side note: I refuse to wear black to funerals because I believe death is the beginning of the next adventure. ) We had just gotten back to Dad’s house and my stepdad called, my mom was in the hospital, she had gone into cardiac arrest while we were at the cemetery burying my step mom.

    Saturn likes to kick me in the gut, Chiron in the fourth has always been about broken home and of course mothers and fathers.

    That’s how I knew my chart was accurate.
    (Edited , I had the year typed wrong. 2022 not 2020. )

  11. Scorpio 4th house cusp, Neptune conjunct from 3rd house side.

    My home is my sanctuary. A private place out of the glare of the public (10th house Sun, public-facing occupation). Contemplation & lots of spiritual study at home.

    Folks’ comments are helpful. The IC is a place of mystery.

  12. I love looking at the 4th house… the base of my chart, my foundation. I also like to think that IC actually stands for ‘inner child’. I have Jupiter right in the middle of it all- like a cat, I always land on my feet!

  13. Gem. Sun (2nd H.), Scorp. Moon (7th H.), Aries Rising:
    Mars in Cancer 4th H.; Mars is my chart’s ruling planet.
    Strong attachment to roots, memorabilia, family (including natal), and home is a feeling…protective & fearless defender-warrior, I am.

  14. Reading BellaDonna and Lunar Lady’s comments one after the other is funny. Can relate to both scenarios. All that taurus square saturn yet my moon conjuncts uranus. Welp.

  15. I posted yesterday that I don’t really get Libra energy; I don’t get Taurus energy, either. My entire life, I have never had a stable home for more than a few years at time (move numbers 18 and 19 are on the horizon somewhere). I have never owned much beyond what I need. It’s difficult for me to relate to, Taurus is not prominent anywhere in my chart. I have thought that this had made me good at ‘starting over’ for a long time, now I think it’s made me good at living in and for the moment. I have, against my own resistance, become deft on my feet, very much so. I can dance the dance with expertise. It still isn’t what I want, as I love to garden to make a home, things that take time, but it is the reality for me. To me, anyone that has lived in the same place for more than 5 years is blessed beyond belief. Being rootless may sound like an adventure to the young, and that’s how it should be; youth is for exploring. A lifetime of it is exhausting, eventually. I would wager peripatetic people like the Dalai Lama are even tempted to succumb to that from time to time. I have lived a life built on faith (the generic kind, as in things will work out somehow, one foot in front of the other, not the religious kind). The fourth and seventh houses are just mysteries to me. I don’t feel sorry for myself, but I can’t help but wonder what life is like for those that get to have those experiences, like living in the same place for decades. I’m too old now for that to ever be a possibility. Thank you for the post.

    1. @Jamie, my Taurus/Aquarius brother has exactly your life as written here,he has Uranus cnjunct MC in 10th, I wonder if this is an Uranus “thing” for you. I sure understand these quick house moves, I’ve done many many in my lifetime, over 35 moves. Some in very quick succession, I sure feel the exhaustion it creates.

      1. I really appreciate that, thank you. I do not regret my life, but it sure is nice to know that someone else has been there. I know some thrive on the adventure of the constant question; I am someone that has always longed to settle down, and has had to consciously learn to exist in that uncertainty, and I have, even though they really wanted something else. To me, your post is very kind. Thank you.

        To those for whom this idea fills with energy: go for it and drink it up. I have reams of stories of adventure. I would really just like to stop and have some peace, I am wise enough, thank you and bless you.

  16. 4th house Uranus conjunct Moon in Leo, Aquarius Sun.
    I’m not good with visitors at all. I prefer solitude, feel jumpy if people arrive, but sure am a good listener, and they sure do talk. That’s my thing, makes sense, not the food, nurturing by listening.

  17. Aries and Taurus 50/50 split my 4th House, what’s that? I love to cook at home and spread it around (traveling crockpot cafe) and wherever home is it’s pretty; and the Aries (Marsy)character of ruling the roost, don’t mess with my people my roots.

    Good question!

  18. lol i just realized my husband who has a stellium in sagittarius tells everyone i feed him alot and you’ll never go hungry in our home and he tells people i’m a happy homemaker xD that’s so taurus i guess and ohh because he has that sag stellium he announces to the world. And i tell him why you tell everyone i’m a feeder? ^^ But he’s very happy because he loves to eat alot. lol Oh but when it comes to hoarding he says i’m a secret hoarder but because of my 2nd house pisces i lose alot of material things. And i find them somewhere in another year or months later. in my childhood i was super poor and was malnourished and super skinny. I guess after saturn return i ate what i wanted, but the part of being brought up poor made me also want to count pennies and feel guilty to spend. maybe that’s why the hoarding too. My mother is huge hoarder and so is my sister (Both have prominent taurus) and for me, i’m ok with not keeping things because i have to adapt (uranus exalted in scorpio) and my husband likes change. sigh. Just like when we got a new garden, when i loved the old garden and it was fine. then he spends money on a new garden and says we need a change. Or many times when he says let’s change this even though i dont want, but he says its good to have change. and the old ways aren’t working. But later i adapt and i do love it later. i guess i’m ok with both. but he has said many times, i hate change, noticing it. But change is good. And i have read change is good for mental health.

  19. Cap is on the cusp but early Aq is towards the latter stages of the house.
    So it’s Moon conj Mars conj Chiron all bunched up together there.
    Unconventional is an understatement.
    I’ve moved 11 times with some form of ‘family’ or by myself.
    I’m thinking I got maybe one more in me since this current location has been now 12yrs.
    It matches my earliest (4th house) home in terms of duration because I lived there from birth.
    My parents divorced (Sun in Taurus sq Moon in Aq) and much ‘normal’ dysfunction/quirkiness/instability was very much the foundation of my youth.
    Perfectly I have Uranus in 10 in Cancer hence a career in nuclear medicine technology (Uranus like a mug) in healthcare (Cancer like a mug)
    I’m a plant guy (Taurus) so my home is kinda eclectic but still full of all the kinda fat boy foods n comforts a Taurean such as myself would enjoy…but there’s a drum kit setup in the dining room.

  20. Late degree Gemini on my fourth. My SUN URANUS AND MARS IN CANCER are all in there too. I am emminently ADAPTABLE. I have almost always owned two homes, one in city (suburbs) and one in the woods. My decor is very eclectic and interesting and reflects our travels.We have moved a LOT.

    My home is always place of continual learning, many books,music,art, and discussion happen in my home.

    MY HOME AND MY FAMILY are MY ROOTS… I am sooo happy here,under this roof,for days on end.I prefer to have people visit ME , here and let me feed them!

    My home life has always been disruptive.Much Italian drama growing up. Much MOVING from state to state as I got older, for my husband’s education and work.

    My ROOT IS, that I can thrive despite the changes.. and they are often refreshing!

    I am WAY quirkier than anyone would ever guess from my demeanor (Moon in Capricorn made me a great business woman, and I have always been able to keep the day time gigs successful,for the most part) when I am HOME anything goes.. we discuss alien abduction we host New Moon salons for like minded friends, we walk around naked and have all kinds of tribal and indigenous art all over the place.

    We tend to move suddenly, on a whim (though at this age we want to quit doing that!) I expect when we get to the OLD OLD age part of time, we will probably make one more dramatic change of pace move,so maybe we’ll end up in a yurt or a different state, or 55+ community with lots of old people activities to enjoy like pickelball,lol..

    I take my ROOTS with me when Im move..I immediately make the new place feel like “HOME” and start cookingcleaning and entertaining.

    An interesting post ,Elsa!!

  21. 4th house mostly Taurus. I’ve been digging into the roots, family roots. Been pulling a lot of weeds, removing stuff that no longer belongs and making a huge compost pile. It feels amazing. 😊

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