George Jones & Tammy Wynette

My husband is listening to a book tape about Tammy Wynette’s life.  She had that signature song, ‘Stand By Your Man”.   Apparently people gave her a bunch of crap about it. This was 1968, so women’s lib was coming up.

Tammy was completely bewildered by the reaction. She just couldn’t see anything wrong with the song, to save her life.

This made me wonder why we all can’t all just be the way we are. It also made me look up her chart to see what might behind the song. When it came up on my screen, I had to laugh.

Tammy is a Taurus with Saturn and Uranus in the sign. That right there would make a gal steady, but she also has a Capricorn Moon and Neptune in Virgo, which give here a Grand Trine in Earth.  With Neptune involved, I’m seeing a grounded, transcendent person.  And look at her picture there?  Does it look as if she can help this?

She also has Venus in Pisces opposing Neptune, so sacrifice in love is a given. She was married to George Jones, an alcoholic, so we’re talking textbook astrology here.

I have Uranus in my 7th house. Consequently, I am all for couples making their own rules. I like, Tammy’s song. I think women who don’t like her song should write their own song.  It can be called, “Stand By No Man”, for example.

Are you upset when your peers don’t think the way you do? Or are you more inclined to live and let live?

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  1. Sort of like Sinead O’Connor sang “No Man’s Woman”, haha.

    I do get upset but I calm dawn almost instantaneously. I am inclined to the live and let live philosophy but there are times when it requires more effort.

    I discard my feelings as silly and unfair. I try to see things from the other perspective and I try not to be judgmental. It’s not always easy but it’s doable.

    1. The expectation people conform and the punishment they endure when they don’t is so disturbing. I think an artist should express themselves, not cough up some pc or party line. But hey! I was raised by Aquarians.

  2. With Solaire on this topic. Although we’re more educated and sophisticated from all the education&self-help practices out there I think people are more critical and judgmental of others today than ever before; or are they just more open about it.

  3. When it comes to personal lives and personal attitudes not hurting anyone else, I have a live and let live attitude. I think astrology really helps being more accepting of people’s differences.
    When it comes to individual (and especially corporate) whims hurting other people, then I’m less accepting, for reasons I consider to be obvious.

    My personal motto is “I am one mistress with no master”, but if other women believe in “stand by your man”, that’s fine too.

  4. Oh man I remember the sh*tstorm when Hillary Clinton said she “wasn’t some little woman ‘standing by my man’ like Tammy Wynette.” (I’m in Nashville, mind you LOL.)

    Tammy Wynette was still alive then (1992) – I wonder what her transits were that year because she had a real bad year that year.

  5. I wrote this last week and see she is featured in the NYT today, in regards to this song. I didn’t read the article, but I thought it was quite a coincidence. My husband finished this book tape last week.

    What kills me is the astrology though. She really IS this song and if you happen to be born X in a Y era, I guess you’re going to be punished.

    It’s like my husband. He thinks soldiers are supposed to win wars. They are supposed to annihilate the enemy, but this is not popular thinking right now, depending upon where you are in the world.

    Just because it’s not YOUR way, does not mean it is not their way, nor does it mean they are crazy, backwards, ill informed or whatever.

  6. Oh and @ Hillary, she sure stood by Bill while he got his dick sucked by whoever… 🙂

    More than I would have done. 🙂

  7. The only time I’ve been to the Country Music Hall of Fame is when they happened to have an exhibit on her and she seemed to have an interesting life.

  8. I loved Tammy’s song. P.C. annoys me. Women’s libbers annoyed me as well. I love equality, stand for it as well, but extremism/radicalism can be a bit too much. I wasn’t about to burn clothing, and I suspect they regret that ‘sagging’ idea. Gotta’ love the 70’s.

    I loved Tammy and Loretta Lynn’s singing and stories. Survivors, may they RIP.

  9. Live & Let Live. I appreciate the differences in people and them from myself. As long as your hurting no one but yourself, then that’s your business. Besides, image how dull the world would be if we all liked only the same thing, UGH! I was raised by a Gemini & Scorp and really get the saying: variety is the spice of life 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. I am proud to be a feminist. However, I do think that some of my feminist peers could be more open- minded when it comes to the choices of our sisters.

  11. We share astrology and I can relate to her (especially being with an alcoholic, as I was).

    This is a sore subject for me these days. t.Saturn in my 11th, conjunct my Uranus and opposing my Sun. It’s like all of a sudden I have to explain to people I am not them. No, I am not upset that people don’t think the way I do.

    I’d prefer they didn’t actually because I like divergent experiences overall. Especially when it comes to my own.

    11th House Uranus in Scorpio– it is sometimes easier to go at it alone socially, especially when it comes to my attention that I’m not thinking/being as someone believes I should be (or expects me to be, based on what they think of me). Fuck conformity–seriously. I’m all for manners but I’m not going to be a puppet in the process.

  12. I’ve always loved that song. It might not exactly be my experience but it doesn’t make it any less true. And I think George Jones still carried a torch for her a loooong long time…

  13. Live and let live; too much energy to get all huffy over someone else’s decisions. However, I’ll give side-eye under certain exceptions.

  14. I love to listen to more liberating, aquarian, arian like woman in music. For instance Karen O of the YYYs, or the lead singer of Cocteau Twins with her song Fotzepolitic which translates into “cunt” politics haha. I have no idea what that means and she is so freaking cool. Also, I love love love Courtney Love. I don’t care what anyone says about her. She is messed up, human and her music is awesome. I’ve read hers and her late husband’s auto/biographies and they are very telling that they were soul mates yadda yadda. But as far as this musician is concerned no I couldn’t really appreciate it because I am different. I am an ultra different person and just gay so it doesn’t make sense for me to appreciate it too much. But I will listen to certain country songs like “she’s in love with the boy” because well its well crafted and its not slow , everything about that song is just perfect for a country song. Anyway, I don’t know Elsa you made me realize I don’t listen to these kind of female singers. I really hadn’t realized that Duh! I mean how could I not tell. They are all liberating. Like uh Lykke Li’s song “Get Some” – “I’m your prostitute you gonna get some…” she was basically twisting things around in that song. And feminist’s made a big deal about it on their blogs. Seriously she’s dope. Oh and I look up to Grimes, she is a young little hip girl from Canada who makes “witch house” music who would have known of that genre if not for her? Sorry went off the deep end but that’s cause the subject is of music 😉 I think this is my favorite blog.. y’all might get sick of me 😕 lol.

  15. I read the lyrics of the song. If I interpret them correctly, no, I would not be standing by my man, I would be booting his ass out the door.

    But it’s subject to interpretation. The words are juuuust vague enough that you could argue it doesn’t mean what you think it means, if you want to be all metaphorical about it, instead of literal.

    Given the times, I can see why there would be an outsized reaction to it.

  16. Oh boo!….Live and let live. I have my own life and you have yours. It would be very narrow minded of me to think that you have to live your life like me…I have Uranus on the Ascendant and Aqua Mercury and Venus….

    Do you thang and I will do my thang and as long as we both stay in our lanes…well I don’t really see the problem.

  17. Well, it’s not so much that there is something wrong with standing by your man, so much as it is that well, some men should not be stood by. If they are abusing you, if they are being self-destructive, etc.–well, for your own safety, you may very well need to leave. And you probably should acknowledge that–not everyone can be saved if you stay.

    Stand By Some Men? If they’re not all that bad, really….

  18. I could care less about my peers approval really the only people I want or care how they think or feel is my husband and then my kids and really if my children don’t approve it does not bother me at all. They are adults and I don’t have my nose in their business nor do I make judgement on what they do unless it affects me.

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