Mercury Conjunct Pluto In Aquarius: The Hydra

hydraMercury will leave Capricorn for Aquarius today, as it slowly pulls away from Mars. It will conjoin Pluto in Aquarius tomorrow.

This is the only significant shift over the next few days. It’s worth watching as we’re trying to get a handle on Pluto in Aquarius. Some important information should surface and I’m not necessarily talking about the “news”.

Pluto is concerned with the subconscious.  Aquarius is fast.  You may see some disturbing chunk of info you’ve buried, break loose. Like the Hydra; it’s needs some air! I’m making this sound like a walk in the park, which it’s not.

I hope I don’t gross everyone out but I think this is the best way to clarify what I’m saying here. I have a Mercury-ruled “small animal” dog here, vomiting (Pluto).  She’s purging and it’s good for her but it’s also disgusting and the aftermath has to be dealt with.  This is what’s on deck for some.

My example may be revolting but I hope to illustrate, whatever happens can ultimately be dealt with. Beyond that, healing is expected!

There are other subtle influences to mention.  For example, the outer planets have been supporting one another and will continue in this pattern into 2027, except for short periods of time where the spell is broken.  This is one of those periods.  More here: Outer Planets Play Nice.

I see this coalition to offer some level of grace. Grace, which has gone missing at the moment.

Another stressor is the planets crowding together.  This focuses energy on a narrow swath of houses in your chart. There may be an upside to this, but at a cost. Specifically, it robs a person of balance in their life and much of life is neglected.

A real life example? It’s common people to complain, their life is consumed, by working to try to pay their bills.  They’re not making this up!

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Have you had a Mercury Pluto happening?

18 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Pluto In Aquarius: The Hydra”

  1. This says ‘mental transformation’ to me, purging old thought patterns and animating a juicier vision of the future.

    Pluto Mercury immediately brings up the ideas of fear and gruesome loss and terror – but what is the result when you get rid of all your terrifying negative thoughts? What happens after you live through that? feeling fine, feeling uplifted to be free of that weight? Is your new reality ‘better’? I am interested to hear positive stories of Pluto transformations; what happened after the fire, the robbery, the death? Is there joy, faith, renewal?

    I am hoping desperately that this might bring the return of my friends’ son who has been held underground in Gaza for 120 days. That would be a beautiful Pluto Mercury event.

  2. I might have had my Mercury Pluto then in telling someone, after they asked, that an ex friend of mine was very uncomfortable at his advances. At first I didn’t say but after a while I just decided since he asked I will tell him since consequentialism, i.e. “the white lie” is a slippery slope. I would consider it hubris to withhold a truth on the basis I know exactly the consequences of telling it. Only God knows that.

      1. Yeah, I already did that. I don’t think I’ll see him again though is an acquaintance I have only just got back in touch with.

        I felt like maybe he needed to believe the fantasy that if he’d been in a relationship with her she wouldn’t’ve killed herself. But, actually, keeping that illusion alive to the extent the lie does keep the illusion alive is perhaps not a positive thing. He might incorrectly believe he had a better handle on the situation and thus judge others more harshly.

        He’s had a bad few days because the girl downstairs, the new neighbour, called the police on him when he knocked on her door (twice, because he believed her that her boyfriend was in the shower and he wanted to meet him rather than taking this as a cue that she was pretending a boyfriend as there because she’s scared). He’s literally this grandfather like energy. He kept saying to me “Are women different now to what they used to be?” I never know whether to feel sorry for these blue pill boomers that don’t understand the world now or think it’s justified since they did nothing to stop the rise of feminism.

  3. I just told my BF today, after a huge fight, that really wounded us, that

    “it doesn’t matter WHY I said what I said, you can’t benefit from knowing “The Why”.
    Fact is, it happened, and now we deal with the shitshow it led to”

    …meaning that if we keep going back to who said what and why, we would NEVER get to dealing with the each of our part in the conflict and each person’s role and responsibility for what happened. Everything else is just going on the roundabout again and again. And before you know it, your fight is like a META FIGHT where you fight about HOW to fight and how the other part actually… Fight!
    So yeah, an effing hydra is totally on par in this situation! You will NEVER be able to stop your fight if this happens. #TrueStory

    It’s so f*cked up. So no, all you can do in this situation is own the thing you did or said and then take the fegging responsibility for it!

    I told him I was so beeping tired of him coming and then add some “context” to some or other situation that had made me react emotionally… And I just couldn’t have that anymore. I asked him: “Would your boss react if you came and said “sorry, I just hadn’t slept for 4 days” ?!

    … No, he would STILL be pissed – maybe even more so, because it was YOUR damn responsibility to inform him BEFORE the sh*t hit the fan!”

    The same thing in relationships.
    If you didn’t inform me, it’s YOUR damned responsibility and fault if the info could have avoided the hurt.
    And otherwise adding “context” is just a feeble attempt at avoiding blame, and manipulate the outcome + the feeling of shame from being the guilty part. And that pisses me fegging off from others. Take some bleeping responsibility, grow the F up and grow some balls at the same time, will you?

    So yeah! Effing hydra with 9 heads – every step of the way. No more room for small dogs here. Eat your responsibility or be eaten yourself!

    1. That’s a very good summary of the energy in my view.

      I liken a lot of things that Pluto highlights to energy exchanges that are not in line. Perhaps because of a lie told. This does describe such a disbalance.

      Also, Mercury’s cerebral nature has come through as well. Like, this is not an event it is an intellectual thing at it’s core.

      1. Both Mercury and Pluto are presently in Aquarius (air sign); yes I believe it is an intellectual thing with the double air conjunction, more powerful with Pluto involved. However, depending on the houses affected in my chart; it appears to be involved with the purging of buried emotions (normally water signs). This seems to be in line with my long term relationship of many years having ended recently. Also my money houses (2nd and 8th houses) are also involved. So it appears that my money houses are protected with the fellow no longer my future partner. I will miss him, but these aspects to my chart and looking at his chart; it looks like I’ve been protected financially as well. I’m greatful for the access to information and people in the astrological community to share our information & experiences with. <3 to y'all!!

        1. Hello Rose,

          Yes, the thing with astrology is that it adds all this planetary, very “Uranian” and otherwordly information to our very domestic life experiences. So it adds a kind of nuance and flavour to them. If we have an experience, rather than that being a mush that we then struggle to process, we can then draw out the different elements of such experience. We have Jupiter doing x and Saturn doing y. Which we then gain additional understanding of when Jupiter returns to it’s own spot 12 years later as an example.

          Thus it makes life experience in some cases more interesting than it would otherwise be. Because we gain in the “magickal” sense, so to speak.

          I like how the Mercury- Pluto, pulling out this darkness, was then followed up by the single punch of the Venus trine Uranus. I feel this kind of punctuates the situation. It delivers it out of Pluto’s non directional malaise to a lightning strike, a shift, in the heart chakra.

      2. I believe you are right, Phoenix. Very well written!

        I have Aquarius Ascendant on the hot degrees (at the moment) of 1.5 Aquarius, so things are heating up for sure, as it’s also about an opposition to my DC and Leo (the healthy or not so healthy egos).

        An unhealthy energy of this, is my sister that is very much Aries. She has the transitting asteroid Eris nearing her Jupiter in Aries (blowup and ego conflict much?!?!), AND Pluto starting ingress into her 3rd house.

        Natally her Mercury in 3rd house Aquarius squares her 12th house Pluto in Scorpio, so it’s VERY unhealthy energy and energy purging – all in one go.
        I just don’t want to stand on the receiving end of it, that’s done for me, she has all the vibes of my verbally abusive dad….

        1. Your sisters chart and mine are very similar. I have Eris on my Aries ascendant. Same degree. Like 0’05 different, so the black line of the AC just turns blue at the end when Eris is on the natal. I have Jupiter in the first house Aries.

          I first heard about Eris from the perspective it is about bringing change.

          One of the other things I find interesting about astrology is that you do tend to see the results of crappy choices people make as the planets kind of mature through the archetypes. In relation to the situation I have referenced here already, there has actually been a lot of unpleasant gossip and bad behaviours. I believe unfairly scapegoating the wrong people and giving a free ride to other abusive people.

          Which might be crap, until you look at the transits. Pluto is due to make itself known in a few peoples charts I have known and it is due to reduce pressure on my chart. I have often thought it strange that astrology considers Saturn the karmic planet. Saturn is very visceral sure, it is uncompromising… It crushes. But Pluto when it bites into some fleshy part of a person that is unprepared (because they have been assigning energy to evildoing) it absolutely grinds into the person or group over a long period of time. It seems far more karmic to me.

          It’s like that bible quote. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”.

  4. Isn’t the Hydra the one where you chop off its many heads, and then MORE heads spring back in its place?! 😂

    It could be that sudden epiphanies just spring up from the depths of your deep and shadowy subconscious, and the more you try to suppress or chop them down, the more it will spring back up to bite you.

    And being in Aquarius, they will be in a different and more abstract angle, which could be hard to decipher if you only think in linear or lateral ways (previous Capricorn Mercury)

    Serious note, this could be potentially problematic for mental health. People are really grappling with that, and nobody is okay at the moment.

  5. Pluto and Mercury conjunct example today. Funny, I just now received a group text from a relative.

    The text came at me ‘out of the blue’. I was added to the group after the group was already established, so wasn’t privy to any of their background conversation. The questions felt, well, pushy and borderline confrontational.

    Due to the complications of a large group, sensitive topic (inherited property) and the fact that money is involved, my response to the demands for answers was texting for something like that is just too hard.

    I know it’s the way of the new world, but seriously, how can anyone with half a brain not realize texting is not always appropriate?

    1. Avatar
      Rose Appelhofff

      Vic, absolutely; so important that such a topic be done “on paper”. Something like that has to remain private. Nothing is private on the internet. We went through this with my mother’s death 5 yrs ago, and this involved lawyers with the will that needed to be processed and shared. Via photocopies to keep along with banking statements, etc.

    2. Oh my goodness, this is SO MUCH like my life, my sister and our situation at the moment… A group chat, ego blowups, pushy and borderline confrontational as you say … In regards to a family situation, centering around elderly care and inheritance (Pluto/8th house stuff?)

      …and someone in my family being totally unable or unwilling to cool down and demanding answers, wanting to control everything and blowing up if she can’t.

      I can’t even… But you describe it PERFECTLY!

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