8th House At A Party

This story seems appropriate for the energy of the day. I was talking to a group of people, I’d kneeled on the floor to do it. Everyone else was seated. Someone offered me a chair, several times. I waved them off. I was completely comfortable and in the middle of a story I was telling. It was a round banquet type table in a large room. I was mingling, you could say.

My husband was standing behind me, having an independent conversation with another man. I was completely turned around from them when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It gave me a start.

“I don’t know what that means,” I blurted to the people at the table. The hand on my shoulder caused my mind to race. What was my husband trying to convey? Let’s get out of here? I wasn’t going to wonder, I was going to ask.

“I don’t what that means,” I said, over my shoulder. “Are you telling me something?” My husband does not do this thing, at least that I know of!

“That’s a Louisiana, hello,” the other man said. “That’s how we say, hello, in Louisiana.”

“Ohhhh,” I said. My husband has been in a truck so long, I thought he might be giving me a signal. He might be communicating.”

“No, that was me, sayin’ hello.”

“Oh, okay. Hello! Hello!”, I said, grinning.

Really, it was my 8th house going off. I know my husband’s ways – this is not one of them. I felt that hand and it was pure shock and horror, deep down.

What’s interests me is my inner self is not apparent in this kind of setting. I was telling a funny story, see? Jupiter.

Have you ever had such a start?

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  1. New land. Foreign language. 😀 When I am funny, which I am often goaded into being, people tend to do funny things too. The trickster is on the loose. Their funny or sociable may not be funny to me. I was working a cubicle job in a uber quiet environment and engrossed in my work, focussed, which people found funny in itself for some reason: the intense focus of which I am capable. All of a sudden I felt a jolt on my shoulders and I screamed out loud. He came down on my shoulders hard with his hands. The whole floor, a big one, was laughing. It was a man unit who did it. Okay so he’s on meds and a little off kilter at times. It reminded of a boy who sat behind me in science class in high school who would quickly slide a ruler flat side down under my butt and then turn it ridge side up and pull it out. I would scream. And then get sent to the office for disrupting the class. Sometimes I just don’t see it coming when it sneaks up on me.

  2. Shit yeah! I was at a party. I was 17. My Mum and her friends were sitting on the couch in front of me. Behind me were sliding doors, with glass reaching from floor to ceiling, and no one else. Then, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around. No one was there. This happened twice! I went over to my Mum, and asked her, ‘Did you see someone behind me tap me on the shoulder?’ She said there was no one.

    Yes! 8th house.

  3. 🙂 I had a dream with you telling me funny stories. It was so bizarre, because i get so wrapped up in this blog and forget you’re real or something…so wrapped up in la la land. And you have this *startling*, sparkly big personality. I thought, I never imagined the kind of energy you have irl…in my dream. Weird, I know, but Im an 8th house Pisces. Lol

    1. I am seeing this lately, it scares me. I got these new darker, heavier glasses. I avoid looking in the mirror because I look, way, way, way to overt. I am just a heavy, intense looking person for this area…though I lost all my black clothes within two weeks.

      I’m not kidding. I am literally afraid of my reflection. I only hope I look different at a distance. I feel it’s something that I (and others) have to overcome.

      Also, they have no experience coloring dark hair here. So I am either too dark or too light. I just have to transcend it. The only way to do that is to not look in the mirror. I’m serious. I wash my hands in public restrooms and do not look at *at all*. I simply don’t want to know.

      AND…this is a story I would tell in public. That right there tells you what it’s like for real.

      1. I am so relating to this. Not the mirror. Just being in a strange land. And crap I was born here. Away from here I was much more socially acceptable. I basically hang with other misfits. They are few and far between but they are out there. It is not easy being an individual. But what’s the option? Hang in there.

  4. What I am really liking about this is that you two have a signal system. That is so cool. It reminds me of an old scorpio pal from college way back. We got ourselves into all kinds of strange party situations. Alot of drug usage going on in those days. It was unspoken, it was the ‘it’s time to get outta of here’ look. And we would take off and run all the way home laughing our butts off. The joy of the escape or so happy to be out of there.

  5. It’s funny you mention. Since Neptune and Chiron began transiting my 8th, I can’t deal with people who either tap me on the shoulder or whisper into my ear instead of my face. It spooks me!

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