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  1. Yes! I’ve checked myself and I don’t do any of this. (I’m sure I’ll be caught on something, but at least it’s not those three things.)

  2. Oooh so glad you posted this. I was wondering about Saturn in Libra.

    I really don’t know, i’m a little apprehensive to tell you the truth. Saturn is the ruler of my chart with my asc in capricorn. Saturn lies in 0 degrees capricorn. The thing is my Moon & Mars are in 5 and 3 degrees Aries respectively. So theres *that*. But i do have squares to my moon natally so i wonder if that will even be something significant. ( Moon sq Saturn, Uranus, & Neptune natally ) and Venus in Libra.

  3. And by significant i mean.. even if i feel it, i have it natally so I’m more used to it than someone who doesn’t have it natally, i guess ? ( Talking about Moon sq. Saturn )

  4. tam (are you not Tam) – the shirt is a few months old and I got it at a cowboy store of all things, just sort of a fluke. I have sandals that are that orange color so it’s been a good addition to my wardrobe.

  5. Ahh, This is why I’m not having great time (my vacation), currently, my former crush didn’t display any feeling for me, and I “moved on” even though I understood that he doesn’t like me “that way” but I was still holding back and still questioning his feeling for me but the fact is, he like me as a friend, period. Moving on.

    Great video. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have no illusions about being a pain in the ass. Even that statement will make some grimace. Knowing that some people will see me this way, no matter how hard I try not to be one, allows me some freedom, I think. And the chance now and then to have some fun with it.

  7. it’s been like a great weight lifting off of me.
    probably my virgo sighing in relief.
    but, also, i’m happy to take on the challenges i’m facing right now with saturn in libra… growing and structuring a relationship designed to last… (that’s the plan!) and it’s worth every ounce of effort, and the payback is immense.

  8. Thank you so much for this, Elsa! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m faring well in Saturn in Libra so far. After my Saturn Return in Virgo, I learned how to value myself, my time, and how to truly be of service. I learned boundaries – although there’s much to learn, I would say my boundaries are a heck of a lot more solid than way back.

  9. Thanks for the video, the “saying no” and realizing my own faults and lack of perfection and stuff has been stuff that has been work in progress esp for the last year or so. Seeing that it needed to happen is what is becoming clear right now. I look forward very much to the “there’s more” and hope you plan a video on that too! I love the shirt too btw. Also I noticed you favor boatnecks, I like that style!

  10. Excellent post.. well said. What you are saying is worth repeating frequently methinks, incredibly useful in particular to the younger (below age 40) members of the community.
    As a natal Saturn in Libra person, second return underway, I feel comfortable with my boundaries, which is as it ought to be at this age, and have respect for those of others, enjoy good relationships, with partner, family and friends.

    I think we’re always learning, where relationships are concerned, as astrology shows how very different we all are, despite mostly having the same basic urges.
    Thanks Elsa.

  11. Elsa … how come you alwats manage to be a breathe of fresh air … especially when so many people are feeling low and seeing more downs in their lives. I believe it’s just that you are more upfront, compassionate and candid in everything you do. I like the way you tackle things. Love it!!!

  12. Well I am NOT fairing that well. I don’t know what it is…Saturn Libra is in my 11th house and I guess I did put up a boundry with one of my so called friends. There certainly were issues there and I am better off not being involved with them. On the other hand, I am still feeling my way in the dark between friendship and partnering boundries with someone. That plane will never take off, but I seem stuck in the cockpit.

  13. I am NOT having a good time with Saturn in Libra. I had to cut relations abruptly with a so-called-friend, who I had some suspicions of being harmful to me behind my back. And I am having friendship/partnering boundry issues with two men in my life – one is in denile that the plane won’t get off the ground and the other – I know the plane won’t get off the ground but I am stuck in the cockpit with no co-pilot. How long will this aspect run and what happens if you don’t learn its lessons?

  14. Good advice – breath of fresh air! And I like your shirt too. It even kinda matches the background ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    I love this, and will probably listen to it again later. I was that person that couldn’t say no in relationships, and it got me into some serious trouble. I finally learned that I need to take care of myself this last year…around the time this was originally posted I was finally getting it.

    Now, Saturn in Libra is transiting my 2nd house…me and myself need to have a talk about money. I ain’t going broke, but I ain’t prospering either, and it’s all due to my choices about money. I guess the important part is that the bills are paid.

  16. This video couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m Libra rising and saturn is conjunct my ascendant right now. This boundary thing has plagued me my entire life and I have recently realized, with the help of my husband (who I married last Decebmer as Saturn slipped into Libra), that most of my problems with work, sibings and friends are due to my not being able to say no. My goal this year is to establish strong boundaries and strong relationships and to remember that I am responsible for whatever situation I find myself in. No more playing the blaming game for me! At 46, I’m finally feeling like a grown-up.

  17. Hi Anna from another Libra rising. Boundaries have also been huge for me, but finally I have begun to learn to count myself into the equation. Saturn is transiting my 12th house, feels like deep cleaning here. what a relief! Glad you are finding as they say, good fences good neighbors make…

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