Can Gemini Woman Win Back Scorpio Man?

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I began dating a Scorpio and he was like a bulldozer in his pursuit! In his very first emails he began calling me girlfriend material, telling me he missed me, and that we were going to fall madly in love! The cooler I acted, the more over-the-top his comments became! We had incredible chemistry; he couldn’t take his eyes off me and enjoyed each other’s company like we were the only two people in the world!

Unfortunately, like the Gemini that I am, I rebelled against his assertions that I WAS going to be HIS…that he WOULD be my lover and that he KNEW I was crazy about him. I basically told him to stop presuming he knew what I felt.

After a couple of days, I apologized for my lashing out but, it was a full week before he even asked me out again. He admitted that he was a big baby, could dish it out but couldn’t take it AND, needed some time to recover. Still, I never got that full-on intensity again.

Not a two weeks later, during a very busy time training his daughter for a competition, he sort of blew off plans we had with a “I haven’t even thought about our plans tonight!” I was furious! The weekend before we had become as intimate as we’d ever been (no sex, however) and I felt dismissed and vulnerable – You know what happened next – instead of expressing my feelings of disappointment, I had ANOTHER knee-jerk reaction and broke it off unceremoniously!

I apologized fully and sincerely AGAIN via email, letting him know the feelings behind the reaction! He said I was certainly full of surprises and accepted my apology.

That was three days ago and I haven’t heard from him since. Now I’m full of regret, miss him terribly and don’t know how to proceed or even if I should! I’ve read about the Scorpio man’s sensitive nature and unwillingness to be vulnerable but also about their loss of respect for someone who grovels!

Is there even a chance in Hades that I can get him back?

Gemini Woman
Puerto Rico

Dear Gemini,

You can probably get him back but only for more of the same hot/cold/hot cold you are getting now. As for the initial intensity, I don’t think you will ever see that again and not necessarily because of something you did.

He sounds likes a player and you sound like the same. He’s hot, so you’re cold, and then he’s cold so you’re hot. What do you really want here because I think you’re getting it.

If you want something different… say, a love that is sincere, then you will have to stop ‘acting” and learn to just be.

Good luck.

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  1. Hi Elsa: Thank you for the advice although I’m trying not to bristle at being called a player ;o)

    I was skeptical of such fast, intense emotion coming from a man I’d only known a couple of weeks. THAT’S why I “acted” cool. I simply didn’t want to get caught up in the moment and fall for an insincere man who would then play me out once he had me. I don’t think this apprehension translates into wanting to play games or not desiring a “love that is sincere.”

    If I had “just been” and not taken a step back, I might be writing you about a broken heart for being so naive!

    However, in an effort to learn from your knowledge and experience, could you be so kind as to lend some insight from an astrological point of view? I’d never dated a Scorpio man…is this hot/cold intensity par for the course?

    Thank you once again.

  2. >>is this hot/cold intensity par for the course?>>

    No, I don’t think so. Devoted Scorpio is devoted. However, Scorpio is not necessarily devoted.

  3. my goodness! sounds like your talking about me and my scorpio guy. I’m going through the exact same thing. I’m sure it’s been awhile since this happened How are you guys doing now?

  4. Hello, Juen:

    I have long since given up on my Scorpio! His ego knew NO boundaries and I realized I cannot respect someone who can dish it out but goes scampering like a big baby when its his turn to take it.

    However, I ended it on my terms. While he responded to my emails, Elsa was right…the intensity of his initial pursuit never returned. the only thing I got were emails bragging about the size of his, well, you know! (I’m glad I never got to see it! He probably expected me to break out in applause!) I simply didn’t answer his last email.

    I wish you the best of luck as I know that not all Scorpios are the same!

  5. it is extremely difficult to have a scorpio boyfriend. At first he is the most attentive lover, his passion intense and then after sometimes he became cold.

    its tormenting believe me.

  6. Hi. I have a scorpio boyfriend and have been with him for a year and 2 months. I am Gemini. Believe me, it has not been easy. He is so passionate and very devoted. He says all the right things, but seems very distant. He is very intense and very secretive and has a very dark side to his nature. Half the time you do not know what they want, although they say they want you. I dont know.I was told by an astrologist. That the best way to understand your scorpio man, is not too try to understand him. Just accept the differences, and be who you really are, without trying to analyse him.

  7. Ladies:

    It is my humble opinion that while some Scorpio men are captivating, hypnotizing and intense – NO woman should have to suffer not knowing where she stands in a relationship with the man she loves. That “dark side/nature” can manifest itself as sadistic and hurtful. Why would ANYONE have to suffer throught the hot/cold treatment? That’s NO way to live your life.

    I, for one, believe that I deserve to be happy and have found a wonderful man with whom I can share my life.

    If there are women out there who don’t mind the ego, deviant nature and head games…more power to them! Same goes for anyone who has found a Scorpio man who ISN’T any of the above!

    God speed to all!

  8. Hi im a scorpio born on Novermber 15. Most of what you said mostly describes my personal trait, being a scorpio…ive myself been also struggling with my own nature as well

  9. s-bnn:

    Perhaps it would help our readers if you extrapolated a bit on your struggle. In your opinion, why are some Scorpions so intense at first then cool off suddenly? Why the need for secrecy and head-games in romantic relationships? And the ego, for Pete’s sake! You might help those who are trying to cope with a Scorpio lover.

  10. I am a gemini woman, and have been in a relationship for 13 years with a scorpio man, and of those 7 years we have been married. He is the most attentive lover,he is the most sensitive man I have ever met…yes, he is a bit jealous. I am a bit flirty as all gemini’s are..but,I go home with him and reassure him that we are together. There is no need to stray here. We laugh, we cry, we talk, we communicate..which is the key to any long lasting relationship…forget the stars, the cusps, the moons, and look at the person in front of you..

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      miss daizeyl

      Thank you. So. Much for your reply I’m a Gemini woman dating a Scorpio and was thinking it wouldn’t work I’ve been looking for someone to say this for months Thank you

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      Reva I'm Gemini in love with my scorpio and we have a baby on the way

      I honestly feel you on that, because I love my scorpio man, it seems to me that he compliments me because we’re opposite at times we think alike, we may bump heads because I’m a but bossy but he has his way of showing me that Hey I’m the man in this relationship and u just love him, our arguments aren’t as fiery, i just need communication which is something he’s always saying please communicate with me and that’s what’s saving us and love, can’t nothing or know one come between us,

  11. Greatings to all sweethearts here

    I’m a scorpio man born on 25 october, i knew many scorpios and i vouch they’re not same at all! every one has his own personality even me i have my own , but we some same things shared like the dark side , i really think that the scorpios are the most difficult ones to gain , but once you do you will live the paradise with him, i bit, the most romantic fantastic anyway a love you may see only in the best tv romantic movies there are many technics to get back a scorpio , well if someone is intrested in or have any question i’m here to help and answer

    1. Iam a Scorpio. I doubt that he will take you back. Once a Scorpio’s feelings is hurt he is pretty much done. They may get into another relationship but will NOT give their 100%.

      Keep in mind he went through some hard times!!

      A Side Note: But with me being a cynic, now. I have to have a plan B. I’m glad she did what she did, because I would’ve stayed with her but it was never the same, to this day the person I miss is not the WOMAN WHO LEFT ME AT THE END OF IT.

    2. Hi I’m Gemini woman it’s my firstime to chat with scorpion man first he is really sweet I was attract with him i don’t know my feeling now is so happy then after 2 weeks I saw is very cold to me didn’t reply
      But I really miss him ?

  12. Hi, Simo: Thank you for your input. I agree that, like you said, “Scorpios are the most difficult ones to gain.” However, gaining such affection shouldn’t be a “my way or the highway” proposition as was with my Scorpio ex.

    Jennifer, and fellow Gemini, many congratulations and best wishes on your successful marriage to a Scorpio man. I would have LOVED to overlook the cusps, stars and moons as you suggested. Unfortunately, his ego eclipsed the universe as a whole so I hard a difficult time seeing him at all! Not to mention, that I don’t play shrinking violet to a man who is THAT insecure.

    Again, my sincere expressions of joy that you’ve found happiness in your union.

  13. I can def. relate, i dated a scorpio man for a year.he persued me like no other and i fell hard.I’m a pisces by the way.He was determined for me to fall in love with him and with a lot of hard work on his part, i did.once he realized my feelings that hot-cold thing came into the pic.needless to say i ended it on new years eve.i miss him and still love him but i will not go crawling back as he predicted, and i know his pride will not allow him to take the step toward me.
    how to get over him i have now figured that out and at times i catch myself saying if he just apologized i would take him back but upon reading some of these comments,1- it wont happen and 2- he wont change he will still be the jerk that he thanks, its time to put my heart at rest and bust my butt on getting over that wonderful, funny, sexy, passionate asshole

  14. Jill:

    Congratulations on your “epiphany!” Even IF he were to apologize and you took him back, he’d simply bide his time and dump you! He’s ego would demand it.

    Case in point, the Scorpio I dated SWORE he was in love. I haven’t seen or heard from him since I ignored his last email. Love isn’t viral. It doesn’t come and go. Its EGO, EGO, EGO! Thank the stars I saw the light!

  15. Hello there..

    Im a scorpio born 27th of october. To understand us scorpios you must understand that when we make decisions, we view it as BLACK or WHITE. There is no such thing for us as grey. We are protectors of our loved ones and we will either love u with every inch in our body or we will hate u with the same amount. The best way to analyze a scorpio is to picture a iron ball with a soft center. Once we fall in love with u we show u our soft center and if the love is returned and then the ball becomes all soft. If u play us or u are insencere, the ball becomes one heavy iron metal.

    Alot of people dont understand that and therefore believe it to be a ego problem. Don’t betray a scorpio and if u forgive our flaws and accept us, u will find the perfect man!

  16. Hi,
    I’ve been dating a scorpio off/on for about a year in a long distance relationship. He runs hot/cold and it’s hard for me to keep up. I’m a cancer, and what’s difficult for me is hearing him “tease” me about my bad traits, yet never compliment me on my good ones. He also never says anything sweet about me, and I’m finding myself feeling very insecure most of the time. Yet when I tease him about himself, he gets offended and when I tell him I’m only joking he acts like oh he knew that. Frustrating man!!

  17. Hi Candice,

    IMHO, Scorpios are for those with a VERY thick skin and who regard their hot/cold personalities as inconsequential. Difficult thing to do when you’re starting a romantic relationship!

    I find it humorous that the Scorpios I’ve known expect others to put up with their flaws, while they tease you about your own. However, turn and point out theirs and see how quickly they DO turn into a “steel ball!”

    Again, this is only MY opinion but as far as I’m concerned, they MUST be in control of every situation – including relationships – and they revel is keeping others off balance. Heaven forbid you take the reigns, win an argument or give back as good as you can take…that’s when the ego is wounded and their stingers are unleashed.

    It can come as no surprise that the “scorpio” is their symbol. I’ve friends that are Scorpios and since my heart isn’t at stake, I can be pretty lackadaisical. But, I would never again consider one as a romantic partner! Especially not for a sensitive Cancer!

    1. I’ve known a couple of Jupiter in Scorpio men who are like this, TIMES TEN. Classic control freaks and bullshitters. (I’m not downing Scorpios here, just guys who embrace the dark side of their Scorpio and use it to transform themselves into “master manipulators”.)

  18. I’m a Scorpio male November 14th. And here’s the best piece of advice I can give any woman looking for me or one of my fellows. Come from the heart, don’t be afraid! My heart can be melted instantly by a sincere woman. I know it’s challenging and everyone wants to be a rock star in their relationship, but we notice these attempts and become cautious. Lol as for getting that old spark back… Sigh I’m sorry babe… I have actualy seeked perfessional help to try to find the love I lost in a very special woman in my life. Not kidding I hated my nature for years. It’s really a tidal wave of emotion and timing, and when that dreamy state is interupted we are left facing reality.

  19. Hey everyone

    Im a gemini girl and I’m involved with two Scorpios at the moment. the one is my extremely good friend and the other is a guy i just recently met (who Im very interested in)

    Firstly with the friend, He really likes me and wants to be with me but I dont like him for various reasons, including the fact that i dont find him attractive at all! But he is very loyal and possessive and extremely emotional. Sometimes texts me too much even though we’ve spoken about being JUST FRIENDS. it really annoys me.

    Now with this other guy. I met him at a fancy event and found him on face book so i added him, he started speaking to me, asked for my number, he invited me to his house and we got quite intense (im really not the whore type) we didnt sleep together but it was quite sexual. He asked me what I’m looking for and I said I want a relationship from next year (which is in 3 months time) i asked him what he’s looking for and he said whatever happens is what he’ll work with…he’s had quite a rough up bringing (parents got divorced cause his dad cheated on his mom) and he said that in the past he did treat girls like shit cause he used to get hurt alot. I can tell he is a deep guy and we did connect. But he only texted me once since that night and nothing more 🙁


  20. Whatever you do, DO NOT CHASE HIM! They like to pursue. As for the “ball” analogy, that gives some insight however, I’ve found that even if some Scorpio men are not betrayed, they just play the hot/cold thing until they have you under their spell then “poof!” They’re gone! And what if you call them on their game? Or mention any flaw in character or call their bluff? Same thing! Again, I preface this by saying “some” Scorpio men, I’m sure not all. From my experience, their egos are huge, a potential love-match can be a game of chasing then disappearing and heaven forbid you’re a strong woman with an independent streak who won’t put up with their behavior – they can’t hack it!

    Matter of fact, I was recently married and just last night saw my ex-scorpio walking around the concert hall where my husband and I were attending a show. We made eye contact and I assumed he’d at least say hello (we didn’t end on bad terms) but oh, no….he puffed out his chest and kept on walking past us! I had to laugh out loud it was SO clownish and immature!

    Gemini girls, not sure these men are for us!

  21. ok im a gemini-cancer cusp, been dating a scorpio man for three and a half years now,he is a hot and cold kinda person, but he also has alot on his plate with his job and dealing with his ex wife!!
    I thank the reason these men get hot and cold so fast is because of whats going on in there life’s as said before they are deadcated to there loved ones well probly more then you may think, once they get something on there mind they can go days in a mind whoreping fog and shut out every one around them, well as a gemini cancer cusp we do the same thing, so im thanking if your not on a cusp and are not open minded (gray area kinda thanking) your not going to do well with these kinda men, i know they see black and white, but a person who can see gray helps cause she can see both sides to his line of thanking and what not.
    We have had our fights but nothgin so bad we broke up over, its called a thick skin and not giving up on what you truely belive in, i personly thank we are soul mates as we complament one another in some ways or another, every relationship is diffrent just as every human being is diffrent in there own ways. but if you can tame this man he is well worth keeping, and one last thing i am a very independent woman and have had no trouble with my man trying to rule the nest, how ever the ego thing is very true, only it’s his own ego he is always puffing up more then anything, as well he makes me smile almost every day, he is the jokster and trys to make light of little life happings:)

  22. Im a scorpio november 14th an im in a relationship with a gemini cancer cusp i would never break it off with him unless he wanted to end it but then i would be extremely upset. i can go cold if i dont think im gettin the right amount of attention or love back or i feel i maybe giving to much an not gettin it back. He does seem to tell me really sweet things one minute tho an then go offish which i find hard im tryin to understand his ways cause i no every sign is different i just hope he will be loyal an that he really likes me ? any geminis here that are the same as him an can give some insight ?

  23. Ok, I’m a gemini/cancer woman, and I’ve been dating a scorpio man for over a yr. We met 4 yrs ago, got in really good and then we let mutal friends tear us apart for about 2 yrs until last yr.
    At 1st he was the most closed up, secretive, thick skinned man I’ve ever met, but something about him kept me interested. I’ve had all the same feelings that all of u ladies have mentioned. This man has helped me through the hardest of times in my life. Once I showed him that I was a woman that he could trust with his secrets and I showed him just how much I cared about him and his well-being, he was able to open up 2 me and show me the same. They just wanna trust you, and feel secure with you. Its difficult and feels like damn near forever, but being patient (which is hard for me as a gemini 2 do) and open with him will bring you the most loyal, loving, protective, beautiful man that any women would be jealous of. I couldn’t possibly see my life without him at this moment. =)

  24. Hi Everyone I’m a Gemini Woman May 29 I’m Talking too a Scorpio man in we are getting Quite serious He told me the other day that he’s in LOVE WITH ME I dnt kno wat to do I Never been in Luv before I told him this! Nd I also asked him to teach me the way to luv him back the way he wants me! BUT IM SO SCARED OF GETTING HURT! In To top it off I’m Still a Virgin So Yeah I’m Really Freaking out! Is he really in love with?

    We known each other for years even went out as kids! SCORPIO ‘S MALES HELP ME OUT NDD GEMININ WOMEN PLEASE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE NEEDED!!!!!!!
    Also The Ego stuff is so true ”

    1. Stay away from him they pursue you with great intensity and once they get you in bed they cool things off. You will be lucky to get daily phone calls and they will not text you as much as they used to. Gemini woman who dated s scorpio man for 2 months and couldn’t take it so I dumped him and he still calls and text trying to get me back… Run

  25. hmm, my story similar as Ashley’s , i was born 29th may gemini, and i love scorpio guy, so many things so true about them as i read in horoscopes. But after reading this all , i felt little scared about this sign. Through , my life i know 2 scorpion guys. One of them really falls into the criteria which is described above, and the next one which i love at the moment is so different. The most of the times he has mentioned me that , as if i was his twin, like we similar to each other. But , i don’t have really comments further, as we know each other since one month. And i can say he is really devoted, jealous,intelligent, powerful. In my idea about them, i think it is really hard them make fall in love with somebody, they are serious by nature, it could be also possible that they hardly can enter any serious relationships or stay settled. Sometimes, it is really hard to know what is there on their mind, they are secretive indeed. Well, i am really gonna look forward what is for us in the future.:)

  26. Hi everyone, Im a Gemini woman born June 6… I’ve been dating a Scorpio man for 3 years we’ve been living together for 2 yrs we are currently going through a break up …. When our relationship first started he was very attentive and loving all of that started to fade and he was all ego , he never believed anything he did was wrong… He constantly omitted things from me like who he would go out with or where he would be he would meet up with his ex’s who he has stayed friends with ( all of his ex’s) and when I would find out the truth and confront him he would say ” I’ve never cheated on you” which I believe now but his actions always condridicted his word, he drove me nuts with this behavior and i became the jealous suspicious girlfriend and we argued constantly for 3 month and drove eachother crazy…now that we have decided to spilt he is already talking to other women (even though i have not moved out) yet he tells me he wants to stay friends and take care of anything I need. He told me that he wants to see other people and not to take it personal because it’s an itch he still has and that he thinks he might miss me and realize I am the one and want to get back together but he has to scratch that itch…. He’s constantly telling me what a great person I am and How he Will always be there for me …… I really don’t know what to do at this point…. I’m defintly moving out but I love him so much it’s killing me… I want to work it out but What should I expect? What do I do? I want to win him back….. Plz help

  27. Anybody in here a Gemini-cancer cusp woman with a libra/Scorpio cusp man lol I need help! As a Gemini- cancer I know I can be moody,bossy, too loving, free spirited, flirty, spontaneous, Insecure, stand off ish, inconsistent at times but when it comes to my babe all I want is the best for him. I a huge sweet heart IV always been and he knew how I was emotionally when we first started to talk because my last fling was a Scorpio/sagittarius which was my best friend for two years before we decided to date then th

  28. Hi im very curious if i can still get back with my scorpio man, im gemini and we just foughy one day and he ddnt contact me anymore and i found out he’s with a girl already. We didnt even have a proper break up he just did that after the fight. I dont know what to do im deeply hurting. Im
    Very curious if i can still get back with him.Thank u and more power!

  29. hi im a Gemini female born 21st may, i have been seeing an older Scorpio man and i find myself in a predicament, apparently after reading these posts not an unusual one. at first our interaction was amazing, he would tell me beautiful things every day, our conversation was lengthy and profound, i would trust him and share my thoughts with him and vice versa. In few weeks he told me he was in love with me and soon after i reciprocated and it was great for a short time afterwards but then things began to change and he became cold and distant, which began to cause me pain. Now our interaction is mostly just physical because i find it difficult to trust him now after he misled me in such a profound way so now i have difficulty sharing my emotions with him. Any ideas on how could i find out what is going on in his mind,any insights from Scorpio males? i have now too distanced myself because i would never push or insist, is this the right way to act? he still has affection for me, he talks to me every day its just that our interaction is now shallow and we seem to be completely misaligned. When i inquired and asked for honesty i only got excuses but i can see now from your posts that this secrecy is normal for them. Please advice me, i really don’t want to walk away but if things don’t change i will have to as it is now causing me a lot of emotional pain. Thanks x

  30. Hi am a Gemini female and my scorpio be jst recently broke tinz off with me…telling me he loves another but wen we met he told me he loved me and can’t imagine life without me. Pls help me, I want 2 knw if it’s possible for a scorpio 2 lie abt loving still madly in luv wit him but he hurt me soon bad with his words but he has bin telling me how sori he is n how he wants me 2 4giv him. But I love him and went him can I get him bak?

  31. I’m may 27th gemini and I was seeing a scorpio nov 4th. When I meet him he didn’t tell me the truth right away about having a girlfriend in which weeks later I found out. He began pursing me hard because he believed that he cAn make me happy still while still being with his girlfriend even though he was with me more then he as with her. I trusted his word. In which he mAde it happen but only when things got heated or when he knew I was pissed off. Well me being a gemini I became extremely bored recently with sex & being second even though daily he reminded me that I was his number 1. But still he treated me like crap from time to time, but I gave him chance after chance to respect me or I’ll be gone in which he recently started shaping up his act but still hot & cold. Yesterday we go into a argument because I wouldn’t tell him who I was on the phone with. In which he doesn’t pay my phone bill I do and it’s none of his business. He became very aggressive, jealous & told me it’s over since I won’t tell him. He asked me to bring him his stuff at my house in which I did mins later. When I arrived he wanted to talk but I didn’t want to hear nothing. He began to say oh I was joking I didn’t want to end things mean while I took his joke serious and wasn’t playing his game.. He began to try to kiss me to make things better but I wasn’t having it this time..I refuse to put up with his crap any longer and begin the other woman so I told him it’s over for real this time and he reminded me that I’ll be back & I sign a contract with him and the only way out is death. I told him f-you and go play games with your girlfriend & I drove off. I will not contact him! No way! I love him and always will but he needs to get it together because I’m moving on.. Mind you, this isn’t the first time he broke up with to then try to get back with me.

  32. Well I need help!! I dated a Scorpio for 10 months. But I broke up with him because I found out he was cheating. I never asked him. But then he started calling and texting me like a week ago. And then he stops for a day and then texts agian. The reason I said he was cheating was I found his facebook account(which he said he didn’t use anymore.) and I saw him post and uploading pictures of his “girlfriend.” Saying how he loves her. And when he called me he ask me why I broke up with him. When he called I told him what I saw, he startrd laughing. He said it was a friend who just want to make her ex mad. So then we start talking like normal and then he stops. And post new things about this other girl calling her his princess. And then he texts me back again. I just don’t know what he wants. One days he says he miss me and the other day he treats me like crap.

  33. Avatar

    That is just bullshit. Just saying so basically lol scorpio men are men but deep down an emotional woman wow! I do not put up with that kind of crap and I adivice all women the same thing as well. I’m número uno and If I’m not your first priority I’ll kiss you goodbye! Also that hot and cold stuff wtf is that? Am I dating a man or a kid? Cause only a kid will throw a tantrum. Just no felicias no. Like I don’t know how do you guys put up with that honestly. I don’t care what sign you are or if you are the next Greek God. Gemini Sun/ Aries Moon/ Capricorn Rising gal!

  34. Am a Gemini(may 29) I have been dating a Scorpio man for 3yrs now. In the beginning he was loving, told me about his ex that broke up with him and how miserable that left him. Suddenly he changed and stop inviting me to his house even when I want to, giving excuses that he traveled. So, on New Year Eve I went to his house unannounced and I met a lady there, she has her stuff in there(shoes and clothes) I asked him what was going on, he said nothing that he is just respecting ND protecting my feelings by lying to me, said I shouldn’t let it bother me cause every is fine. The lady later excused us(she lives Around) and he begin telling not to cry, kissing me and even try to have sex with me. Am confuse

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