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ringsAwhile back I posted this: You’re Divorced And Getting Remarried… What About Your Old Wedding Ring? to ask people what they did with there old wedding ring. 33 people responded, many to say they threw their rings away (typically into a body of water) and I have to say I didn’t believe you.

Not a “you” in specific but just in general the idea that at all these women toss their rings into the ocean (Neptune) stuck me as improbable. It’s nice, it’s a romantic but I just don’t believe it given the way people fight like dogs during divorce. They are going to clean the guy’s clock yet toss the valuable ring into the lake? Yeah, right.

So anyway, my sisters marry quite a bit. They marry like crazy and one of them has a ritual regarding the ring from her prior marriage (which is what prompted the question in the first place). She has the new man take charge of getting rid of the old ring… basically she sends him to the pawn shop with it and she has suggested I do same.

Now I only have one ex-wedding ring and admit to feeling very burdened by it. I wish I didn’t have it but would not throw it away. I would also not step foot in a pawn shop as I have stories about them and cannot see trying to sell the thing on ebay or any other way. Basically I just don’t want to deal with it so I asked the soldier what he thought about it. “Might you pawn this for me?”

Well he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Absolutely not! He has his reasons as well, stuff around bad energy and the fact it is none of his business and these things I respect.

So now I have this ring and I would like to be rid of it but how? Besides my dislike of pawn shops and the people who run them, I just can’t understand anyone wanting a used ring / ring from a failed relationship. Would you start your married life with another person’s messed up ring? I just want no part of it… of any of this but I do want rid of that ring. I just don’t want to hold on to it is all because it bothers me.

I have thought about sending it back the man who gave it to me but that’s not right. He’s remarried and has no need of me popping out of my grave. But here’s my question…

What do you think of pawn shops? Have you ever bought or sold anything at one? Would you marry with a ring of dubious history?

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  1. My 1st husband and I divorced in 1985. After I remarried and had my son I sold my rings for $50.00 to a young busboy where I worked. His wife was a very nice and my sons babysitter. She didn’t have a diamond ring so I basically gave the rings away. I’m sure she’s still wearing them. It was a nice set.

  2. I rarely see pawn shops. I went into a few in DC last year and thought they were really weird. I don’t know who buys a wedding ring at a pawn shop.

    I think you should bury the ring. Maybe plant something over it. It’s a part of your past, so might as well dispose of it gracefully.

  3. or melt it down. sell it for the metal. let it be recycled into something new. i’ve seen some very creative things done that way.

    pawn shop guitars are one thing. i wouldn’t touch the jewelry. the energy in it :/

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    My parents divorced. I have their rings as a set. It’s a reminder to me that it takes more than love but that also they both loved me. I see them more as “family” rings now.

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    I should also say that I don’t think that the energy of the previous relationship or owner really carries on unless the item in question was passed through family with some level of the bad story attached.

    If the item is gifted or sold to someone else farther out then the act of the gift or sale is a cleaning of the energy.

  6. My suggestions is to avoid the pawn shops for two reasons, 1, creepy vibes, 2, pawn shops are not really place to sell things, they are loan sharks.

    Taking an unwanted jewelry item to a reputable jeweler or precious metals dealer will be a lot less greasy and in my experience, better money.

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    Blessed Place

    My great aunt, who married my grandfather after granny died (family scandal!), had died the year before I married. My mother gave me their platinum wedding ring and we used that. I was quite happy wearing it all through my marriage – they’d been very much in love and very happy, and I was very close to them.

    I still have the ring – it’s a family heirloom, and only secondarily my wedding ring! I don’t wear it though – my fingers are much fatter now than they were in the 80s

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