Leap Year And Pisces

pink cake!Every person born on that extra day in leap year is a Pisces. How’s that for the ultimate Pisces phenomenon? Your birthday disappears for years at a time, kind of like Brigadoon. Also, were it not for February 29 Pisces’ sacrifice, over time everyone’s solar return would not be even remotely near their birthday. How’s that for Neptunian?

8 thoughts on “Leap Year And Pisces”

  1. I never thought about it before either. But, what I’m thinking now is that I’d like to do a big ol face-plant in that cake! OMG, that icing looks wonderous! <3

  2. Many Pisceans don’t look their age. I wonder if it is because the February 29 ones only have a birthday every four years 🙂

  3. That is a really cool way to look at it, Satori. 🙂

    (and I second Josi’s comment about that cake… mmm, cake! The icing on it looks really difficult to do.)

  4. On that same topic of Leap years, I hear some talk of how accurate or inaccurate a Pluto return date/time is based on changing degrees with Pluto in a return. I’m thinking of precession, the 1 degree every 72 years and the return of Pluto. If there is an extra day in February every 4 years, does that change the calendar days somewhat, or rather rectify calculations when taking into consideration the precessions, and figuring out the real date e.g. of Pluto return for the USA?

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