A Fish Tale – Two Pisces With Cheating Husbands: End Game- Part 3

The Pisces liked the story and her cancer treatment was successful. She went into remission. Meanwhile, the second gal and I started to build a relationship.

I actually had no intention of becoming friends with her in the beginning. I was the astrologer for chrissakes! I was the hook up between the two women and to be honest I don’t even know how it happened. Pisces. They sneak right up on you. You think they’re going when they’re coming.

The best of my recollection, I just woke up a year or two later with new friend who by then, was already becoming an old friend and all unbeknownst to me.

The first gal went in for her cancer check a year later and you guessed it. The cancer was back with a vengeance. She died some months later at home in bed in her husband’s arms. That was 2004.

And the other gal? Well, she’s become a great friend. And we never discuss how we met but we did when I started writing this and it turns out we had a similar experience.

We were both were made to face the question, ‘Why her? Why not me?” I was connected via the fact we both had young children and the other gal because the charts were so similar.

The gal who died suffered similarly, having to ask “Why me? Why not them?” And the three of us were strung up like that left to find our own answers. And then she passed.

She visits me sometimes. I can feel her come around a few times a year. And it’s unusual because there’s only one other dead person that ever visits like that.

And for some reason, I always record it. I write about it, I mean. And I never finished her story which should actually be a book, huh? As long as it is! I wonder if I ever will. I hope so but I don’t know. I think I broke something writing that thing.

This is my Fish Tale. I hope you liked it.

Update in 2009… the Pisces in this story that did not die, is satori of course. This is how we met. We talk about, Mary, sometimes. Not much, but sometimes…

Mary knew I liked Taj Mahal and sent me this cd, Hanapepe Dream.
“Great Big Boat” was my favorite song on it. It reeks of her and I hope you like it too.


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12 thoughts on “A Fish Tale – Two Pisces With Cheating Husbands: End Game- Part 3”

  1. This story was so overwhelming. Elsa, your writing is so real, that is what is so amazing about it. It’s as real as writing can get. All I can do is exhale.

  2. Wow!! This story is sooo touching. I often wonder why me or why not me. I knew a gal that was the same sun sign as me but younger and she and I had a daughter the same age, at the time they were 3yrs old. Years earlier when she and her boyfriend broke up ,he and I hooked up briefly. They got back together and had their daughter. Needless to say she didn’t care for me very much. The hard part for me was when I heard she had a rare cancer, it was in her neck and a year later she passed. I took it very hard and I felt the lose for her daughter and felt that they could’ve been me.

    It is strange how life works.

  3. “Hmmm…. I wonder what ever happened to the serial husband screwer????”

    Well I was going to mention her in another blog… but it might be better if satori fills you in.

  4. Beautiful.
    Reading this reminded me that I had a dream last night that I had cancer. Don’t remember much now. I’m a fishy too.
    Thanks for sharing all that you do, Elsa.

  5. I just pulled up this story. Sure enough, it is 98 pages long, 62,300 words. Created Feb 14, 2002. That was interesting, I’d forgotten.

    I can’t believe I wrote the thing.. or lived it for that matter.

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