A Tale of Two Capricorns: Part Trois

In the first part of this story, I’m talking about my friend Nanda.

The whole thing about having the proper glass is one of the things I LOVE about her. She is particular. She has refined tastes. She is a professional artist and wants everything to be just so. She has standards. She is the type of person that you can laugh with and say “Girl, you’re such a Capricorn.” And she smiles smugly because she knows what that means.

But in that moment, that moment with the drunken merrymaker, I saw a reflection of myself from another time and I realized how I had misinterpreted another Capricorn. (See part 2.)

This other Capricorn, The Hostess, I felt honor bound to dislike her. She was my boyfriend’s college roommate’s girlfriend, now wife. Before I ever even met her, I had been given a run down of her every sin. My boyfriend’s roommate had moved her into their apartment (i.e. she wasn’t paying rent) and this somewhat irked my boyfriend. Over a head-butt filled year, this overwhelmingly irked my boyfriend and he moved out. We both had Scorpio in our charts and understood the art of holding a grudge. My attitude: “If you say she’s a controlling bitch then Darling, I don’t like her either.”

So, I go into this party with a prefabricated chip on my shoulder. I sit down and am doted on by someone I’ve only just met and I’m a total pill about it. I feel kinda bad now.

So we’ve got two people exhibiting similar behavior, similar motivations. One I love to pieces, the other I wished would fall in a hole. Both Capricorns.

I guess the lesson here could be consider this before you say you love or hate an entire sign.

Have you ever loved someone, but hated (or at least strongly disliked) someone else for the same thing?

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Capricorns: Part Trois”

  1. Nota, I really enjoy your storytelling. Thank you!

    Was having a similar conversation with my daughter last night, about taking other people’s word for who somebody is vs. deciding for herself. In this instance, she opted on deciding for herself, but came to the same conclusion eventually.

    Will have to think more on the love/hate for the same thing. I would be surprised if I didn’t have it, but will take some dusting out for me to register it.

  2. Yes my 2 bffs are both very assertive, something I very much admire and love about them.Intelligent ,independant and commands respect..One is cap asc,aqua sun and virgo moon.The other is can asc ,leo sun, aries moon. …however at my privious job I had two collegous who gave the same impression, but I strongly disliked them both. One cap one aquarious. Very complicated communication between us. I dreaded the days where we had shifts together. The aqua would follow and critique my every move.

  3. yea..

    hated an ex bf for being a big emotional mess…

    love my recent bf for being a big emotional mess…

    ~and the karma in between.

  4. Yes–people who offer hugs. Some people I live for their hugs. Other people I’ve had to say (incorrectly) ‘I’m not very touchy feely.’

    I’m like a touchy feel, detached, stubborn unpredictable person. Thank gawd someone loves me because I KNOW I drive some people batty!

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