Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon: Fixed Determination

taurus scorpioThe soldier tonight, he was saying good night, “I love you deeply, P,”

“Deeply?” I said in my dingbat way.

“Yes, I love you deeply and I am going to marry you even if it takes 100 years.”

“100 years!”

“Yep. Even if we have an annual try-to-get-married and an annual P-chickening-out.”

Not liking being called a chicken, I just said good night. He’s getting closer to the offer I can’t refuse here by the way. Any of you know what that is?

My sister could tell ya. 😉

30 thoughts on “Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon: Fixed Determination”

  1. He’s going to badger you in public, at every opportunity, until you do it. Calling you a big fraidy cat until you have to prove you’re not.

  2. Nope… my bravery is not the key! I am brave but don’t have to prove it because I am a woman… and I will take every advantage of that by the way. Nope, that’s not going to be move me an inch but I bet he DOES figure it out eventually in which case I will be f**ked.

    In fact, he’s probably got that antenna searchin’ the airwaves as we speak.

  3. Something with clothes? Hmmm..psychic related.

    Wait! His Scorpio moon!! You said your sister hates them right?? Any kind of Scorp. And you can’t help yourself with Scorps! You keep getting reeled in.

    So he’s just going to wear you down with Plutonic intensity, and so when you know you will never ever escape you will have to give in. 100 years!

    Even if that’s not it, maybe he’ll read this and try it anyway.

    Elsa, walk towards the light!! MWAH!!!!!

  4. Pixie, that’s funny. I do have an Achilles Heel though – a real one, and if he hits it, I’ll go into auto-pilot and that’s be all she wrote. He’s just started with this stuff and I know he knows he’s gettin’ warmer.

    He told me 3 years ago he wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be married but he was sure if I was going to marry anyone it would be him and he’s probably right.

    So he’s trying to marry me, just exactly as he said he would and I am trying to marry him just exactly as I said I would, it;s just that one of us is a lot better at this…

    But we’re going to be together the rest of our live regardless.

  5. Well, we want to be married so we’re going to make the attempt.

    Apparently and according to him this is going to be an annual event. In whatever case we’ll be happy. 🙂

  6. omie – nope. 🙂

    I am not trying to be a jerk, I just think this is funny. I do have a trip wire, see? I would not have realized it myself had my sister not pointed it out years ago. It’s like having a place on your neck – a man kisses you there, yer goin’ down….

  7. Avatar
    PixieDust (playing dirty pool)

    But it IS true that Dora should be a part of it. You guys love that dog. The soldier saved her! She’s been nurtured in your family. You might want to think about it. She would be such a benevolent presence. Maybe it’s her destiny to be the catalyst in this!

    (big, sad eyes)

  8. Well we are not going to get married until he has a week off and I am not supposed to think about it until then… he is going to think about it because he knows he’s better if he is to get the mission accomplished.

  9. Ok, I just really like the soldier. He’s my kind of man.

    Course, he’s actually yours. As if I had a chance anyway. LOL

  10. does the offer you can’t refuse involve running away somewhere and getting married in secret? (possibly by an elvis?)

  11. lolar and notatirem – you guys crack me up. Those are both very respectable guesses but no.

    Ah crap, I just know I am going to be busted… but by who?

  12. As soon as he says he will love you forever and ever and ever no matter what , and that he will just wait and get married on the day YOU say so– right away, with just one phone call he will drive home from Colorado or where he is on the road and DO it that day– , But that for now, the wedding is off,definitely off, –THEN you’ll want to get really married????????

    Or–how about–let’s get married but we can wait till one of us is on our deathbed then we can call a preacher in and do it THEN??

    Oh Elsa, DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  13. Has to have it both ways? He will say he loves you VERY DEEPLY and it is PERFECTLY FINE WITH HM FOREVER I IF YOU NEVER EVER EVER GET MARRIED he will love you deeply and stay with you forever no matter what. ??

  14. Ah good.

    people who love each other and make each other happy should get married and live happily ever after.

    At least that is my super conventional virgo stellium way of viewing the world with a little pisces moon fairy tale for good measure.

  15. Goddess–I so relate to your post about the male/female. ANd I’m with you: SOLDIER’s got her number!!

    All to the good.

    Elsa, soldier loves you and Vid and Dora and Clluck and your whole family (is Mosta still with us ??)I am sorry to ask..not sure what happened there.. or, ignore me if this is a rude question) ) but SOLDIER obviously is your soul mate.. and loves ALL OF YOU..

    however you two keep it together, it will be good..

    and neck kisses work for me too ………..

  16. One of my favorite musicians, Nerina pallot has the sun scorpio/taurus moon combination.. and she seems like the literal manifestation of a siren, or a muse. She is so soulful.. i guess that’s something a scorpio moon is known for. All or nothing

  17. Could it be you want to get married at a wedding that nobody knows is a wedding? For example, a Halloween Party where your costume possibility is “A Bride”- Surprise!! 🙂

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