A Man and His Mars – Part Three

Mars vintage fabric patchI heard once that people showed you their stuff within the first five minutes. The claim was if you paid attention, you could determine the entire course of an interaction in the first few moments of meeting someone.

I had tested this theory many years prior and found it quite valid. So after various trial and error, in the end I put it all together. I realized I could name a man’s Mars sign based on the first one of two things he said to me.

So what does Mars say?

First thing out of a man when they’re after you:

“I have a big important job with status.” – Mars in Capricorn (I can provide security.)

“I travel all the time, know the best places to go, have a lot of fun…”- Mars in Sagittarius. (I can provide adventure.)

“You look like you need…” Mars in Cancer (I can meet your needs.)

“Nice gold jacket…” Mars in Leo (I am a King, you are a Queen. We would look really good together.)

Etc. through the signs…

No kidding. It was this simple.

See, if a man is hunting, he’s going to use his Mars. Not only that, Mars is Aries ruled. Aries is the first sign, the fast sign, so guess what shows up first?

::smiles smugly::

6 thoughts on “A Man and His Mars – Part Three”

  1. My boyfriend’s Virgo Mars is exactly conjunct my 7H Virgo Venus. It’s a lovely pairing. He wants to help (Mars) me with mundane chores (Virgo) around my home. I’m attracted to this type of service as I have a natal 4H Gemini Mars. I love (Venus) a do-it-yourself kind of guy!

  2. Briljant great article thank you tho I don’t find sun signs that hard either it’s obvious in how people move and such a lot of times but then as an artist I suppose I am rather visual

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