A Man and His Mars – Part Two

It’s amusing to me, I learned to guess a man’s Mars sign while out looking for sperm. I have already copped to having done this and so no one should be shocked. This was a dozen years ago.

I had met a Capricorn who told me that I was “nothing but a mother looking for kids”. I decided he was correct, so I went out to hunt a mate. Mars, being the male principal, is obviously is related to sperm and so you can see how this is notable. Marsy stuff, everywhere you look.

I kept trying to guess the Sun sign and failing… and trying and failing… and one day I noticed I could often (too often) guess the Mars sign. I was in a bar, see. I was going to the bar night after night, drinking my OJ and soda and guessing this stuff.

So understanding astrology the way I did, I decided I may be guessing the Mars sign of the men who approached me because they were in fact – on the prowl. They were trying to pick me up and Mars in a chart shows how you get what you want. Cool! I had a thesis, so I started experimenting.

I had already noted I could put on specific pieces of clothing and attract various Sun signs by the way, so I guess this could be considered advanced research – heh.

For example, I used to have this gold jacket. I loved it, but I had to quit wearing because it only appealed to gay men and Gemini’s… which was not the sperm I was looking for!

Anyway, I thought I was so smart to figure out this Mars thing. I was really thrilled at the time and apparently I still get a zing out of telling this story.

Tomorrow I will reveal my findings.
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  1. I was reading a book on colours long ago, and the book wasn’t astrology related at all. it was about auras and what stimulates us. Yellow was the colour of intelligence. How interesting that wearing gold attracts Gemini, the sign of intelligence/mercury, so that made a connection to me, from what I remember.
    but I thought leo is yellow for sun, but there are leos with Gemini venus.

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