Saturn In Pisces: Misdiagnosis & Children

fog machineWhenever Saturn mashes with Neptune, the potential for confusion exists and in most cases it manifests. It’s very easy to be misdiagnosed with Saturn in Pisces. You can also misdiagnose yourself.

Now if this transit is hitting you personally, you’re likely to come up with, “I suck”, as a diagnosis and be so very, very wrong.

To illustrate, I’m working with a mother in her thirties who has convinced herself she is not fit for children. She’s a Pisces with her moon in Capricorn.  See the Saturn Neptune?  She basically thinks she is destroying her child and should not have another one since she’s horrible and has no idea why or how to fix it.  Now let me tell you what is really going on.

Her son is heading into his first Saturn square.  This is the the point in his life where he will run into his first lessons around maturing and boundaries and such. He has Neptune in Pisces with Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn Neptune again, see?

So the boy, a Scorpio, with mega Libra and various other things, including, Aries is going to school.  He’s running into bullies… other boys who are more aggressive than  he is. This kid prefers to get along with people as a default.  I’m sure he’s been taught to be nice. You see the set up here? It’s classic!

So what happens? The teachers say he is not standing up for himself. The parents blame themselves and each other.  Umm….

I asked this gal what this five-year-old was supposed to do.  Pull a knife?  Does he have permission to fight back? Has anyone taught him how to fight back and when it may be appropriate to do so?

I think you can see the freakish fog here. This mother actually thinks her heart is defective; her husband is about to agree!  She winds up trying to fix her broken soul, which is entirely intact so she’s wasting (Pisces) her time (Saturn) with this.  The boy continues to go to school and be nice, raging once he gets home for a reason he can’t possibly comprehend.

Scenarios like this will be freakishly common with Saturn in Pisces. Please, if you are suffering with this kind of thing – call me. As you can see from this example, it’s very easy to trip in the fog but it’s also very easy to clear it up!

That’s my Pisces client in the picture there (joke).  She’s happily spraying herself with, “I’m lousy”.  Let’s not do this!

Get a real read on your situation, then take the necessary steps to sort it and you will be fine!

13 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces: Misdiagnosis & Children”

  1. My work tells me I suck 24-7. They are literally keeping lists of every tiny mistake, writing me up for them, and sending them to HR. (Why they haven’t fired me yet, I have no idea.) So frankly, my self-diagnosis of “I suck” is absolutely accurate because others are constantly telling me so. I’m not good enough for these people and I can’t live up to what they expect of me and I keep finding similar-but-new ways to fail daily. I have a long line of people telling me how awful I am, actually. It’s not misdiagnosis :/

    I do seriously wonder about how I tried to get medically evaluated by my HMO and they said I was “subclinical” and could not be diagnosed with anything because nothing I have is all that bad. That seems…bad…but also it’s not like I can get them to do better, they’re notorious for not wanting to cover mental health issues or do anything about them. And it’s not like I’m so incapacitated I can’t get out of bed and I’m not actively suicidal, which is probably all they were looking for.

    1. Avatar

      Jennifer, I’ve been in a situation like that before in a job. I stayed entirely too long-five years! Thing is, I did my work well but they always found some issue. I was written up, put on a PIP, etc. The only legitimate thing they had was I did have a problem with tardiness. It was usually no more than five minutes but still tardy. They never did fire me, I ended up leaving for another company. I would start looking for another job somewhere else, especially if you have done all you can do to improve. You are not worthless. You deserve to be where you’re valued. Sometimes companies have quotas where only a certain percentage of their employees can be given higher ratings, and the others have to be rated lower. Sad but it happens.

      1. I’ve been job hunting off and on for ten years. NOBODY will hire me, because all jobs are service jobs and I’m terrible at it. The last job I got an interview for, they said, “We WILL call your supervisor” (very easy to for them to find out) and I would have been doomed right now. I wouldn’t hire me either, I don’t deserve it. I just can’t successfully work any more, I’m such a failure at interacting with humans.

        1. (((((Jennifer))))) I’m sorry you feel this way. I hope you’re mistaken! I have always liked you a lot and it’s been what? At least 15 years, maybe 20? I really hope you get some good news. A reversal of fortune!

          1. I’m not mistaken. I probably have something like 100-150 infractions on my record since I became a service worker, I’ve lost track of my ugly writeups. I’ve been in a very bad way workwise for ten years. There really hasn’t been any hope or viable way to escape. The occasional interview has not panned out. Things have changed, I have limited job skills as an admin who can’t do math/money jobs, and I can’t be “front counter” and “phone” of service. I have given up. There is no hope, prayers do not get answered, nothing’s going to change.

            And it’s been 19 years since I last had a boyfriend or anyone wanted me that wasn’t highly inappropriate. Like 70+ years old or married.

            I know I’m a Taurus and all, but you’d think change would happen for the better sometime, or an opportunity would come up, or something. Uranus is in Taurus, for fuck’s sake. But it has not. I’m stuck here and all I can do is keep swimming. I am out of reasonable options to leave.

            1. i’ve been dealing with heavy stuff al of my 63 years and am only now getting somewhere healing wise.
              i’ve done therapy, i’ve worked through things by myself during the last 5+ years, very suicidal ectr, very alone.
              last year i reconnected with ACIM which i gave up on inn 92, through michael mirdad. i’ve now watched pretty much all of 500 or so videos on tube, and partake of the sunday service every week, and have had a
              mazing breakthroughs. after a terrible , terribly painful , and itchy , eczema outbreak on my face/eyes, leaving me almost blind at time, and feeling that it’s NOT sticking, all going to hell, i finally started doing the heart and soul healing from his book, though the basics are free on his webside. i do the long form which includes a lot of remembering where stuff comes from, and surrendering it, breathing in new [ light and positive affirmation.
              things that i thought i’d worked through re childhood abuse, guilt re failing my children, and past life memories have come up again, to be properly ” disposed ” of.
              every time my eyes star itching i know there’s something that i need to look at.

              it’s been a life saver, literally.

            2. That’s why Uranus is there in Taurus, which is about self-worth, your values, your self esteem. Uranus is shaking up those areas in your life and exposing where you lack the worth in yourself, showing you where you need radical change. It’s calling for you to embrace your individuality and to see the true value in it.

              Where is Uranus in your natal chart? Which house and sign?

              In terms of your job, and colleagues running you down, start counteracting that. Keep a log of events where you have done the processes correctly, to back yourself up. Taurus is about tangible solid proof, you will have something to present to HR should they pull you up again.

              Better still, join a union! They are growing in strength since Pluto entered Aquarius.

              1. To add to this, also keep a record of events for every time a colleague has been mean to you. Everything they say, everything they do. Then present them to HR as a case. This is bullying and these colleagues see you as an easy target, don’t let them win!

              2. uranus can sure ad stumbling blocks i’ve found. 1/co acs, making me often rebellious in unhelpful/unconstructivevways ways.

  2. Yes, this hit me hard yesterday. I wasn’t perfect or even useful, my mate didn’t need me, I was a burden, he was hiding resources, etc. Then I saw the video of the woman who convinced her mate to get into a suitcase, where when he said he couldn’t breath, she berated him and laughed. I didn’t see when she threw him down the stairs in the bag, or when he died, but it brought up when my 18 year old sister and her muscled boyfriend convinced me at 12 to get into a fold up bed, then jumped up and down on it gleefully with my other sister until they were exhausted, slammed the door, and left me for dead. It was a half hour ordeal with me carefully forcing as much compression and expansion of my lungs as possible, shutting out all panic and emotions as detrimental to survival. I don’t think I even told on them, hoping seeing my suffering after they allowed me out would have impressed them somehow.

  3. i’ve sun in pi, moon/sat in cap. i feel that cap has bullied my flaky, befuddled sun all her life.
    a combo of flaky, and uptight.
    as opposed to practical supporting sun’s mission to be the christ on earth.
    slowly going in that direction.
    as for mothering, total failure, i feel. my son certainy agrees, my daughter can see a few good things, i think.

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