Advice For Cancer / Capricorn Woman Around Choosing A Man

zodiac broachAre you a Cancer or Capricorn who continually winds up with dependent men? Here is the simple way out of that trap:

When choosing a man, don’t think, “I already have X number of kids / dependents, what’s one more?

Instead, think, “Hey you!  Get over here and help me raise these kids!”

Bottom line – be a good parent and partner with a good parent. Otherwise you’re going to be screwed.

Who has learned this the hard way? Who has yet to learn, but going to learn, after harsh lessons brought on by Saturn through Libra?

14 thoughts on “Advice For Cancer / Capricorn Woman Around Choosing A Man”

  1. Meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    The hardest way in fact. poor thing it was hard for her to leave me.I hope she is happy somewhere.

    If i was in her position and had the maturity of the relationship construct, I would have done the same thing.

    A little secret about cancer is “When they break up with the partner or the partner breaks up with them they exactly feel like their moms abandoning them in front of their own eyes.

    My cancer sun is in 9th H and got pluto in Libra(ASC) at 29th degree with saturn and mars in 1 H scorpio.

    My Venus is squared my Saturn and pluto.

    For a long time it felt like i was a decomposing human. But recovering slowly.

  2. I’m trying so very hard to do this, or at least to hold up my end of it. But I’ve got neptune and am always getting fooled 🙁

  3. I didn’t listen to good advice and maybe now it is too late. What’s worse is the tendency for the dependent Cancer to play threesomes, with the third party being their mother/sister/or daughter. There are some boundary problems going on!

  4. Cap rising/ cancer sun/ Virgo moon. I don’t have those types of problems. My problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I’m pretty much entirely self contained. I’m like Horton Hears A Who, except my family are the Who’s and I keep Whoville running because it makes me happy. But I don’t have kids or clingy relationships, so I guess that’s something 😉

  5. I was talking about this with my Cancer girl friend last night. She’s been with a younger guy (27her/21him) for over three years and while they were partners at the beginning of their relationship, he relies on her so completely to take care of him. She pays for everything, cleans everything, runs her half of their business and has a regular job while he doesn’t work and plays video games all day. He’s a nice guy and they’re totally in love but seeing that still kind of bugs me.

  6. Me, too! Cancer rising, Saturn transiting moon and mars in 7th. What a mess! Still coping with it. Not sure who was more dependent, me or him.

  7. Man alive! I broke up with the Leo energy freeloader! This advice is golden. Writing it down. Cap sun asc scorp

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