To Rebel Is To Conform – Turning Life Upside Down

uranus glass coasterPeople tend to feel how they are told to feel. I don’t mean to imply that I don’t do this. We all do this to some extent or are some time in our life, particularly when we’re young.

Theoretically, a person matures and develops their on views on things that may or may not match their parents views.  Most people have a period of rebellion but often (not always), they come back to what they were taught as children. Some people spend their life in a phase of rebellion. I’ve seen it and I bet you’ve seen it too.

Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, begs a person to transform their lives by asserting their individuality. You are to overthrow structures that are outworn in your life.  I feel that most astrologers misinterpret this, only viewing it from one angle. Overthrow the oppressive government/parents/authority, basically.

In reality, many have been ignoring rules for years.    It’s become normal to be a thirty-year-old teenager who rejects limits and refuses to grapple with obstacles a person has to overcome in order to fully manifest themselves as an individual.

Having lines your won’t cross, ethics and perseverance (Capricorn) empower (Pluto) a person. What’s avant-garde today may very well be opting to take responsibility, play by the rules and do it the hard way.

What do you think?

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  1. Elsa: “You are to overthrow structures that are outworn in your life.”

    Now to figure out which structure it is that’s outworn, I’m torn in two ways (sun opp. moon, much?????????)

  2. The government is actively campaigning to sign people up for food stamps. To rebel is to reject dependence. “No thanks, I can fend for myself.”

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    I love this. Want this and am looking forward to this positive interpretation. I can see stuff inside of me that I want to go bye bye. I bite down on my tongue to discontinue patterns I don’t want. It’s painful but somehow very gratifying.

  4. I am sure we are on different sides of the political aisle, but anytime I hear a politician, on either side, preface their argument with “the American people want” I bristle. So much for diversity.

    I am digging the American garment workers standing up to ralph lauren and the u.s. olympic committee, but that probably won’t make the wall st journal or the front cover of time or newsweek.

    I think this digging in is happening wide scale, too.

  5. “Uncover (Pluto) the courage (Aries) and backbone (Capricorn) to develop yourself as an independent, individual (Uranus) who stands on their own two feet!”

    I understand this perfectly, as I have aimed for that most of my life. I believe that the Uranus-Pluto square makes any equilibrium achieved now or previously, a precarious balancing act, only sustained in the short term. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” seems the name of this square! This is a very polarizing era we are in…for every thing I might consider ethical and moral, there is someone out there ready to challenge my viewpoint from their ethical and moral basis. The rules seem to have gaping loop holes, while doing things the hard way can leave you in the dust by those that were innovative and perhaps a little too clever. I understand your point…be the best that we can be, what more could anyone ask? But, I think this aspect will require us to go beyond our current self through repetitious challenges to our current beliefs and status.

    Astrologer Leigh Oswald states, “We are shocked when we suddenly have discovered under Pluto in Capricorn, that the power bases often tacitly sanction a prevailing culture that is much less than fair or sensitive to all. What is the definition of a civilised society? That is a big question now and it is not a question that is asked, as we assume we live in one, whilst not questioning the criteria.”

    I think that for the next several years we will each have to test and redefine our needs, wants, and desires against the “bigger picture”. The push-back from those around us will determine the outcome.

  6. Sometimes, the outworn structure is being a ‘rock’ for everyone, while they get to dick around. Time to buck that decades-long trend, and learn the breadth of my own wingspan. It’s gonna be harsh for them, but I’ve already paid my dues, in spades. It’s my turn, now.

  7. Well said, Elsa! Sun/Saturn at 1 & 8 Cap. I am getting my chance, and have worked for a long time laying the groundwork, or maybe I should say, excavating the site as well as I could with the tools I have, in order to prepare.

    This spring/summer has been full of shocks, guides, and opportunities to work. It has been painful and peaceful by turns.

    Now, (and I mean, in the last two weeks!) I see that the patterns I have been running are exactly as you described: a rebellion that became a hologram ever present in my life. The projector came online in my childhood due to dramatic events, and it malfunctioned early. In my teens, it got stuck altogether, and it seems the best I could do was to rewind and replay a piece of the tape, over and over (even the sound track was warped).

    Gratefully, I am learning to use the new technology. I can hardly believe what’s available, and though it’s new to me, it’s not all that hard to work.

    Astrology gave me the information to dig deeper, and this kind of good advice encouraged me to take advantage of the advice of people, Saturn figures, both astrologers and not. Taking action was up to me.

    Also, a big breakthrough comes now as Venus is in hard aspect to Pluto, and to my conjoined Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Sag. Now I see it is about having the courage to unearth the truth and beauty. There has been shocking, unexpected information that just keeps coming, as Uranus simultaneously trines the Merc/Mars/Jupiter. I’m in the early phases of a big transformation, and I feel very blessed. Thank you, Elsa.

  8. I have thought about this a LOT. Probably my biggest issue is romantic jealousy (w/an Aries Venus square a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, makes sense, huh?) — do I just feel that way because I have been told it’s expected or REASONABLE to feel that way? I keep wondering whether there was such a tendency towards romantic jealousy – or even whether there IS today – in cultures and societies where polygamy is the norm and men are expected to have multiple wives. I just finished reading a book about tribal Sudanese women, where multiple wives live together and take care of all their children collectively. The book didn’t make it seem like there was any jealousy, like no one even thought about it – it’s a non issue. People in that culture are more likely to be jealous of someone who has more cows or chickens.

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    Blessed Place

    Anyway… that’s a great post Elsa! and I wonder if it’s typical of the brutal but much needed clarity we can expect under this t-square after these years of confusion in values, direction, morals and so much else?

  10. “Having lines your won’t cross, ethics and perseverance (Capricorn) empower (Pluto) an individual (Uranus in Aries). What is avant-garde today may very well be opting to take responsibility, play by the rules and do it the hard way.”

    Love, love, love this paragraph! Trying to raise my son knowing this.

  11. “Dig deep to uncover the internal resources (Pluto) that allow you to work, and pay your dues (Capricorn) for your freedom (Uranus in Aries).”

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been doing since 2010. Thanks for shedding light on this!!

  12. I agree.

    People think I’m crazy that I want to stand on my own two feet, even when it means doing things the hard way.

    I have Sun/Saturn – I am good at the RIGHT way, even if that means the hard way.

    And I totally see in my present value system the foundation provided by my parents and grandparents. I’ve added my own walls to the house, but I know where the foundation came from, and I’m grateful for that.

    Great post!

    1. This is interesting – he’s a Sadge with a Taurus Moon but he has Venus conjunct Uranus in Capricorn…opposing Neptune and squaring Mars. Jeez, how could you not be a character! 🙂

  13. Thank you Elsa, Satori, BP and Just Joe!!! My virgo merc was getting a bit obsessive with it 🙂

    Just found a quote from him which directly ties to Elsa’s Post

    “”Not to think like the others brings you in an unpleasant situation. Not to think like the others, simply means that you think…” (Introduction of “Antidotes” 1975.)” — Eugene Ionesco

    pretty awesome 🙂

  14. I think this: “What is avant-garde today may very well be opting to take responsibility, play by the rules and do it the hard way”–is exactly what I am doing. I have a Uranus rulled chart, so I agree with you.
    My rebellion? Grow up and do it right this time 🙂 Own your baggage. Do you laundry. Purge what you no longer need.
    It’s different (rolls eyes at the appropriateness of Uranus Rx) because usually I am rebelling against outside forces but, now, I’m rebelling against my own past behaviors). BUT, it is in an effort to work through this Uranus/Pluto square. I want to successfully survive when everyone else may think the world is spirraling toward the end.

  15. I’m workin on it Elsa. I slowly discovering the edgiest thing I can do is to be innocent again. I like this post:)

  16. I can identify with that, Josi. The rebellion is more with yourself than the outer world, but it has to have a place to be projected, via the “other.” I think for me, with Uranus on my ASC, jumped into my 1st house after yrs in the 12th ( I have a fat 12th house).And, w/ Pluto in my 10 th, it’s take charge time. And, really who cares what anyone thinks? I’ve needed to break free for a long time, but I’m not too popular right now. They (really the old me) want me to tow the line…

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    Blessed Place

    Brilliant Just Joe, so glad you nailed that 🙂

    Ionesco was VERY avant garde – he wrote one of the most famous surrealist plays in the canon, the anti-fascist ‘Rhinosceros’, and was a central figure in the Theatre of the Absurd. In one play, there was a character who didn’t exist…

    The photo appears on several websites but maddeningly the photographer is nowhere credoted. It’s a great portrait photo

  18. Theatre of the Absurd . . . I think that movement came to be in the midst of war time when nothing made sense? A numbing to the very real blood and guts littering the street? Nothing made sense in the midst of it. I wonder what transits were going on during that movement.

    About the other thing, rebellion. Richard Nixon was quoted saying something like We become what we hate. Or is that more revenge. Oh dear, I just cannot think about this. Neptune is within the IC zone and I will go on with this for days if I start. I shall have to settle for these disjointed thoughts of mine and move on.

  19. Oh blessed place, thanks for pushing the reference. I was wrong. Checked it, the meaninglessness of existence.

    As I head toward my second saturn return, my main question has been how do I deal with existence. Besides doing my part to stand where I stand ethically and humanely, at the end of my life I want to smile and know that my journey here was worth taking. So far so good. : )

  20. Hey Elsa! I just wanted to say that I found this post to be really profound. In my opinion, you totally hit the nail on the head here. This is the first thing I’ve read/heard that has truly made sense to me in quite a while. Loved it, you’re awesome -thank you!

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