“All Is Fair In Love And War”: Venus, Mars And Values

Don Quixote by Honore DaumierI’m not sure where that quote, “All’s fair in love and war” originated. I couldn’t find a clear source for the quote and it has been used for centuries. I don’t subscribe to the sentiment. I tend to agree more with “All’s well that ends well,” which may or may not have been first written by William Shakespeare.

Venus energy most closely represents love and Mars war. Venus denotes who and why we love and Mars represents how. The Venus of myth is not particularly moral in the common sense of the word, neither is Mars. They’re not immoral, against moral sense, but rather amoral, unconcerned with morality in their pure form. Morality is the realm of one’s personal values, represented by the 2nd house (which is ruled by Venus), rules (Saturn and the 10th house) and the philosophies we adhere to (Jupiter and the 9th house).

I have Virgo on the 2nd house cusp and tend to nitpick this type of extreme statement. I automatically question any maxim that starts with all, every, always or never, but that’s just me and my own personal value system.

For examining this type of proverbial wisdom, one that deals with Venus and Mars energies, it’s also helpful to assess the planets that aspect your own Venus and Mars. My Venus and Mars are very martial, warlike in their placements and aspects, but they’re both tied to Saturn (restriction). So while I’m interested in such statements I feel the need to run them past my personal rulebook first.

Is all fair in love and war? How does your answer reflect your values and your astrology?

9 thoughts on ““All Is Fair In Love And War”: Venus, Mars And Values”

  1. Hummm… I have Mars in Libra ( 4th House cusp) trine Venus in Aquarius( in the 7th) … the first thing that I hear myself saying in regards to that statement is ” No! not all is fair in love and war” but I’m not sure why I say that??? I’ll have to ponder that one- food for thought. My 12th house Jupiter in Cancer enjoys those tasty morsels. 🙂

  2. I have Virgo Mars in the 9th house and Capricorn Venus in the 1st house. And Saturn? Its in Libra and resides in my 10th house where it belongs.

    I do play the rules fairly and I have clear boundaries. My 2nd house is plagued by my Pisces Moon; things effect me deeply, and I really don’t think people value what I value. So in the end I don’t think its fair. But this is when my 10th house Scorpio Jupiter trines my moon comes in to rescue me artistically.

    Did I interpret that correctly?

  3. My Venus (Aries) and Mars (Pisces) don’t communicate very well. My Venus gets fired up by the quote “All’s fair in love and war” and my Mars holds back and says, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ My second house (ruled by Sagittarius) laughs and says, ‘Can’t we all just MOVE along?’. My 9th house (ruled by Cancer) says, ‘Everything’s better with cake… let’s go home and I’ll bake one’.

  4. My Leo Venus and Mars conjunct definitely want what they want, but there’s also the matter of honor (Leo), being able to be deeply okay with you decisions (Saturn in the 8th), and knowing that you haven’t upset the cosmic order of things (Jupiter in the 12th). So complex!

  5. No, my saturn says to venus as she pouts: there are humanitarian rules even in war – must be civil and respectful to the other person, no abuse, deliberately hurting them, cheating, etc. But do I want heat and passion, yes! Not actual war…more like banter, debates, and sex, lots of it.

    People who play games in love drive me up the wall the most…not for me.

  6. Uranus conjunct Jupiter in 2H Libra – where there is inequality, revolution until there is equality. Mars in Scorpio fights for this, Venus in Pisces has faith – no matter the extreme unfairness – that balance shall be restored. Mars and Venus trine so the sacred warrior’s quest for liberation from the demons within as well as the forces of oppression and greed that dominate our societies. On love…i can’t fight here – is it fair? There is always a base truth that once accessed sets us free. It is not fair or unfair – it is the way it is.

  7. i agree with “all is fair in love and war” in that i think everyone does what they do out of self-interest (no matter how they may sugar-coat it) and karma evens everyone out.

    people who are deceitful are rewarded by things they can never fully trust. alternately people who act honorably in an imperfect world find a deeper satisfaction than those who don’t.

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