Client Testimonial: “Wise Insight and Compassion”

S writes:

“I have been reading Elsa’s blog for several years now because her writing is straight forward, insightful, and enjoyable. There seems to be such a strong uplifting group of people on this blog, which says a lot about the hostess.

I have consulted with her several times when I was going through rough periods of my life. She definitely gets to the heart of issues with wise insight and compassion. She has helped me to see things more clearly and I feel immensely better reading her words. Having Elsa help me understand the hard transitions in my life makes me so thankful that a person like her exists in the world. I feel she that she is such a rare being. Thank you for existing, Elsa!”

Thanks, S!

4 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Wise Insight and Compassion””

  1. Thanks also for doing what you do, and being you, and creating this wonderful blog I am addicted to every morning with my coffee!
    Big fat kisser to you baby!

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