All the Scorpio / Sex Questions – Pluto and the 8th House

These are my thoughts around how I would define a “sexual person” as prompted by the questions on this blog.

If you have a motherlode of Scorpio in your chart, or a packed 8th house, or Pluto in close aspect to a bunch of planets…etc. In short, if you are a Plutonian, you are going to see and feel and think virtually everything in sexual terms.

In my case, I have a packed 8th house and when I get on the crosstrainer at the gym, I think about sex. I put the thing on the highest level possible, which is like a slow grind. And it is not possible for me to do this without sexual thoughts coming into my head.

It is also not possible to not look around the room and read the sexual energy of everybody there… of both sexes! Who just got laid and who needs to get laid! And although I am without a doubt, a heterosexual, this does not mean I don’t know which woman would be good in bed!! Because these things are obvious to me, provided I want to know and I don’t always want to know!

So I see a woman who is sexually appealing? Am I a lesbian? Well no, I don’t think so. Because I think of her in heterosexual terms! By that, I mean when I see her I think, “Boy, if I were a man I would go for that for sure!”

5 thoughts on “All the Scorpio / Sex Questions – Pluto and the 8th House”

  1. I am a very sexual person. How to define it, though? I can sense, sometimes almost tangibly, another person’s energy, and the reaction between theirs and mine is almost always immediate and sexual, whether it’s enough to spark my interest or not.

    It’s allowed me to find some incredible lovers (and when ignored, some terrible ones!) in people you would never suspect! Geeks are amazing lovers!! Gotta love brain power!!

  2. I am a quintuple Scorpio plus I have a much-aspected Pluto in the 8th house. I too was a late bloomer and have gone for long times (like a decade) with no sexual partner. Pluto and Scorpio can sublimate sexuality better than most; because it is underground doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    1. I’m a quintuple scorpio as well so Def feel that plutonian drag on my sexual energy my sexual energy super suppressed

  3. Hey elsa, okay…I get it now! but in the previous post you say ‘sex any and all is instinctual to me’ does that mean sex as in gender like male or female or does that mean I am a sexual peron?

  4. Excellent response and wisdom (as usual) Elsa! Being “Super Sexed Wired Scorpio” isn’t a picnic for a young adult – my heart and thoughts go out to this person as well as others with similar life experiences. I know that myself with the knowledge I have only learned within the last 6 yrs by studying Astrology on my own that I now have a “understanding” of my sexual nature and/or curious nature as I am.
    However, I am a novice in comparison to most of your readers as far as what planets are where and what signs effect what and etc….
    I do know that My Sun is Aquarius; My Moon is Scorpio; and my Asc./Rising is Scorpio as well.
    Long story short- astrology and all I have only learned to date helps me feel more at ease with my actions and desires.
    Thank you Elsa for this blog; especially the way you “tell it like you see it ” without bullshit – u rock!

    My dob is 2/17/71; newport bch calif. 10:32pm
    I am curious if my “Scorpio” comes up in any other areas I am unaware.

    Thanks, and peace to you 😉

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