Neptune And Dreams

Salvador Dali, Neptune DreamsI have a somewhat psychic, highly empathic chart. Much as I love to talk about myself, and I do, at great length, I am loathe to expose that part because it can sound so foo-foo-fairy. But I have these dreams, dreams that don’t entirely feel like they are mine. It’s a feeling I’m left with, a feeling about an energy outside myself but to which I am connected.

Each time I encounter a new client I am amazed at how they sync up with one of these dream energies. Today I worked on a chart that synched with one of the major dream energies that had been puzzling me all summer. What a relief! It was a catharsis for me, finally finding the person who was meant to hear all that I had been saving up for them. It’s all so nebulous until that person finds me and I can give that feeling form.

Are you strongly Neptunian? Do you feel your dreams have purpose?


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  1. BIG Time, Baby.

    My dreams have served as breadcrumbs along the slippery slope.

    And it’s something that I definitely keep back.
    For one, no matter how much I might like to bubble forth my dreams, I realized that not many people really want to hear about them. Also, to talk about how I rely on dreams…well, you can imagine how that one plays to most crowds. I also think you can leak a lot of power by showing this card to the wrong people. Personally, I keep it in my pocket.

    Sept ’round here, of course, where I find it’s safer to share.

  2. My dreams are a link. I feel strongly Neptunian–not all the time but…Bob Marley is coming to mind. Er, not that I think I’m him. Wait… scratch this. I am a drop in the ocean. Yeeeeah, that’s it.

    12th House Neptune inconjunct Sun.

  3. well i feel like i wake up with bad energy, confusing dreams… i dont even remember them by the time i try to recount them again, all i am left with is a feeling of, i am pretty sure i feel like i had a wrestling match in my head

  4. I’ve gone through periods of time where i was really open to the flow and would dream of events to come… then i’d kind of get scared of it and block it. had some scarey type dreams of other being in other dimensions who reached out and physically touched me (sounds wild i know).

    sometimes the energy is overwhelming and i have a hard time trying to figure accurate realities of situations as my very vivid imagination can color in spots so easily that i’m not aware of it so i sometimes do not trust my intuition, to my determent i think.

    trying to work it all out recently with my discovery of astrology… i’m realizing i am very creative but have 5h saturn so haven’t had much faith in myself… trying to turn that around too.

    12h cancer sun/merc and 4h scorpio moon/neptune (which squares a lot of fire planets on asc)

  5. Not strongly so in the classical sense, but do have a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sadge that is pretty highly aspected. I only found out a few years ago that it was unusual that my dreams were so active and that I remembered them every night. Guess it falls under that old 3rd house things-you-take-for-granted umbrella, LOL! I find I have tons and tons of dreams with animals present in them. And not like a “totem” or spirit animal thing – I mean ALL kinds.

    Here are just some of the examples I remember offhand: Toads, snakes, racoons, whales, baby elephant, rabbits, hawks, owls…Makes me wonder if I was some kind of native american shaman in a past life that I keep having this connection to animals in my dreams. Very odd…

    @ Mojo – Dreams like that are often release dreams – i.e. our subconscious is working out a problem on an emotional level while we are asleep. Ever had one of those dreams where you literally wake up sobbing? Rough way to start the day! If you wake feeling confused and unsettled it usually just means your subconsious is working overtime on an issue. You might want to try waking up a few minutes earlier and keeping a journal by your bed to help you remember what they were about.

    The symbolism in dreams is just so awesome. And I don’t mean in a dream-dictionary type way either – a tree does not necesarily mean x,y, or z. Did it feature prominantly and was it dead or dying or was it alive and vibrant? Things like that give you a feel for what a dream was really about. Tornado dreams, anyone? Had lots of those when I was a kid…

    Cool post, Satori. And it’s so good that you are able to channel your dreams in such a practical way. Hoping I get to that point too, as right now I just use them as a barometer of my internal world…

  6. I think my dreams have purpose, but it’s rare for me to remember them. They pop back in when it’s time. Sometimes I can catch pieces or a general mood when I wake up, but they fade quick. Paradoxically, there are some dreams that I remember crystal-clear even after years have passed.

    I have Merc-Neptune contacts, it’s elusive. *grins*

  7. I don’t try to remember these dreams. some I remember and some I do not. the dreams themselves don’t seem to be the important part. they infuse me with a profound feeling for an unknown energy. then when I’m writing up the chart that feeling resurfaces and I recognize their energy. it’s a synchronicity. it’s like I was being pre-tuned to the person so I can interpret their chart in the way they need. it’s kind of, “oh, it’s you. I KNOW you.” at least in the way that is necessary to parse their question.

    this last person was such a powerful individual that her energy inhabited my whole summer. it was warm and enriching and it was a joy to work with her.

  8. @Satori- gosh, you’re making me all warm and fuzzy! ‘warm and enriching and it was a joy..’ Does it get any better than that???!!!

    Dreams… I definately remember the recurring ones. But, there are just as many I don’t remember and just have that lingering ‘sense’ your speaking of. It is energy.

  9. Sun conjunct Neptune 1.5 degrees in Scorpio

    Venus square midheaven.

    Dreaming is a natural state and I don’t even have to go to sleep. I avoid people because of it and I know it turns some people off. It’s like picking up vibrations out of the air. It probably doesn’t help that Chiron trines both.

  10. yes. sometimes they tell me what i’m doing. or what i’m going to be doing… or give me an angle on things without my rational glossing over…

  11. “Some dreams have meaning I think. Others are just psychic drano.”

    @Jilly- I agree. Some dreams a crystal clear and others are like what Mojo described…Jumbled and confusing upon awakening and just bits and snatches come through. I find those frustrating as well… The ones I remember and can recount are almost always carrying a message or have some deeper meaning…

  12. Neptune is prevalent in my chart. I think my dreams have a purpose, but I tend to regard the odds ones as random. I remember most of my dreams after waking, and I take a bit of time to assimilate it because there was so much going on.

    I never considered the possibility that the dream energy could come from someone else, but I definitely get the feeling of being connected to an energy outside of myself sometimes.

  13. I am strongly Neptunian with sun, asc, venus, mercury, saturn all in my 12th House, which I understand to be ruled by Neptune (correct me if I’m wrong).

    I’m always dreaming! I day dream my days away thinking about possibilities and my night time dreams always have strong effects on me (whether they be nightmares or more pleasant dreams). I’ve always had strong recurring dreams too that I think might be old memories from my soul’s past bodies.

  14. Yes I have foo foo fairy connections in my chart. And I can see it translate in real life too. Some times I have to hold myself back because I have already dreamt of the situation at the time. Or I get intercepted (daydream) and say the strangest things. *sigh* it makes normal people scared of me.

    I know sometimes the dreams I dream are not mine here and now. I do believe it does serve a purpose but it takes me time to figure it out and some times its plan old obvious. I am still figuring out why this lady is teaching me tarot in my dreams??

    I have come to realise that it is the way I am, a wee bit foo foo. @Satori that is going to be my new saying “I’m wee bit foo foo fairy”. -love it-

  15. Sunnysadge,

    If it’s recurrent, perhaps it’s a spirit guide nudging you to learn tarot. Now I don’t know if you believe in things like this, but you could call it whatever you want. I would listen to that propting if it were me.

    Side note – have had a single dream like this before, but I already know tarot. I do need to develop it more, though – too much book knowledge and not enough of the intuitive element. Guess that’s my Sun/Merc opp Moon/Nep in full effect, LOL!

    If you do pick up tarot I would advise you to study the pictures on them and get a “feel” for the cards first and ignore the book meanings until you develop your own inner “feeling” about what they mean to you. Maybe a card strikes you and reminds you of someone you know or a situation you were in – that’s how you build a rapport with your deck. Dixie could probably give you some more pointers in this area..

  16. i have vivid dreams all the time and they are so full of symbols and meaning i wake up confused most of the time.. like the other day i had a dream this lady was trying to rob me with a toy cap gun and i was willing to give her my cash but then another lady turned to her and gave her what she was looking for… i just remember waking up like wtf?! i see a lot of people in my dreams i’ve never met before!

  17. Alethea
    Yes I do have a reoccurring dream about the same lady for years now. So I think I will take your advice and start reading into my tarot cards and build a rapport with them. Oh, I do know some bookwork on tarot but not enough feeling. oops.

  18. well hello dali
    you’re lookin swell dali

    every time I see a pic of dali I sing that song in my head.

    louis armstrong voice of course.

  19. I always LOVE your posts Satori!!!! Just about everything you talk about resonates with the core of my being;-)

    I feel pretty insecure most of the time about my “weirdnesses” or foo foo fairy-ness;-) and take a lot of comfort in the fact that most of the things everyone on here are talking about seem more NORMAL to me than crazy or weird or non-realistic, etc…. when I hear other people talking about those things, it helps me to feel like less of an outcast;-)

    My moon is in Pisces(12th), square Neptune(Sag) and Sun(Gem) so I guess the more fantastical or unrealistic it sounds to the “humans”, the more close to home it feels for me;-)

    It’s difficult for me to reconcile feeling the need to “hold back” that part of me, (given it’s probably most of who I am) to appease other people’s inability to relate or be comfortable with it; yet here I am, feeling insecure about it.

    I also try to take comfort in *my belief* that human consciousness is more rapidly evolving to a state of unity (although it doesn’t always appear that way looking from the outside).

    Didn’t mean to get off the topic of dreams…..

  20. Oh!!!! @ Alethea….

    Maybe you already know about this book???

    “Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven Farmer

    If not;-) it has HUNDREDS of different kinds of animals and describes what the meaning might be if one shows up for you (either in the flesh or in a dream, etc) or if you come to realize that one is your power animal or which ones to call on if you need something specific (self-confidence, insight, direction, or whatever).

    For example,

    “If WHALE shows up, it means:

    -Express yourself through your voice by singing, humming or chanting simply for the pure joy of doing so.
    -It’s an especially creative time for you, so immerse yourself in the process, and enjoy the artistic expression of whatever emerges from the depths of your imagination.
    -This is a time of great spiritual expansion for you, so the more you can clear your mind (such as through regular meditation) the better.
    -You’ll soon discover an increasing interest in esoteric information about the origins of life here on earth.
    -You’ve been so occupied with creative and artistic projects that you’re out of balance and need to step away by playing, socializing, or otherwise distracting yourself for awhile.
    -Conserve your energy, and physically insulate yourself by surrounding yourself with a curtain of blue or white light.”

    Also, I’ve found “The Encyclopedia of Symbolism” by Kevin Todeschi to be helpful sometimes. Some of the interpretations feel a little outdated and too literal, but I usually just use my intuition to “adjust” the meaning;-)

  21. @Jilly: Thank you!! For some reason, the fact that it’s Dali never clicked with me. Now I can stop looking for meaning in the picture. *lol*

  22. @ SAD (from over a year ago–this is a message from your future, lol) The meaning I see in the picture is that it is entirely possible to be sitting comfortably in a chair minding your own business and one *swift kick* (or other action perpetrated from outside yourself) can come along and send your comfort to pieces and knock you into a spiral.

    Are you strongly Neptunian? Do you feel your dreams have purpose?

    Yes, I’m strongly Neptunian with my Pisces Moon in the 1st house conj Asc squaring Neptune at the MC plus a trine from my moon to my sun.

    I have experiences like this with dreams (among other things). You know what perplexes me tho is that I type in my sleep. I’ve woken Ox up several times doing it and he’s told me. My ex-husband reported the same. I’d love to figure out a way to record what I’m typing. My mercury is pretty connected to spirituality as well as the underworld (Scorpio in the 9th) so, I’m thinking it might have some weight. But, how would ya get to it? I have no idea.

  23. I’ve had a handful of psychic moments though these are few and far between, so I don’t consider myself generally psychic. But I understand that feeling of being connected to an energy that is not yours. It can be negative and harrowing if you’re not grounded. Like when I was little I had no boundaries between my and other people’s energies, especially their anger (Saturn in Scorpio 12th house).

    But since growing up and becoming more grounded, my psychic moments have been mostly positive. For example, several months after my father passed away, I had a dream with him in it and as I woke up I had the distinct feeling he was holding my hand. I woke up not with the usual grogginess but with an electric type of awareness, kinda like feeling I had one foot in this reality and the other foot in another reality. I knew that the dream was a message from him to me, that he was telling me how he wanted to be remembered on the 1-year anniversary of his death.

  24. I’m very neptunian, and have dreams that are beyond me and this universe half the time. Everytime someone close to me dies, they have came to me. My father and I talked about the afterlife, and told me he liked it, and I continued to ask about god and other things. My guides come to me a lot too. My mother is highly “something” without sounding too foo-foo fairy, as you say. She “talks” with spirits, and can communicate with animals… and they talk back. LOL. Her neptune is conjunct her ascendant, in the first house. If that matters.

  25. Hi! So yes. Not so much lately because I’m a bit isolated on purpose to recharge, but 90% of my life has been me thinking I knew people because I’d been dreaming about them sor so long, and they aren’t the person I think they are. Not like “he was my dream man” but me walking up to people and assuming we would be connected because I knew them. This never really works out, but they have been able to work out some karma with me for sure before they disappear and call me crazy. I really do connect to so many of your posts. Sometimes they remind me of things I love about myself, like this has. With proper human on earth boundaries, I am empathic,in neptune land I am a time traveler who knows the wound. That’s pretty @#*-ng foo foo, and I like it!

  26. I like your quote Satori and often feel that way, my dreams are always future focused. Just last year I started tapping into dreams, intuition and psychic ability. I can never feel for anyone else but myself though. Maybe I just need to work on it.

  27. I definetly have psychic ability and as I grow older it only gets stronger. Its to the point I can ignore it anymore so Ive been trying to take note of my impressions. I know something has always been there but for years I didnt pay any attention to it. It took a very detailed and unexpected psychic experience to finally convince myself that I was not crazy. Now Im really wanting to give free reading to people I dont know in order to develope this. Im not sure how my neptune correlates but it is in my 3rd house conjunct jupiter/sag, and uranus sag , trine my cancer moon in mc. Moon in mc trines saturn in scorpio. My eight house is empty and my 12th has sun and mercury. I dream all the time and they very vivid, life like and often come true. I dream of people I havent talked to in years only to have them contact shortly after. Ive even dream about people i havent met but come incontact with that day like waitresses

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