Venus in Libra vs Venus in Scorpio Love

Libra and ScorpioElsa,

From what I’ve read, Venus in Libra is exalted and Venus in Scorpio is in its detriment. Venus in Libra is more occupied with superficiality while Venus in Scorpio is more preoccupied with intensity and the deep end of relationship.

Why is Venus in Libra exalted when superficiality has nothing to do with love? Wouldn’t Venus in Scorpio be the one ” loving ” correctly?

A Reader

Hi, Reader.

Venus is exalted in Pisces not Libra but I get your drift. Venus rules Libra so it’s considered well placed there, not because the sign is superficial (a judgment) but because it’s a sign that wants to get along with others which is what “relationship” is all about.

Libra is able to see the other person’s point of view. Libra values partnership and is willing to compromise to keep the peace. These things go a long way when relating to another person.

In contrast Venus in Scorpio is concerned with passion. Is stabbing your partner good for relationship? Probably not long term.

Is testing your partner and working psych games back and forth really describe love? How about withholding love to gain power? Is manipulation part of love?

If you have Venus in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto you might say yes as this is your taste. But when you’re talking straight astrology, this is the explanation for the exaltation and detriment designations. Scorpio is attracted to intense experience, including pain. This does not fare well for partnership.

On the chance it sounds I am down on Venus in Scorpio, not hardly. I was in a relationship for 3 years with a man with Venus in Scorpio in the 8th house. My first husband had it as do a number of my friends.

This video might also help. I’m talking about a man with Venus in Scorpio vs my Venus in the 7th which is akin to Venus in Libra… Enjoy! 🙂

What happens when two people love each other but have love natures that are not compatible?

What are your ideas?

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  1. This is really interesting to someone like me, because I’ve got Venus in Gemini, aspecting Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. (Not to mention 7th house Uranus) I have grand ideas, overly romantic ideas about love, as in ‘it conquers all’. Plus the really deep intense stuff, the torture of love, and the losing of it.

    My last relationship was an absolute battle. He was a very Plutonian Libra. The one previous to that was very blah boring; I had to break it up dramatically. After that break, I believed in love again, that all was possible. There was also my relationship with a foreigner, which I found fascinating, but couldn’t last due to distance. And so on…

    Seriously, what does a gal do with such a Venus??

  2. Venus in Sagittarius here. I have a kind of conflicted feeling about love, relationships, and the like — on the one hand, when I love someone, it’s intense and I’d give the world to make them happy, but on the other hand, I’m extremely skittish about “settling down” — not sure if that’s Sag’s “don’t fence me in” nature, or if it’s just bad past experiences coloring my current mentality. While I would like to believe that there is someone for everyone, there’s a part of my heart that thinks some people are just better (for themselves and others) not being in a long-term relationship. I just haven’t quite figured out if I’m one of them or not yet.

  3. Why would Venus be exalted in Pisces? Sounds like a lot of waterlogged action to me. Supposedly you never know where you stand with them so what’s so exalted about that?

  4. Togi… Venus in Pisces is what can be described as the ultimate love (a.k.a. “Jesus Love”)

    Think Buddhist teachings. With Venus in Pisces, you love everything and everyone, without reserve or demarcation. It’s an acceptance and appreciation of the All…

  5. Venus in virgo aspects 5 other virgo planets.
    with Leo rising.

    (I always go for the Aquarius type man)

    I have never wanted a Virgo Man in any kind of sexual type thing dated them and had other types of relationships.

    I found them too boring to have a spark with.

    But my virgo has an Aquarius asc our 7th house is in opposition to each other.

    To be very clear
    My ascendant and 6 planet virgo stellium sit in his 7th house.

    He also has venus in virgo. I believe the venus thing starts the attraction so the more planets aspecting it gives you more varied opportunities for partners..The other planets are adjectives to the venus.

  6. “Why would Venus be exalted in Pisces?”

    Venus is exalted in Pisces because the love is boundless and knows no limits. No one is excluded, the love goes out and out and out to infinity.

  7. I have Venus in Leo Conjunct Uranus in the 10th house. My husband has Venus In Sag exact conjunction to Jupiter in the 9th house. He is an Aquarius so I guess that explains the Uranus aspect.

  8. Very helpful. Thanks.

    The only question remains (for me) is how to determine what their ‘love story’ is before it’s too late.
    In retrospect, I see that it could have been determined in advance by spending time among his family. His expectations of love and relationships were what his parents had – all he’s ever known.

    Now there is someone new. He has only one parent left and I feel lost as to how to gauge his love story.

    (Incidentally, I am trying very hard to ensure that my love story isn’t what my parents have)

  9. “The only question remains (for me) is how to determine what their ‘love story’ is before it’s too late.”

    This is *exactly what my next class is going to be about! I will be posting a description later today. 🙂

  10. Elsa, When you speak of you venus neptune, what does that mean? Venus conjunct Neptune or any aspect with venus and neptune? Just curious as a reference. I have venus in scorpio and have been attracted to many bad inense situations. How about some good intense situations please, universe…

    1. Elsa, I value and respect you and your views, but you had just talked about the negative traits of Venus in Scorpio, to be fair it would be nice to talk about both signs fair and shadow sides. Venus in Scorpio is not just and for everyone, “stabbing in the back”.
      By the way, I have Mercury in Libra (ruling my Sun and MC in Virgo),and Venus in Scorpio.
      Of course, it’s your blog and you may say whatever you feel like. I’m just trying to ponder a bit.

      1. I understand. But Venus is at home in Libra and in detriment in Scorpio so there is that. Also, there is a large body of work here. Like 10,000 posts. If you poke around, I am sure you will find most things covered from multiple angles.

        1. Thank you! I also have this Scorpio Venus conjunct Neptune… in a grand trine, Jupiter in Pisces, and another “fallen star” Mars in Cancer, oh my…
          Wishing you a blessed and harmoniously, as possible,lol, (considering Saturn/Uranus square) weekend.

  11. When I say “venus neptune” I mean the energies combined in any form:

    Venus in Pisces
    Venus in the 12th
    Neptune in the 7th
    Virgo rising (Neptune rules 7th)
    and Venus and Neptune in aspect (any aspect)

    I do not include Neptune in the 2nd in my mind thought perhaps I should.

    1. I have scorpio venus conjunct scorpio neptune in 2nd. Pretty bad. Since I believe a deep friendship with your lover spells happiness. I blossom under this as well. But then I also feel anchored down. Stifled after a while. Just emotionally broke free of a nonstarter relationship. Let him go. Will always love him but 2 venus in Scorpios spell nothing but trouble it seems

  12. I just have venus in scorpio (ouch) with no aspect to neptune. I do feel like I am overly optimistic in relationship though. But I do have jupiter in pisces in the seventh trining netptune but sq venus. Weird, huh? Thanks for explaining the venus neptune thing, I’ll know what you mean from now on.=}

  13. I’ve got Venus in Libra, conjunct Mars and Pluto, trine Moon, sextile Neptune. (Actually, it hits everything in my chart, this stellium, although I can’t interpret the semi-squares and whatnot.)

    I can’t agree with the manipulation that Elsa talked about in the post, honestly. I’ve always felt that to have a deep, intense (Pluto) relationship (Venus / Libra), there should be very, very, extremely little games of that sort. Although I will admit that I probe my long-term partners psychologically so that they, and WE, can grow. Perhaps I’m only deluding (Neptune) myself, though? 😉

    1. I also have Venus in Libra, and I’ve never understood games people play in their relationships. When flirting, the “hard to get” game also bothers me.

  14. I’ve got Venus in scorpio conjunct Pluto. I’m still understanding this aspect.
    I also have Venus sextile Neptune, trine Moon, trine Mars and trine Jupiter.
    I believed that love was a fairytale and all that jazz..
    The only love I know to be true is compassionate love for mankind.:D

  15. I have Venus in Sag, conj Neptune, sextile Pluto. I have been thinking about the difference b/w loving someone and being in love and it’s a pretty Sag/Neptune/Pluto explanation.

    I believe being in love is a transformative growth process. One that is not exclusive to romantic couples. It makes you experience a greater depth and breadth of you. You become more you. This explains to me why two people who are so in love can trash the relationship. That kind of expansion is not always easy. With any growth experience, you confront the unknown, which can be scary. Also, the whole system of you gets reconfigured, and in that process, bad things that were held in abeyance may be let loose. If these things overwhelm a person, the relationship usually takes the hit and then the love spoils. It goes off. And the love transformation stops.

    I also suspect that it is impossible to be in love when that in-love-ness is not reciprocated. As powerful as the attraction and feeling may be, when it is unrequited, it is like a chemical reaction that never happens b/c a part of the equation is missing.

  16. Elsa, Hmmmm… You might be interested in my story. I’ve got Venus at 27 degrees conjunct Saturn, 18 degrees, in the eighth house. Both are square Pluto in sixth house Leo at 26 degrees.

    Venus/Saturn are in a grand trine with Ascendant Pisces, 25 degrees, conjunct Mars 18 degrees, moon 12 degrees Pisces. Along with that to complete the grand trine is Uranus/Jupiter exact conjunction, 26 degrees Cancer, fifth house.

    Six planets are involved in the trine, plus the ascendant. Two squares play into the trine.

    Neptune is around 25 degrees in Libra, seventh house, squaring Uranus/Jupiter. They also oppose Chiron in Capricorn.

    I suspect that my chart is not too far off of your soldier’s which is why I go into it in such depth. I know you are searching.

    I’ve had five major relationships. I’m still close friends with the first two, and we love each other very much though we live on opposites sides of the world now. I don’t intend to get reinvolved in a love relationship with either one, loving them now as if they were my brothers. After the recent death of my husband they each offered me to come live with or near them so they could watch after me.

    The second two both died. One was a sudden tragedy when he was hit by a car after we’d been together only one year; my other beloved husband died from illness. I cared for him for three years; I was there for him every minute, always believing he would recover. We were very much in love. He passed when Venus was conjunct Saturn.

    The fifth relationship is current and we met through dreams. Also there are many signs that my belated husband orchestrated it after he died. I didn’t know my current mate before my husband passed away but we met on his birthday and got together on our anniversary, the meeting being delayed, and we moved to a ranch that was founded on his birthday. He also described him when he was very sick and said that was who I needed to be with if he couldn’t be with him.

    I fully expect that this relationship will last for the rest of my life. It’s not always smooth, but we love each other deeply and are good for each other’s spiritual growth, something that is mutually recognized.

    I found your site because I dreamed last night of my second Saturn return in 2013 which the dream predicted would be not an easy time, but which could be resolved through painting, starting now while the Chinese year is still the year of the rat. (Looks like I’ll be painting daily for the next month to establish that firmly. That would activate the Uranus/Jupiter trine in the fifth house.)

    I was searching for Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio to see what others had to say about it and that’s how I found your site.

    About myself: I learned a great deal from all my relationships and I believe in true love. Love, once found is never lost, not even through death. While I was the one who left in the first two relationships, I’ve learned a lot since then.

    One thing I learned is that no matter how tough it might be early on in a relationship, those incompatibilities can be overcome, people can grow and change. The relationship can get better and better, kinder and truer, more and more tender and loving. So stick with it! I didn’t know that when I was younger. My last relationship was fourteen years long and it would have been for a lifetime if he hadn’t passed away.

    My sun is in Capricorn.

    Good luck and I hope this helps. Many are the ways that a chart plays out depending on how the individual reacts to events and how much consciousness is employed.

    1. Follow up. Here we are, Venus transiting Scorpio. I came back to this site. Saw my old post. My committed life partner at that time passed away from a heart attack on my Saturn return in 2013. I did not continue painting as my dream instructed to trigger the Uranus/Jupiter trine.

  17. There was a weird mistake in my note:

    He also described him when he was very sick and said that was who I needed to be with if he couldn’t be with him.

    What he said was “if he couldn’t be with me himself!” Funny that I wrote “if he couldn’t be with him.”

    Actually I do believe my late husband is with my new love in that he supports me in this relationship. I feel him with me every day though he has passed on. So, really, he is with him and with me, both.

  18. Catherine, I believe you.. about believing in things you can’t see with your eyes, but feel with your soul. Beautiful, and thanks.

  19. *sigh*.

    Well… talking about my kind of Love is COMPLICATED. But I don´t see it in a way related to *suffering* or *hurting each other*… passionate killers, “the war of the Roses” kind. It´s complicated because it is extremely intense, but also I don´t want restrictions… I want to be fully involved, but I want my freedom. I can´t accept someone who wants to control me. I see the good things way over the bad ones. And I am completely loyal to my partner. But when the love is gone … it´s gone. There is no middle point, nor casual friendship, no “friends for ever” blah blah. I can´t. It´s black or white. all or nothing and it´s complicated.
    Of course, there is willpower, therapy, yoga, spiritual guidance, books… zzzzzzzzzzz a doomed love life? uhmm.

    Wanna see why? hehe

    Sun in Libra. Moon in Aquarius.
    Venus in Scorpio in the 2nd
    Venus conjunct Neptune
    Moon square Venus
    Venus sextile Pluto
    Venus sextile Jupiter


    are you laughing already? 😛

  20. ah, every once and a while you’ll * hit the mark * on something i haven’t thought about.. lovely video.. “What does love mean to the other person?” I think i’ll try to think of this question the next time i look at someones natal chart or any relationship chart.. And my venus is in libra..funny i found this post trying to find opinions on the negative aspects of venus in libra.. i also have a strong neptune ( Neptune in the 12th ) and when you attributed your philosophy on relationships to your Venus-Neptune aspect, when you spoke of the power that love holds regardless of circumstances.. thats very much how i feel.

  21. I have Venus,Pluto in Scorpio trine
    Asc,Jupiter,Mars in Pisces
    SN Libra in 8th

    All of my relationships ended gracefully. There was a deep connection before and after. I want Love to be a big theme of my life. ANd yes I believe that two people in a relationship can merge so both can grow :)_

    Love for me is merging, connection, forgiveness, selfless, innocence, sharing, compromising, the feeling of touch, children, ocean, deep eye contact, hug, soft kiss when he close his eye…!
    I wish I could show my love with every little thing that I do

    I believe that we are all able to radiate love —- If we can be sensitive then we can feel it 🙂

  22. Thats interesting, I’m a Venus in Scorpio girl, but I’ve come to terms with the idea of love ending, because even if you make it to your 70th year together one of you will probably die first, yes? So I pulled round my view and think that yeah it’ll end but thats not the point, the time you have together is the point, the journey. You can’t change the destination but you can choose how you get there. Maybe I’m going for more transformation through love than the death of love. I like to think of Scorpio Venus being represented by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, don’t know why.

  23. But what does a Scorpio with both Sun, Venus and Jupiter in the sign do then??? In a stellium even?
    In 9th house?

    Am I doomed to be left by partners who can’t stand they’re being tested? I just split up with a Venus in Pisces BF. I hate endings. I hate loosing someone. I obsess about them in ages after… Why they didn’t love me, why I couldn’t love them back the way they wanted me to, why I must be so bloody stubborn?
    So damn hard to love? My triple Taurus man was a 12th houser with sun, moon and mercury i. taurus – the very challenge to my stellium opposition with Chiron in Taurus.

    And he had to break it off by adding cheating to the mix. I hate it!!

  24. Venus in Scorpio here. If I use the Placidus chart, it is in my 9th house conjuncting Jupiter in Scorpio in same house. If I use the Equal chart they are in my 10th. I am a romantic but with a bit of a dark side to it, with Scorpio.

  25. Venus in Scorpio here too. I’d say that although Venus conjunct Uranus is, generally speaking, considered problematic aspect, it works really well in Scorpio. I’ve always thought of it as the thing that keeps me from stabbing my lovers – well that, and Moon also in detriment in Capricorn, 5th house. I have incredibly deep love feelings, but I’m also able to cut it out when necessarily. As I say, I never really stop loving people I’ve loved (well, there’s one exception, but he was incredibly out of line), but I just let them go.

  26. Venus in Libra here. I hardly ever put friends or family through the nitty gritty, because it’s just not worth the hassle for them to prove their undying love to me. Anyway, I’ve come to believe in loving the one you’re with…so we’re both free and there’s no guilt.

    But I have a SIL with an aspect of Venus in Aries sesquisquare Mars in Scorpio. OMG, can she ever stir things up and create big family drama…she has made me so mad that I couldn’t see straight, but I usually try to sit on it. However, when Mars was in Venus a couple of years ago we had a big showdown and didn’t talk for months. She’ll still try to bait me in at times, but I avoid confrontations for the most part.

  27. that’s so true about ViS, going to tragedy, the ” Romeo and Juliet” way, committing suicide together. Personally I find Aries venus the same way, but they may have a lot of 8th too. Venus in Aries men in my experience want a woman to sacrifice and “romeo and Juliet” die with me tragedy. ” take this poison to be buried together forever in death”.

    I don’t know why Venus in Libra isn’t more popular or wanted/desired in astrology as what I’ve seen on youtube astrologrs ect the way I get it.

  28. I have Venus in Scorpio square Pluto and so does my husband. Yes, there is passion and intensity. We’ve had our power struggles over the years and it hurt sometimes because we love each other deeply, but we’re not vindictive to each other. You can express the higher vibrations of this aspect.

    Sure there are some Venus in Scorpio people that are vindictive, but not all of them.

    I see Venus in Libra as a more romantic lover. They enjoy the beauty of love, the sweetness of love. Its more superficial than the passion of Venus in Scorpio, but its all good.

    1. I have Venus conjunction Saturn Square Pluto, too, JoFrance. Mine is in a close grand trine in water. It’s eighth house. I am all about commitment and loyalty. I love honestly, with compassion and depth, nothing superficial or false. I stay with my commitment through caretaking, through ups and downs. I have been loved the same way in return. Eighth house. I have been widowed more than once … thus long term caretaking for terminal illness, and also sudden heart attack. But what that means is I have been committed and true. My husbands died knowing they were loved fully even with great sacrifice. I understand the meaning of love. It is much deeper than petty grievances, far beyond the superficial. And it goes beyond death. Venus in Scorpio is no lightweight lover.

      Another one who has Venus in Scorpio is Patti Smith. Also widowed. Also very deep, honest and true.

      1. Also, in case any one is thinking Venus in Scorpio means your partner will die… marriage either ends in failure which is separation or divorce or it ends in success which is til death do us part. Venus in Scorpio is in for the duration once a commitment is made. Everyone dies. It’s not about a sign. It’s how you get there. And how close you are, and how deeply loved.

  29. Avatar

    “If you have Venus in Scorpio or in aspect to Pluto you might say yes as this is your taste.” more than ‘to your taste’ I would say… inevitable

    you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Once, thru life training, astrology, genetics, what have you, you learn to look at interpersonal relationships thru a certain rubric (including mistrust, callousness, the dark side of people, etc) you cannot really look at it in some other way again. All the behaviours described are a manifestation of seeing the world / other ppl in a certain light

  30. This is probably a more general comment, but I personally find that planets in their natural signs have this pure expression, that’s really something to behold. I’ve come to appreciate this more and more over the years, because for example, my Mars is scattered in gemini. Sometimes, when I need to take decisive deliberate action to resolve an issue, I get hold of a mars in Aries and ask what they’d do.

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