Am I Special To This Man?

scorpio vintage pinI had a client ask me this question – “Am I special to him?”

What an honest thing to ask. What a common thing to wonder. I answered her…

“I would not say you are *special* to him on this day. It sounds as if you are becoming special to him. This is a cautious man.  So if you stick with this, you’ll become special, most likely. If you bail, then you bail…”

The man is  a Scorpio with a Capricorn moon. Some people – I’m one of them, take their time.  Even if I hit it off with someone initially, we are not going to be “best friends”.  There is a chance we become permanent friends though.

I’m not saying this is desireable. To many it’s heavy and not desirable at all. But if you’re dealing with a deep-pool kind of person, it’s going to be a slow process getting to know them.

What’s nice is they will be getting to know you as well. For real! It’s the opposite of a person who loves you today and betrays you tomorrow. Or simply finds a shinier friend to reflect upon them.

What do you know about this kind of process?

14 thoughts on “Am I Special To This Man?”

  1. Going through this very process with someone. slowly slowly deepening unfolding, evolving, opening, with short periods (days) of pull back in-between. – this person has a cappy moon.

  2. I find that my permanent friends are those with Leo rising–the opposite of my Aquarius rising. Does this somehow form a balance or completion?

  3. I love this Elsa, I am finding some friends who are as deep as myself. 7th house Scorpio sun, venus, neptune & cappy moon. Saturns transit has and is still helping me to be discerning in my relationships and to know who my real friends are and who I can really count on, as well as what I need from a relationship. I am putting myself out there more (scary,lol!) knowing that relationships are two way streets. Thank you so much for all your writings, they have seemed to be the perfect thing I needed to read at just that moment in time.

  4. This type of person can be frustrating and confusing to my level of understanding of “How People And Friendships Work” As Written By Me, Goldie.

    When I meet someone and like them, I want to immediately dive in. Why not? I hate wasting time, and when I like ‘someone’ or ‘something’ I want more, more, more.

    I think this is generally because I have confidence in my instincts/screening process to where I feel if we are at the point where I want to start enveloping myself with and around you, it’s because you must have passed some type of test with me internally.

    Or it could my Sagittarius Moon…acting first, thinking later…I am a Scorpio Ascendant, with Pisces on the 5th…so maybe they help me observe critically and intuitively enough to help me decide if I want to know you, there must be a reason, a good reason.

  5. I love love love this, Elsa. This is how I am as well. I am very uncomfortable with people who try to form instant bonds. I am not Super Glue! I enjoy the slow, steady process of getting to know someone. I like things to progress at a natural pace.

  6. There is 2 week old wine and wine that has aged.

    Also, at least for me personally, so many people want to be friends with my hologram which I KNOW is not me. So that has to go away in order to proceed.

    Personally, I’ve come to a point where it’s almost impossible for me to become friends online. Almost! This is because people just don’t see reality.

    If you doubt this, just imagine my neighbor, who sees me out there every day, mowing until I can’t walk. Picking rotten peaches. Chasing dogs. Tending a garden. Moving, moving, moving, truckload at a time, all by myself. My Japanese beetle war. My kudzu fighting. My bread baking, fruit drying, constantly striving.

    I guarantee you my neighbor has a better hack on me than most anyone who reads this blog and has an imagination.

    This blog is actually only about 20% of my life. Think about it.

    1. I understand this statement Elsa.

      On the flip side I have come to reach out less and less to be friends with anyone because I am not a “shiny” friend. I am the dull one that loves you in my quiet way and sticks with you through thick and thin for decades and accepts you for all of who you are. But I do not find that is a common commodity among people who want to be friends with me.

      I would rather be alone than waste time with people who want fair-weather shiny friends with no staying power.

  7. I understand this process greatly because I practice it myself. I’m a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising and a Taurus Moon. Until I get a comfortable feeling with a person I’m friendly but not your best bud by any means. I will be polite and friendly until I get to know you.

    1. That’s my way as well.

      Being somewhere new, I see people regularly, like at church. Some of them may not actually talk to me for six months or a year…which really is soon enough.

      It just takes all kinds is all. Some people approach others right away…which I also do. I’ll introduce myself. Then you can decide if you want to know me or not and you can take all the time you need.

  8. I’m Leo with Leo rising. It takes me a long time before I wanna hangout. I saw “bromance” mentioned on one of the threads or on this blog, I can’t remember, but if I sense a bromance on the horizon then I’ll stall things which can get awkward because then dudes will almost pester me.

  9. Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Ascendant, Taurus Moon on IC; I know my two closest friends for about 20 years (2/3 of my life 🙂 ). I’m usually pretty cordial toward people, and have many acquaintances, but these two really know me, trough good and bad times. Other people, even the love of my life, nor my parents and siblings, not so much… One friend has Moon in Scorpio, and the other in Pisces, so they are able to feel deeply also.

  10. Interesting. I ask a lot of questions of people, but I don’t open up until I’ve known you a loooong time and you’ve earned my trust. It’s not fair, I know. Scorpio moon. I also have venus conjunct saturn, so once you’re my friend, it’s almost for life. The process is too long, really.

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