“She’s Got Everything In The World Except…”

sagittarius drawingI was talking to a man I know. He and his wife host foreign exchange students. They’ve been at for five years. They’re worldly themselves. He rattled off six or eight countries where his family has lived over the years. It was partial list.

He mentioned the countries because I asked him just exactly what his wife liked to cook. His point was, she cooks everything!

I asked because this gal who was staying with them, she was quite rude.  There was no pleasing her pallette. She was outspoken around his dislike of whatever was prepared for her, rejecting the food by pushing it to the side of her plate. She pretty much pushed everything to the side of her plate.

It turns out she was from a very wealthy family. She had a personal maid and such. I met the gal…

“She was also exceptionally beautiful,” I said.

“Yes she was.”

“Sounds like she’s got everything in the world except humility,” I said. He looked surprised but agreed. “A person like that winds up with nothing and they can’t figure it out. How can a person as great as me wind up alone?”

“She’ll have to learn the hard way, that’s right.”

“It’ll take thirty years,” I said.


Saturn in Sagittarius.

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  1. You see, in a way I disagree. Females like that always get what they want. She will want for nothing in her life, and in the end, her lack of humility will not stop her from having the things she wants. When she is older, she may look back and feel as though her life was full of hollowness, but then again she may not. She may live a life that allows her to coast above much of what you are talking about…and in the end, she may die not caring one way or another about it.

    I feel like characteristics of humility, depth, honesty, kindness…you know, the un-sexy traits that the more evolved of us try to center our lives around, apply to those who were not gifted with model like beauty or enormous wealth. I’m not talking about the here after or when she stands before God or what have you; I’m talking about the here and the now.

    I have my own issues with people like this, people born to wealth or gifted with beauty, so there is that. This may be why my reaction is not in agreement with you. I’ve seen a lot of people like this, my husband works with a lot of privileged and wealthy people, and they could care less about humility.

    But now that I’m thinking about it more, you probably were talking more about what people like this will face after they pass on? And when they are being judged by a Higher Power?

    1. I get what you are saying and these types of people are just plain spoiled. Yes, they may get what they want but are they ever truly happy?

  2. I’m at place in my life where everything is lacking (saturn in scorpio) and I feel it is not my place to judge the lofty or poor as myself. In fact I have not one jealous bone or cell in my body for the rich. I can glance at Bill Gates and think yes I’d like to do what he does but I won’t feel jealous or ill intent because I know he worked to get there. And I feel compassion on that rich girl because she probably had everything served to her but an emotional bonding. Everything is relative. I will say whether or not she does get judged or judges herself is her choice. I think the Universe is so unconditional that we place judgments on it. Energy just is and the way we vibrate and think bring about our choices and life before us. In regards to this woman, yes she may be rude but that has nothing to do with me. I am sort of a pacifist in regards to not caring or judging. Its a little extreme. I do think she will only judge herself in that she is forced by another to re-examine herself whether she wants to or not or if she accepts and judges herself. We’re all just living an experience on earth.

    1. I wish I could look at it as you do. You have the attitude and mindset that I should aspire to, and I do not mean that in a sarcastic way, I mean that truly.

  3. Goldie, I know exactly what you mean, and I agree. I think she might have very different experiences and a lot of mundane problems just don’t even crop up. And while most people dislike rude people, rudeness is not the same as outright hatefulness, that anyone reacts to. Some people shrug it off and roll their eyes, like when dealing with a celebrity.

    1. “Torment can be concealed.” Oh my how true it is. Being brought to my knees time and again (I am close to 70) humility can be a progressive, carving character. When you lose your teeth, your face changes. If there were no dentists, there would be a whole different public image.

      My personal experiences have been progressive, Saturn rules my natal chart and I have lots of Scorpio. The carving happens internally as well as external. An 11th House Sun (which will be transited when Saturn goes through Sag) has me aware of continuing to move slowly in order to go far (as you’ve said in your posts re: Saturn in Sag). If my luck holds I’ll learn to be a very loyal friend with a few very loyal friends made with flexible knees. Or, I’ll be recycled and start again.

    2. True. I’ve read about Donald Trump’s divorce from his first wife. He hid himself somewhere in the Trump Tower and lived like Howard Hughes for awhile. The public saw the ever-successful Donald, his family saw a mess. Took awhile for him to come out of that.

  4. i do agree with this alot. Most definitely! it has to be the combination of wealth, being spoiled most importantly: upbringing. If her parents taught her to not be that way,she won’t suffer in life. I don’t know about the beauty thing because there are girls in the world who come from poor but they are humble. I’ve seen some really not considered beauty types of girls, (not ugly of course, just not what is considered beauty) and they acted like they own the world. They even have the money to get surgeries and nose straight or whatever, to get the look of conventional beauty that should reflect positively on others.

  5. *i mean that they come from poor but are exceptionally beautiful. plus beauty comes from the inside. their beauty shines, and my Pisces grandmother used to say that ugliness inside will reflect outside.

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Amazing to me that this topic came up — I was seriously considering hosting a foreign student or two for the private school one block away had I chosen to keep the money-pit house — sounded like “easy money”. I was warned by one host that the students can be very spoiled and demanding, and sometimes also develop depression or anorexia or get into trouble with drugs, sex, alcohol without strong supervision. Since I have no parenting experience, I didn’t really feel equipped for all that risk.
    As for humility, I’ve had it, lost it, regained it after being “corrected” by God/the Universe/circumstances. Perhaps it’s just my mindset to see events as punishment when others would not, but it has made me leery of being greedy or arrogant, forgetting gratitude or generosity, being over-confident, asking for or expecting too much.

    1. Yeah, everyone finds themselves alone in the dark at some point. But it can (and usually does) take a very long time. 30 years is not at all uncommon. In fact, if it doesn’t happen at 28-29 (Saturn return), it will probably be the late 50’s (second Saturn return).

      If you’re 30 you don’t think your life at 50 matters…you’re so wrong about that, lol. 🙂

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Beauty is not necessarily required to be spoiled, arrogant, get what you want, “own the world” — just consider Wallis Simpson…

    1. Yeah, he was not talking about her appearance. She was just hurtful to his wife, trying to cook for her and make her comfortable. He explained her background and this is when I thought…well she’s insanely beautiful as well, because she was. The kind of girl who just floors people…just naturally beautiful. The kind of physical beauty out there, like having an enormous IQ which she also has!

      Er…when I say, “all”, I mean all!

        1. Hey, Elsa, you’re beautiful! You’ve got black sparkling eyes full of divine mischief, and I love your energies.
          And I’m not just saying this because of the remark. Hell; I’m an artist, so beauty is something to which I pay a lot of heed.

  8. Ha ha…this reminds me.
    A couple days ago someone wrote me to tell me I was not very pretty.Um…okay. 🙂

    What kind of shallow ass does this kind of thing? Good god it takes all kinds …. these kinds of people are on my nerves.

    And yes, if you think your life after 50 doesn’t matter…. it may actually matter MORE.

    Eventually every single soul will be brought to their knees. I don’t care who your daddy is. Steve Jobs could tell that story. It doesn’t matter what you invent, who you know, how much money you have or what you look like….there will be something….something that will take your breath away and leave you lying on the floor trying to figure out how on earth you will ever get up again. Then, you’ll probably get up, and have to figure out how to learn to live with it which is harder than being flat on the floor.

  9. I probably seem like a huge snob when I’m depressed. Depression causes me to lose my appetite. I can barely hold a conversation. I have to force smiles if I can even manage to do that. I get paranoid that people think I’m a snob; that they think I think I’m “better than”, because I can’t enjoy much of anything around me for feeling so alone, which is all due to not having fundamental nurturing on an emotional level since I was a child. (Saturn IC) The paranoia intensifies the introspection, therefore causing me to appear even more of a snob. I also have money in my family. Point being, maybe the girl is suffering underneath.

      1. Oh no, I’m talking about depression. I suffer with severe bouts of depression. I’m an introvert as well, which doesn’t help matters. But even being introverted, when I am not depressed, I can easily manage in social situations.

        I was very depressed a couple of weeks ago, and as much as I normally love my step mother’s food, she fixed me a plate of fried chicken, fried okra, mashed potatoes, biscuits…etc…I ate 2 bites of everything. Felt super bad. Felt worse when I was told I don’t eat enough…that I need to put on some weight. I’m thinking, “geez, you’ve known me all my life. Obviously something is not right with me right now. If I could eat, I would”

        1. Yuck. Nothing worse than being force fed. The over feeders. I got someone who brings food to my house that I don’t eat. She has this habit of liking to spend money and I guess we are justification. It can be a nuisance because I don’t have room for it all sometimes. I have talked to other people who have said I have forbidden her to bring stuff to my house. Yes, it goes beyond food, too. I mean really, there are food banks and many people who would like this stuff, but nope she doesn’t go near those folks. I hate doing it, but the food comes in and goes in the garbage and the other stuff I have to cart off to thrift.

          1. I meant to write ‘they’ have forbidden her. ‘I’ is probably wishful thinking on my part. Oh well, it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.

    1. Maybe not very worldly? Stuck in the one way? Unopen to new adventures and experimentation? That’s my best guess.

  10. Thirty years might be right. Might be long. She’s just young. Not that that is an excuse. My parents would never have allowed that kind of disrespect. This is something my friends and I notice. Kids in public, or being hosted, just running blah blah blah wild, shit running out of both ends. We do not know if this is a healthy thing or not. Is it good to let em let it go or not? We question I think because we were raised with the rules of public conduct. which seemed harsh at the time. Hard tellin.

  11. anonymoushermit

    I was her in a past life or for many past lives. I was surrounded by um…picky people and, I don’t know how to put this nicely, but uppity people all my life. I figured out by my mid-20s that I was an outsider.

    My guess is that I was one of those beautiful and popular teenage girls in your high school in a past life, I was spoiled and mean. Well played universe, well played!

    I do believe that the universe tests our faith and our true integrity by letting people off of punishments, or lessons if you call them, for lifetimes. Then one day the bill comes due. A person is left having the tables turned finally on them one day, just like me in my lifetime so far.

  12. I stayed at a historic 3-story B&B in Cedar City, Utah, this past week for the Shakesprare Festival. The proprietor told me of a very upscale couple that came in to compare establishments. They said they decided on the place they stayed based on the coffee served, and inquired about the coffee. The proprietor said, “Well, I go to Costco and buy whatever is on sale.” The couple disappeared. The proprietor was glad.

    Sometimes, ya just have to let the chips fall. It just isn’t worth the trouble.

  13. Hmm I wondered why this is related to Saturn in Sag too, is this placement known for lack of humility? Just got insecure cos I have this lol.
    I guess it’s hard to be humble when you have it all :/ but it’s true, their relationships suffer for it… cos in their mind they are perfect, they are never wrong, they can never compromise or accept less than the perfection they believe they deserve. This can make them very difficult to get along. You always hate to cater to these people and their warped sense of entitlement permeates everything.

      1. The man and I are also both learned people with life experience. Basically, it’s the future (Sagittarius) according to an elder (Saturn).

        It’s also learning (Sagittarius) the hard way (Saturn).

        I could go on and on…this post definitely relates to Saturn in Sadge.

        1. thank you Elsa! : )
          I get it now. Even if youre the smartest person, theres some wisdom that only comes with age and experience.

  14. “She pretty much pushed everything to the side of her plate.” I’d be like “new rule! – cook your own damn food.”

      1. PS she was italian…and she tried to cook her italian food too, to please her. Big mistake, lol. Like it can’t be tasted because it ‘looked wrong’.

  15. Have been thinking about the last time saturn was in sag. Not so clean cut though. There was the whole uranus neptune saturn energy going on then. Remember waking up one morning and what I was doing was gone. My heart was no longer in it. Say what? Wa happened? Wa happened? How could this be? Was much less aware of what was going on with me then, maybe. Tried to go back and still do it. But it was gone gone gone. I was already on another course of action.

  16. Thank you Notch! Now that is sounding more like Saturn in Sag. Deeply independent and sensitive to when it’s being undermined.

  17. I have Saturn Nataly in 1st and conjunct ASC – I am 53 (almost) – sun in Leo 7th, also with a A stellium in 7th. I have now reached that age I feel certain this IS my life’s lesson and challenge, and is probably the reason I am alone. Arrogance, ego , everything is “just not good enough”. Quick to find fault, critical, see the worst etc etc I could go on..

  18. I was wondering why if this spoiled beautiful gal is so offended by foreign stuff, that she is traveling and meeting foreign folks, sleeping in strange beds? she is a weirdo for leaving her own bubble of a lovely spoon-fed adobe. lol

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