Saturn In Pisces – Where is the “Metaverse” line? 

twitter logoWhere is the “Metaverse” line?  It occurs to me we’ve already crossed it.  What is the metaverse anyway?  Digital representation of real life?

I got thinking about this when I saw a remark on twitter about so and so doing a bad thing to a child.  You know the word I mean. I have no idea if the allegation is real.

I clicked on the responses and the first one was an animated gif of someone sharpening an axe on a grinder.  You can see the wheel spinning and blade of the ax spitting fire.

I guess this represents the person’s emotion when they run across this kind of thing?  Okay. But what is real about it? Does the person even own an axe? Probably not.  Even if they do, do they also own a grinder, which they use to sharpen it? Probably not.

If you were a person who would actually go speak to someone about hurting a child, would you post a sharp axe on twitter, first? Probably not.

Are the people who posted these two tweets, real?  Um… probably not.

So if we’re reading this kind of content all day; which is quite removed from a flesh and blood person, is this not a digital representation of real life?

This line of thought has saved me a lot time already.

The picture is the new Tweetdeck logo. It makes me, “sleight of hand”?

What if all this stuff is related to Neptune in Pisces?  Will Saturn in the sign, bind us to unreality?  Or will it drop the veil? Where is the “Metaverse” line? 


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  1. Good Question Elsa. I dislike the Metaverse, am not in FB, Twitter, Pinterest (anymore) Instagram or any other social website other than here. I come here to discuss and learn things. I assume everyone here is a real person. Do you?
    I feel Saturn in Pisces, at least for me, since it will traverse most of my 4th house, will be about how well have I grown Spiritually in the past two years and will it be enough to keep me grounded during this transit.

    I think too (and it’s just because I have read here so many times) that with Saturn in Pisces it could drop the veil on the Metaverse. Kind of when Dorothy discovered the Wizard of Oz was just an ordinary man behind the curtain and further, it was all a dream. How far are people willing to go to lose their sense of reality?

  2. “How far are people willing to go to lose their sense of reality?”

    Or how far will they go to keep their sense of unreality?

    As for people here, being real, they are for the most part… though this has not always been the case. But as for people who comment around here at this point, I have worked with almost all of them, at one time or the other.

    1. Yes. I mean it can’t be compared to any past jump in inventions like from Radio to TV…at least you still feel like you have boundaries of reality in those mediums.

      Oh I am on YT like someone below said they are. I use it for movies, music, exercise, cooking, meditate with a Sangha, watch Astrology and inspirational as well as psychology videos. I comment at times too but I can turn it off like a TV and go back to my real life. I know some people go down the Rabbit Hole with it though if they keep clicking on the AI suggestions. I try to just stick to my subscriptions.

  3. I ignore the metaverse…the actual world is far more interesting, though I know there are multdimensional beings out there, whom we sometimes encounter…

  4. It’s probably going to get a lot worse.
    I m not on any Social Media at all, except for YouTube.
    But with AI ,chariots,
    There really is no reality.
    The Younger generation,is too busy doing stuff.
    Earlier too ,I used to get annoyed at recorded messages at banks ,or other companies,and select the number,to get a recorded response.
    Now we have chat bots 🙄🙄😣
    Virtual reality will probably get worse.
    So it will be back to nature for many of us.

  5. Real people do post memes as quick replies or comments, it’s expedient and fun. But the Chat Bots are getting scary realistic. My “conversation” with one at a utility company last week was absolutely seamless!

    1. I know that real people make and post memes. My point is that a person puts a picture of an axe being sharpened, to represent themselves.

      Who is behind that axe? A person who has never laid hands on an axe in their life. It’s just veneer. I’m sorry.

      Posting an axe pic and swinging an axe, particularly at another person, is miles apart. Absorbing the unreality all day, every day does something to you, from what I can see.

      Also, axe pix accomplish nothing, in the defense of children. I am trying to get real here.

  6. Avatar

    I feel like the saturn pisces will dissolve foundations. Wash them away. Literally.

    Look at the floods in austrailia, new zealand, germany, california, etc. Etc. That was just theblast couple of years. If there is another round of flooding like that everything that barely held on, well, the foundations were weakened, they are just going to go. Bye bye under the flood waters.

  7. That example is the type I’ve seen as well, and it’s always some emotion. It feels (haha) like everyone is full of bottled up emotions they let out online all day, and then carry it with them, but it’s already been expressed and validated by the bots, so it’s going no further, and becomes a daily experience of frustration, and, inevitably, powerlessness.

    For example, the “truther” stuff was helpful to a point. But it also paralyzed people and threw them into despair, like everything is just going according to plan and we are screwed. Bad people win; we lose. Nothing ever happens. Etc. So posting those gifs is a release valve. “I’m angry about this! (But I can’t do anything at all about it, so I’ll post a gif and let people know I’m angry. And people liked my gif!)” If that makes sense.

    Honestly it’s been very effective at keeping everyone subdued. The mind has been invaded and everything someone would express in real life, in the taverns or town squares, amongst a group of people one knows from one’s local community, it’s all been relocated to a screen in our hands while we’re alone. It’s like the separation during CV. Get your frustration out online, stay away from others, stay subdued. Get mired in the network of bots and AI generated articles instead. You’ve been farmed.

    There’s no more tar and feathers. We’re a shell of our former selves. So while the people running everything still fear the masses, they’ve done a very good job with this tool.

    Sorry for how dark this response is! Fwiw I don’t despair. I think Elsa, your knowing this metaverse isn’t real, and sharing that, can help people apply the knowledge in the same way or similar, so that they will also save themselves some time, and some aggravation. These things exist, but we are still free if we wanna be 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s heartening, you see what I see. As you know, I live with someone who would truly kill someone for this offense so the gap here is apparent to me.

      You actually give the ax person more credit than I do. I think it’s posturing. Superficial, like a filter you put over your face. This is me and my dog ears, when you’re not a dog. Same thing we see everywhere. It’s as effective as voting!

      I share your other feelings as well. I don’t know how we could possibly be a softer target… but there is always tomorrow!

      One more clarification – I posted this, not to be critical but because people have asked me to share how I am getting un-trapped. This is how. SEE the content for what it is, then go do something productive? Or not even that? Just go have some peace of mind!

      1. I can see what you mean. Posturing, false bravado. Having an actual person in your life who would kill for that crime is such a contrast. And I think you’re right, most might not. Which is kind of upsetting. But we have seen examples of people being attacked in broad daylight in various ways recently, and rather than helping, people video it or walk by like it’s nothing. I can’t imagine needing help and not receiving it.

        And yes to what you say about being productive or gaining peace of mind! So much good could come of that 🙏 I have to hold onto these hopes. Although I do agree about how easy of a target we are right now.

  8. I had read that one of the points to meta verse is to help people tune out the outside world. Somewhat like tune out to turn on. Can’t substantiate this but in my mind it has a ring of truth in effect

  9. @Ann, I believe that is true. My concern is aren’t we doing enough of that already just by virtue of being on our phones and online all day, everyday?

    @Elsa in regards to memes and gifs etc. I think a part of the appeal is self expression without exposure. One is charmed by funny memes, gifs but it leaves the person posting it hidden, only pointing to a thought. And thoughts are not facts. Thoughts are not real. They are only thoughts 💭. So even further these types of postings have less meaning than we realize.

    1. “So even further these types of postings have less meaning than we realize.”

      Yes. And a good number of people, live off these. It’s like filling up on junk food. Where does it get you?

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