Are There Mutual Receptions Between People?

gamer grandmaAre there mutual receptions between peoples charts?

Example: Uranus in Scorpio for person X

Pluto in Aquarius for person Y

This is hypothetical because Pluto is Aquarius only babies now.

Yes, I think this is valid.  You happened to use outer planets in your example so I’ll go with that in describing how this might play.

Let’s say you’re in a group of people; everyone is chatting or discussing some topic.  There are ten of you. You have this “mutual reception” with one of them.

You might be instantly be attracted to someone in the group; while being repulsed by another. These reactions would mostly likely  be shown by inner planets aspects to the other person’s planets of any type.  It’s personal!

In contrast, the outer planet mutual reception situation would show itself, when this person from the other generation revealed their attitude or shared ideas on the topic.  You’d feel a ping of familiarity and you would tend to like the person as they are accessible to you on one level. They’re understandable.

As an example, I feel an affinity to gamers, though I am not one, never have been and never will be. But I relate to their love of challenge and their willingness to persevere and grind it out until the final boss is defeated.

It’s a matter of recognizing something in someone that you see in yourself, with no conflict between you.

5 thoughts on “Are There Mutual Receptions Between People?”

  1. Oooh, I would love to see the charts on these two ! An adorable elderly Asian chef lady named Lynja Ramen and Nick Giovanni, a young man from Master Chef ! This appeared in my feed this morning and that picture made me think of them ! They dress up, have fun and cook together like best friends for years. Watching them together is so much fun !

  2. I believe there is! I have Mars in Cancer, and my sibling has Moon in Scorpio. Interestingly both placements are in their fall. We are like best friends too 🙂

  3. If my Sun is in Sagittarius, I should feel an affinity to someone with Jupiter in Leo, correct?
    Would I be able to sort out where someone’s Sun would be best placed? Or would I do well with someone with any planets in Leo, as they would be aspecting my Sun?
    This subject is fascinating. I’ve already worked out the mutual receptions that I understand. I wish you’d write more on this, with more examples. Thanks for your insight, Elsa. This post opened a whole new area to explore.

  4. What could a North Node and Mars conjunction mean for a person, based on house and sign? What would it do to planets and angles in Aries?

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