Capricorn And Rejection

capricorn art printCapricorn is sensitive to rejection.  If someone lets me know they don’t enjoy my company, I exit their life totally and permanently.  It’s easy to get rid of me . Just let me know you don’t want me there and you’ll not have a problem again!

This is extreme in my case or so I’ve been told. But I really don’t see, “I don’t like you,” to be negotiable. I also appreciate being told such a thing since it saves me time and energy. Life is short!

Some think I overreact. But I figure a person means exactly what they say.

How do you handle rejection?  If someone tells you to go away, do you take them seriously?

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  1. I am Cancer rising, Leo sun. Instead of the stereotypical emotional reaction that these signs are known for, I just give space (that unconditional love thing). I try to be gentle with the subject -their rejection of me- and leave the door open for them to change their mind later (even if later never happens). My grandmother once told me “if someone takes a step away from you, you should take three steps away from them.” Many times people are going through other issues and are blocking me may not be from something I did. I try to detach from what it might mean and wait for them to come to me. I figure they will approach me once they feel safe enough to do so. I don’t want to pressure answers they obviously aren’t ready to give me so most times I don’t say anything. Sometimes they just need room to think things over so waiting for them to come to me always feels like the best action to take. If they don’t want anything to do with me, that’s fine too. I usually can feel that kind of disdain anyway, and stay away…but i also understand that everyone is different and I may not know the whole I leave space for reconciliation (unless they were totally rude, then no, that door is closed).

  2. Hi I’m sagittarius sun conjunct Saturn. Moon in Virgo male and when somebody rejects me or tries to make fun of me I just say Goodbye, no fights, no problems. And they usually are stoked by this trait in my, but that is how life goes. Why stay around if the relationship is going to be shit?

  3. Hi, new to this blog and find many comments very relatable to my saturn rising in Cap. What I’ve learned as I get older is that people see me as the ‘heavy’ even if I’m feeling nothing of the sort. The faćade of aloofness and quiet discernment is sometimes mistaken for smarter-than-thou judgement (father). When friends ‘leave’ when they enter new relationships or new ventures it’s because they think you might judge them. We somehow trigger parental and, or teacher figures.

  4. Good point. Saturn at 29 Capricorn and a 10th house Sun in trine. I guess this makes me a Capricorn flavored Taurus? I am very sensitive to rejection.

      1. Me neither. Mine is in the 6th house, so I am trying to get my health in order now. I am sure there may be a job change – but you can never tell.

  5. Capricorn is on my nadir (ruled by Saturn) so I get a lot of rejection from early childhood, family, difficult to have a secure foundation, doesn’t help that Uranus sits near the midheaven in the 9th house. Saturn is square that too.

    People think I’m crazy that I move around a lot in my life. I’d rather not because the moves are often involuntary, chaotic and fraught with huge challenges. I’ve learned one has to roll with it and have given up trying to change it. It is what it is. Fighting things often makes it worse.

    I also have major Saturn contacts with mother, father and brother. Scapegoat child abused by the mother and golden child brother. Head in the sand father. Fun Times. Not.

    I love the way Elsa writes. Read her book years ago. I was living in PHX at the time, so the AZ stuff was interesting to me as well as the great stories. I too am a truth teller (9th House Gemini Moon). Hate deception. Just be honest.

  6. I can totally relate. Being a Capricorn with some hard Saturn aspects, I never want to be anywhere I am not wanted. It is foreign to me when someone desperately hangs on to a person who doesn’t want them.

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