Are Venus Square Neptune People Camera Shy?

Hi Elsa,

I believe you once mentioned that being camera-shy had to do with the disappearing tendency of Venus square Neptune. I have this natally and also loathe being in front of the camera. I am curious why though in relation to the astrology.

Venus Neptune sister
United States

I never thought about being camera shy.  But when I started blogging, someone noticed that I was obscured in in every picture I posted.  If I did face the camera, it was blurry.

This was to news to me at the time, but undeniable once someone pointed it out.

When high definition cameras came into being, I became very uncomfortable making videos and I quit soon after. I’m also always the one taking pictures at any gathering. I’m good at it but it also allows me to avoid having my picture taken.  I love it when no one notices!

Neptune rules film and is inclined to avoidance. Venus is vanity.

You might say I am vain and avoid pictures but you might also say I avoid vanity in this way.  In reality, I only dress up to please others (Libra)… and I avoid this if at all possible. Left to my own devices, I have not one modicum of interest in it.

I do think I could be called “camera shy” but I don’t think it’s fair to assume anyone with Venus Neptune has this condition because the same combination describes glamour.  There are plenty of celebrities with this combo. The can easily present as the IT girl. It’s an illusion and if you look closely, you can see it.

Rather than say Venus square Neptune is camera shy, you might say people with this aspect have a relationship with the camera.  Further, that relationship can morph.

Do you have Venus square Neptune? How do you feel about picture taking?

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  1. I’ve performed alot of my life, – it got easier the more I did it, but it’s still not something I super enjoy – it’s like something to get through, doing as best as possible.
    I quit, absolutely stopped going to malls in 2002 – I remember the last pair of shoes I ever bought in the store – I’ve been online shopping saving tons of money for over 20 yrs. It took time for me to understand why I didn’t like malls – it’s the focused surveillance. Being watched, taped, your every move as if you are a criminal…that I can’t stand.
    Being filmed or photographed because you’re giving a show to the audience is different. and it became almost uncanny – I could feel when a photo was being taken – later – I’d see it on FB and I Was Consciously Aware the exact moment it was taken – this happened many times. And there was a period of time from 1990s-2000 when in nature, a photo was taken – you could not see me, or find me – I’d blend into the rocks, or the trees – it’s like I disappeared. As usual, Elsa I had to so see if I had this….is Venus sextile Neptune that?? OMgosh – i just googled it and got chills – yep that’s it. I call it Concert Energy – and portals would open up – and I was given new notes, new everything – it was /is something I don’t think on so much, because it is so energetic only.

    1. Thanks for posting an alternative idea. I have another one myself…

      I can read energy from pictures and see things that others can’t. This is particularly true if I hold a picture in my hand.

      I think may be another reason I don’t want my picture taken. You can see things in picture that aren’t necessarily visible if you see the person in real life.

      I mean, Hollywood, can really create a false illusion. You have no idea what you’re actually looking at, point being, it’s deliberate.

      Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus Neptune has a similar quality.

      I have also seen people (not me) do this will painting which is another type of picture. I see a pear. They see ripe fertility.

      I can see it too, if someone reads it for me. I rarely have this experience! I tell someone what they’re looking at and they deny or think I am crazy or whatever. It’s not something I mention that much.

      I don’t like the surveillance either. When the red light camera came, I knew I would be leaving Colorado.

      American Indians are interesting… at least some of the tribes (in New Mexico that I know of), will not allow people to take their picture. They believe it steals their soul or something along those lines. I agree with them. If it bothers you, you should be obligated to have your picture taken just because someone wants it.

  2. I was going to mention that soul thing with the Indians, I am glad you did.
    I feel like your Neptune Sister now, I don’t want my picture taken and I certainly don’t want to see myself old. There have been so many snarky people I’ve walked away from – I wish I could pull my presence right from their memories. I have had to learn temperance – to not quit, and hang in there…for in time I was shown how my feelings can change. I’ve come to view you as an Oracle – seeing the truth in the Stars out there, looking at the stars in here – and you can cut right to the chase, no ego soup words to filter thru and just so motivated to help and heal people. You are a blessing. Satori also – a dynamic duo that rarely ever gets seen. Once in a painting class I painted this field, it was at the artist’s home – and it looked more like a river, like water than a field – and she told me at one time it was under water – just another little tidbit that just popped up. Thank you Elsa – for all you do, and putting yourself out there. There is alot I don’t know – like Venus is exalted in Pieces… that may be common knowledge – but I have huge gaps and I don’t think I’ve ever thought about Neptune, or Uranus for that matter…I think I’m getting ready to graduate to the outer planets, lol. So many times, I do communicate with you on this site, but I almost always click out and don’t post. I just want you to know how incredible I think, feel you are.

  3. Elsa/Roberta, nods to you both. feels like reading my own thoughts there. Venus/merc 12H Aries sq Neptune 9H.
    It’s RARE that I allow my picture taken, and even more so that I even remotely look good on it, UNLESS I am totally either a) in character, meaning I’m acting in some way, b) completely comfortable in the moment/place AND with the people around me.
    I have an Instagram account fir years, set up with an email account nobody knows about, and never posted anything until I begun last year. What do I post since? 98% screenshots of random music I’m listening to. Occasionally I may record and post street singers, or some short videos at the beach like at sunset, with background music I feel suits it. Rarely, a picture of myself, probably self portrait, with lots of patterns and shades on top of it. Blurry, yes. As if an otherworldly painting, yes. Very Occasionally I think of creating a blog or a vlog on various subjects, including astrology which I’ve been studying loosely for a decade to 15yrs now. Can I bring myself to it? Apparently not…or not yet. The idea of coming out in public, even just in writing is scary.
    On the other hand, I’ve been taking pictures of others for years and usually do a great job. My way of going unnoticed. I don’t think I’m camera shy, I do believe I’m too transparent so don’t like it public. And i do know some people become mesmerized in some way by those I post of myself, with special note to capricorn sun or other important placements/angles (where my neptune is). Lots of interesting stories … from platonic benign to stalkers. lol

  4. I can definitely relate to this. I have Venus square Neptune/Saturn/Asc. My uncle was always the one with the camera while I was growing up. I always tried to hide when he was taking pictures because I just didn’t want to ‘act’ happy or otherwise for him. Even to this day I really don’t like my photo taken at all and do my best to avoid it. I never post photos of myself on social media, ever! I also dislike all the surveillance since I can feel it happening, (probably due to my Neptune in 12th.) When I was in school I always wanted to be the one in the back row, but they made me stand in front because of my short stature. I always looked so unhappy in the photo, and that is why. Not many understood and still don’t. Also because of that, I am not a picture loving person. I can feel the energy in the photo and it usually makes me uncomfortable, so I don’t decorate my home with photos of people. When family visits, they always ask me where are the photos of everyone. My reply is they are in a photo book and I can show you if you like. It wasn’t until I read your post that it all made sense why I have such an aversion to the camera. Thank you for posting this, it’s very self revealing.

  5. My Virgo Venus semi-squares my Scorpio Neptune. Additionally, I have asteroid “Photographica” conjunct my 8H Libra Sun. My legacy (8H) will include being remembered as the family photographer.

  6. Venus sextile Mercury and Neptune conjunct ascendant in Libra. I like to take the pictures and am okay in a group photo but hate to be photographed alone. Would rather remain with the illusion that I look good.

  7. My venus is in the first house sextile my neptune. I don’t have that aspect but I am totally camera shy. I think its because my scorpio sun is in my 12th house

    1. Same, opalina.
      Venus rising trine Neptune, sun/moon 12th. No pictures, avoid reflections in storefronts and uncomfortable w/compliments. However, I do have to check the mirror to make sure everything is in place!

  8. one person takes stunning photos of me. everything else i hate. they’re awful. so i dunno. i think it depends on how i feel about who’s on the other side of the camera. and i hate my selfies 😛
    i have a venus neptune trine.

  9. I have Venus Pisces square Neptune Sag (wide orb) and I loathe seeing pictures of myself. It gets worse as I get older, and all of the changes that aging brings. I often think, that can’t possibly be me, why does it look so different from what I see in the mirror?

    This has been really challenging with online dating, as the narrative is that you’re only as good as your profile pictures. Our societal values have become so warped with social media and the obsession with capturing our own image.

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