Life In A Cellar Box

cellar boxWhen I did the radio show with, Robert Phoenix, I talked about life being contained. I don’t recall exactly how I phrased it but the idea is that we’re all corralled and our areas of operation are shrinking.

I also mentioned I felt the ceiling was being lowered at this time.  I think I mentioned, the idea is that we have too much money. We’re getting a collective haircut so to speak.

Now these are my thoughts, exclusively.  I often use analogies to describe situations because this is how my brain works.  Templates!

If you’re not familiar with the term “cellar boxing”, it refers to a situation where the stock of a company is shorted until it’s brought under control.  From that point on, the stock does not trade above the ceiling of the cellar box – the price is suppressed.  If you’ve been in the stock market for any amount of time, this probably sounds familiar.  Over time, the ceiling of the box is lowered until the company is destroyed.

This method can be used in other situations. This blog is “cellar-boxed” and it has been for years. The traffic to this site is regulated. If I get a large influx of traffic from some independent source, the traffic that is sent to me via search is curtailed to keep me in the box. When the traffic bump subsides, I go right back to my set level.

I have watched this ceiling lower in increments over the last twelve years or so. If you have seen this in the stock market, it’s exactly the same. It’s like being but on a starvation diet. I have enough to survive, but that’s it. My head is right there, brushing against the ceiling, on a daily basis.

So what if you’re not in the stock market and you don’t have a website? It doesn’t matter. We are all in the process of being cellar-boxed at this time.  Do you not notice you have less money to spend?  There are numerous ways you are being pushed down.  If you can’t see it yet, I think you will very shortly.

This is why I am trying to write about practical matters. It’s time to get real about your life situation because you are very unlikely to wake up tomorrow, in a fluffy, comfy scenario.

Here’s the show.

Welcome, Astro Friends Of Robert Phoenix

Are you aware of the walls closing in and the ceiling coming down?  How do you feel about this?

49 thoughts on “Life In A Cellar Box”

  1. Elsa this is a a great opportunity for you to raise that ceiling and get out of that box. I’m really happy for you. I always love and Appy your insight. You have your head in the stars but you are also
    the most grounded astrologer I’ve ever followed. Wishing you and your family all the best of everything.
    Tara 💕☺️🙏

    1. Yes! Definitely feeling the ceiling lowering. Pluto in Aquarius will wipe out the old system.

      The debt ceiling that is being talked about in D.C. is going to be that final nail in our proverbial coffin. The government is already preparing for a shut down. By April our situation could be a new normal.

  2. This image of and description is life giving. Though the timing has been longer—since the 2008 downturn in every area of life. And I have continued to downshift—yet deepen—right along. By deepen, I mean move my focus to the inner realm. But isn’t that exactly what’s an anorexic does as she slides into starvation. Now, how to break out of the box while I still have the strength? Waiting eagerly for what follows!

    1. I don’t see this on the horizon at this time. There will have to be a reversal or an upset (Uranus) to change this course. Uranus is unpredictable so I can’t predict it.

      This is why I am trying to post pragmatic type solutions. A person is very likely going to have to solve their own problems, if they want to see them solved.

      1. Natal condition of Uranus, mine 3rd house Virgo with Pluto a few degrees away, hints at how to create one’s own plan of response and action. All earth gives some compatible understanding, I suppose.

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    Aquarius Regular

    Biologist think they are seeing this in the animal world, that is, involving animals besides us. A kind of checks and balance thing. Plants emit more toxins. Herbivore life gets tougher. Makes sense that we have our own version, if indeed you are right. Not that it’s pleasant, mind you.

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        Aquarius Regular

        Richard Karban’s Lab – plant & animal interaction

        Related: TV documentary Nature’s Fear Factor on Nova PBS – this is just animals, no plants

  4. Definitely seeing this in my workplace, where we have suddenly been asked to cut our budget by 57%. Not easy to do overnight!

  5. It seems that when you know this, you can see that it’s been happening since before we were born. It goes way back. It gained traction when certain methods seemed successful towards this end. The only thing is, through convenience, we have all been participating in it, whether we know it or agree with it, or not.

  6. I can totally see this, very clearly, now that you lay it out so eloquently….well, I can borrow your words to describe it.

    But, why is it happening? What’s the point….especially since it’s at the collective level.

    Finally who do we see breaking beyond the ceilings? Can we emulate her?

    1. This is a big question. There are a lot of reasons but I’m not prepared to write about this today because I don’t want to deal with the backlash. This is not political by the way. I have left all that in dust.

      As for breaking above the ceiling, I don’t see anyone doing this. I mean you break through and the algorithm adjusts and pushes you back under the line. Use the stock analogy. The price of a stock can be suppressed for years and years and years and years… improvement right around the corner that never comes.

      I’m sorry, but I think it’s more likely Saturn goes into Pisces, the veil drops and people see the walls… and the illusion. In this case, people who don’t know there is a box, or know there is, but think they’re above it? Those people are going to stand up are going to be smacking their head on the ceiling, shortly.

      Case in point, Twitter engineers, some people working in finance.. etc.

      1. Hmmmm…I definitely see this for the working class level folks in finance/IT. The owners of these firms…not so much. Personally, my wages have been stagnant for over a decade. I’m trying to resign myself to being homeless as a old women. The prospect terrifies and angers me.

      2. This is not just financial right, this encompasses many topics (for lack of better word)?

        Smart move on your part, the world is not ready AT ALL!!

        I remember years or maybe even a decade ago not sure, you posed the question on a post – are you all ready with what you have as is, meaning this is it not going to get much better. If I am not mistaken, it was in reference to the material world/solid/Saturn world. That resonated and stayed with me and I lowered that ceiling myself bit by bit in anticipation of what i was discerning in the world all around me on many levels.

        1. I am arriving at this conclusion based on numerous pieces of information, personal experience, astrology, things I hear from clients, and stuff I have read over the years… and written about for that matter. It’s pretty typical, I write things very few understand until 5-8 years pass, but some people hear me.

          I am talking about more than money. Take health care. When Sarah Palin and death panels were a thing, I found a book written in the early 70’s by Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop.

          Life was different back then. Koop was on the Left, I believe, but in this book, he states plainly that there would be no money to pay for healthcare when it comes to the boomers / Medicare and such, when the time came. He makes it clear that something will need to be done. I would say something has been done! Numerous things have been done.

          Regarding the market, I began telling numerous clients, *I would get out, late summer, 2022. I also told crypto millionaires *I would cash out while rich, but no one wants to do that because of TAXES. It’s set up this way on purpose (my opinion).

          I really started telling clients who asked, *I would exit the market, Fall 2022. Very few listened but many tried to listen. But what happens is they call their salesman (broker) and you know how that goes. They get sold! And what can I do? Nothing. It’s not my money, not my business and in fact, it’s illegal for me to give financial advice. Again, it’s set up this way.

          So we move around less, we’re separated if not flat out estranged from our families – many, many people are all alone trying to make it and almost everyone has a health problem.

          So yeah. I don’t think this is a good time for a sunshine pump up the butt. It is a good time to grasp your situation and get a real handle on it. I’m sorry! I don’t mean, panic, but for Godsakes, get real.

          Does it hurt? Yes, it does. But it’s better to fall from the 10th floor than from the top of the Empire State Building.

          1. Wow, yes, it is indeed better to fall from the tenth floor. And, I think I like what Hazel said,,,,that she has lowered the ceiling on herself. I think that’s better…right? You have some sense of control.

            And its not only ceilings …I see floors too. I’ve been trying to get lower on some things…..weight, cholesterol and other metrics. I’ve truly worked it and can’t get below the floor I am on.

            I’ve also tried some lateral moves….trying to connect with people who share similar interests and the like. Stone walls instead. Tho, this could be purely astrological with Aqua rising and Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house.

            So, yes, Elsa it’s not all financial. But, thank you for the financial heads up. I’m happy to say I heard you on this front and got out.

              1. No not true, well my analogy is this 😉

                It might feel like there is no use but think of a dandelion when a sudden little breeze comes around and all of sudden 100’s of tiny little fluffy seeds lift up into the air blowing about until landing. Not all of those seeds sprout, only the ones that reach fertile soil and perfect conditions for that little seed to turn burst open and reach upwards~ sprouting away;-)

          2. Thank you for this.
            Absolutely, better to fall from the 10th floor than from the roof top sorta speak. Thank you for pointing that book out too. I did do a personally deep dive into part of that subject last year (even though i knew much about it) with the mandates and it is extremely disturbing and horrific.

    2. Well, one way to look at it is as the natural result of building a society on the assumption of infinite progress, infinite expansion. Capitalism itself requires Perpetual Consumption.
      Its a house of cards, a giant ponzi scheme.
      But we’ve been sold this idea, so we are collectively shocked when the tide turns and Saturn takes the reins to remind us even the planet has limits.

  7. I’m aware of the box and yet, one person’s ceiling is another person’s floor. Some stock being shortened, some being hyped, both us just casino playground for people eager to take risk because they can.
    Hype and breakdown are so obvious (in all areas of life) that it seems like an elaborate conspiracy to some.
    I think it’s more of an earthquake, metaphorically speaking. Picking up the pieces and rebuilding what was before is not an option.
    I don’t know what exactly is coming our way. All i know is that I want to be in a get up and go, flexible and opportunity seeking mindset no matter what happens. I don’t want to be cowering in a corner, frozen in fear.
    Because I have learned one thing about myself: If the situation arises in the present moment, I am up to it. Without knowing where the energy and the ideas come from, I didn’t plan these emergency actions, they did me. And looking back, I did well, even if it did hurt at the time. As long as I don’t steep my mind and emotions in worry and fear and look after my body, I can still see the cracks in the walls and take action.

  8. Cellar boxed… mmmm Americans are being ripped off bc govt and corporations are stealing from them. Taxpayers are funding war in Ukraine and there’s plenty of money laundering being done by US govt. CEOs are making record profits salaries and bonuses on our backs. Pluto in CAP

  9. Yes, the powers that be want us to be penniless serfs, so they can gobble up the resources that are left (private jets, yachts, etc.)but the likely result will be that the current system collapses…perhaps at the same time that Pluto leaves Capricorn for good..

  10. The ceiling has been coming down on us for decades, and sadly, it’s happening everywhere — our standards are shot. It’s in education, healthcare, lack of affordable housing, lack of civility (our elected representatives!), clothing so poorly made that it doesn’t even get repaired, (cobblers and dry cleaners going out of business), soon shortened hours of libraries, smaller seats on airplanes while waistbands are expanding, doing away with cursive, paper plates instead of china. When the students and older people who worked part time at my local drugstore were replaced by self-checkout some decades ago, I first began to worry. Then nurse practitioners took the place of doctors, and universities used more research assistants to teach classes, while still increasing tuition. And on and on. I am profoundly sad.

  11. Perhaps time started survival of the fittest the best of intentions over farmed over produced over provided in a glut of things ;lots of freedom lots of things ,stuff maybe Covid turned the knob lower the ceiling ?less is best came in ,population is going down ,less food is being grown and produced ,now diseases have kicked ass ,wars discontent shrinking may evoke panic of course , mostly with obsessively greedy
    Have you ever seen some of the Yachts ???maybe it’s modulation time dialing back ?for me time seems to be going so fast… less is always better ,time !that I want to play with ,stretch It , I see myself needing less wanting less definitely spending less basics I want to cook good dinner it starts in my thoughts early if I get a banana or an egg In me in first
    6 hours I am good then 6 hours of pine needle tea , then a Dinner to brag about(that’s how I announce it to my grandson anyways makes it taste better if it sounds grand) I told him last night my world famous pancake and some fried chicken (ran out of potatoes carrots and rice, but as usual I will shop on weekend)
    What we have not as important as what we do with it I think I when a storm is coming and we start hunkering down and there’s just few things we want matches water something to eat the rest becomes a blur I think we might be in the hunkering down stage I don’t think it’s as frightening as inviting to that feeling you get when you know you’ve become ready to do this to see what the night storm or the next day brings we got this I think we’re survivalist it’s just very painful to see the weak foolish or both for whatever reason don’t prepare.

  12. The ceiling is being lowered deliberately. Hungry people are more likely to “buy in” to digital currency scheme being proposed by the Davos crowd, once our current system crashes. Just know if you do you will secure your place as a slave and your offspring will not know the freedoms we have known. A bit of good news is that roughly half the people that were supposed to attend the mother WEFfers meeting didn’t go because people are catching on to their plans for the rest of us and it’s increasingly unpopular. Elsa, I think it does matter that you say what you see, and if it’s true the ceiling will continue to lower, what is there to lose? People need to know what’s coming. And to the analogy of falling from 10th floor being better than the top….that end result is still the same. A bloody mess on the sidewalk. Get out of the building while you still can and look for those people who still know how to do things that matter. If our ancestors could make do in times of lack then we can too. Use that tea bag a couple of times. Learn how to grow something besides fingernails. (I’m saying that because I am flabbergasted by how many women on local social media are posting photos of their new nails when the line at the local food bank grows longer every week. Wake up!)

      1. How is it being corrected? Or what is the correction and is the correction good news?

        Sorry, I’m not following….

  13. There seem to be many layers to this phenomenon. Some thoughts I’ve had. In regards to business or chasing capital, the model is based on competition, so it’s necessarily hostile and the element of love is considered a drawback or weakness – it isn’t profitable to be kind to others. So love is eradicated from this field.

    Then there is the personal psyche, a mind not operating with the influence of love is small and constricted. Love is expansive, unlimited. My mind grows smaller and more hostile in an environment that denies the reality of love.

    Then there is the collective mind, very influential to all the minds within it, and which manifests dominant trends in individual psyches. How many human ‘units’ in this field believe love is redundant in order to thrive? How many human ‘units’ believe love doesn’t exist? If this is the case, how can expansiveness be a dominant trend.

    My understanding is, the individual psyche can be transformed to incorporate love, real love – a universal force, and thus tap into expansion. The more people transform towards love, the more the collective mind changes, and this changes the quality of the overall environment, which allows more people to have confidence in this way of being.

    As a kid, I was fascinated by this scene in Star Wars, I think because my childhood experience was of minds always being made smaller, especially by fear:

  14. “This blog is “cellar-boxed” and it has been for years. The traffic to this site is regulated…. I have watched this ceiling lower in increments over the last twelve years or so.” And then there is Susan Miller who, I am sure, intentionally and continuously makes her monthly horoscopes @4 days late to drive up the traffic to her site (people clicking at least once a day for 4 days quadruples the statistics each month). Bless you for staying true, Elsa!

  15. One of my professors in college said that things become a fad before they become a necessity. I see this with the fad of “simplifying one’s life” and reducing clutter, etc. I have Saturn conjunct Pluto in the twelth house so I think I have always lived like this or been aware of it. It feels normal to me or maybe I am delusional like you are saying? It sure will get interesting.

  16. I physically have felt cellar boxed in life. (Traumas) Locked down hard pushing my neck out of balance along with every other part of my body. I understand imbalance/south node libra(2nd).

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