Are You Detail Oriented Or Do You Take A Broader View?

sagittarius galloping horse“Sagittarius Mind” aka, Jason Fleming, has been blogging a long time!  He’s got a stellium in Sagittarius.  Every time he opens his mouth, Jupiter flies out.

Case in point, here’s one of his posts: ASTROLOGICAL COMPATIBILITY & THE “3 DYNAMICS” : A BROADER VIEW

All caps, see? BIG.

And of course he’s taking not just a “broad” view but a “broader view”.

Jason is a good man. I vouch for him without reservation, the way Italians are inclined to do. I mention my nationality because it’s Sagittarius thing.  When I saw his post this morning, it got me thinking about different ways of thinking.

Some astrologers are detail-oriented.  The examine what seems to me, to be minutiae. However, they may get a great result.

I tend to look at the big picture and then discern which details matter, setting the rest aside.  My natal chart describes my process.

I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house. Of course I’m going to go for the overview.  But my mind (Mercury) is sharp (Mars).  I’m not out there just galloping and lollygagging around. I seeking the key!

How does your mind work?  What’s the astrology?

24 thoughts on “Are You Detail Oriented Or Do You Take A Broader View?”

  1. Both…Virgo stellium with sag moon and mercury conjunct Jupiter. Sometimes I’m in a tree, sometimes I’m flying above the forest

  2. Haha this reminds me of my mother-in-law who used to always type in all caps on my facebook wall. She’s a double Sag.

    I have Mercury in Pisces in the 7th (equal) on the 8th cusp…my mind tends to space out…I’m an intuitive thinker. Mercury in Pisces squares Uranus/Jupiter in Sag H4. I’m definitely a big picture thinker. With Uranus in the mix, I am not an extremely erractic thinker or communicator, I tend to just think ouside the box. Synthesizing my thinking process isn’t easy with the Pisces Merc. I had to discipline myself to slow down and make sure to be clear and detailed enough– Saturn in Scorp H3 makes a wide trine to my Merc. So when Uranus and Jupiter aren’t getting out of hand, I can do this okay.

    I have an opposition of Pluto/Saturn H3 and Venus H9. I think communicating and thinking clearly and learning and such are a big part of what I am working on in this lifetime.

  3. Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Moon in 11th house, and sextile Venus. I like to find the deepest level of anything that I think about. The deepest, most “close to source” truths that I can access. I guess thats more deep than broad.

    The things I think about are often abstract (11th house), but with that Moon right there, I really cant be too detached. I watch my emotional responses to gauge the validity of my thoughts. So basically, if it brings positive emotion, I know Im on to something.

    1. Mercury Aries H6 opposite Libra Mars H12. I think a little to fast at times, I do try to be diplomatic. Mercury is square Jupiter Cancer H9. So I do think big. But I’m very detail oriented (6th house ingluence.) I can get a little overwhelmed and confused sometimes, as I’ve Mercury inconjunct Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Capricorn is on my 3rd house cusp. Also trasiting Saturn and Pluto continue to occupy my 3rd house. Written communication is challenging for me, as I went to 13 or 14 different schools. So my English on paper kind of sucks.

  4. Sag asc, moon and venus.. I can see the big picture then depending on my mood I can be very detail oriented. My MC and jupiter is in Virgo.

  5. anonymoushermit

    I tend towards big pictured, but my Libra wants me to balance both small and big picture! Frustrating. Grrrrr.

  6. Mercury in Aquarius in the 11th, very big picture orientated. Not at the detriment of the key underlying issue though as Mercury is trine Pluto. Speedy and concise ?.

  7. I like to have my fingers in all the pies (variety rather than the big picture) but very into details. Oh, here it is: a small tip. If you’re unsure, think about when you draw a person. What do you start with? The body contour – as in the broader view or with smaller things- details? I always start with the eyes and eyelashes so – little things:)

  8. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    7H Virgo Stellium and 12H Cap Mercury. Seems my thought process is detective like… need to have all the details, come to a conclusion, and then “file” it away in case of needing it in the future. I do feel like I am a big picture person as well because when I process, I am also thinking of how ‘this will affect that’ and so on. Some days I wish I could shut it off…

  9. Mercury in Virgo in 11th, sextile Uranus.
    I tend to see the overall picture, then go into details to complete the thing. But this is my approcah at work.
    With people, or in situations, I might be attracted by a detail & other things take back seat to that.
    Also have Libra rising, maybe that gives me a “this n’that”-type of approach?

  10. I have a great mind. I have a “weak” heart. Mercury conj Venus 12th Aries. I see things playing out way before they do just out of sensing/smelling patterns out of the air. I have very vivid dreams and they sometimes contain numbers, dates, people who are thinking of me and will soon make a reappearance. These 2 sextile moon conj chiron in 2nd gemini. I could go on and on. Astrology is a big theme for a long time. Ven/merc also in a wide sextile to jup in aquarius 11th which in turn is in mutual reception with uranus in sagg 8th house. People seek me in private to vent. Strangers tell me their life. I think that chiron/moon makes me an open chest vulnerable-assumed which people relate to. venus/merc in 12th in turn makes me a secrets keeper. I have this sextile in yod to pluto 7th scorpio. When they get too close they want to own me. I look for the silver lining/big picture in that jup/uranus sextile. There is a deep vast ocean i seem to have to navigate but there is a part of me who is a born therapist. Only I have to suffer and then to share my wounds. Not all who receive this juice are worthy of receiving it though. But the more they hurt me the more i am free. God consciousness /neptune squaring merc/ven from the 9th BUT trining my sun opp pluto… rarely do people reallt see me. As I appear as I can be everything to everyone. And now you have my whole chart. When you trigger one aspect, you kinda trigger almost them all. Also people look for the leader in me to speak for their causes… 12th house mercury venus.. I am learning to pick my own battles.. I must say I have had many teachers who talked to me as friends. And some be jealous. I used to write poetry in my teenage years. Existencialist/pessimist stuff. Secretly though once won a prize for it. I have yet to check it, but that could have happened when my sun/ac progressed to gemini ^_^

    1. Ps: when writing papers in university I always struggled to find a theme to explore. But when i find something worth talking about i will dive into reading every effin thing i find about it. Somehow that merc in the 12th always discerns the “good” material from the unimportant by reading a few lines. After absorbing ALL there is to a subject – from theory to endless tables graphs and numbers – i re-write the story. It usually has a great sequence (my papers’ indexes were famous), a lot of food for thought, thesis and antithesis, conclusions that will blow your mind. I could never do a “meh” job. I dive in deeply. I take knowledge not as a byproduct of details but sustained by them. I am guided by intuition (12 house) even if people disagree with my ideas (aries) at first. Like a dog smelling the trail of a prey. And when I get bogged down with details/trees, usually I stop to take some air and jup in aquarius shows me the forest the big story. The weirdos over the internet who, far far away, agree or see eye to eye with me ^_^
      Life is always fun never boring with this jupiter. I used to set trends in the underground music scene here as well… ah the 2000s… sorry for the long rant!

  11. Did he used to comment on here?? I remember a post that made an impression on me.. a sag guy asking about his son that has Sun/Neptune and his worry that the kid wouldn’t feel his presence.. it made a big impression on me.

    I am extremely detail-oriented, but also very difficult to understand and lost in my thought process (Mercury opposite Neptune), but I must learn to plan long range and take a broad view (Juno/Saturn in Sag).

  12. Avatar
    Laughing Crow

    Detailed. Integrated bowl chart. Moon in Virgo in aspect/mutual reception to Mercury in Cancer. With a strong Saturn/Pluto going in depth. Can get easily side-tracked but often leads to something of interest. Example: Yesterday in the back yard I looked down at my foot and noticed a 4 leaf clover. Stooping down, spotted 2 more near it. Another 5-6 minutes of searching a much larger area revealed nothing but normal 3 leaf clovers. Today, I looked again and spotted another 4 leaf clover I had been standing on. Sometimes the intuition works well. But not experienced enough in astrology for a holistic view, yet I can discern a lot of the patterns and connections.

  13. I’m basically a big picture guy, Moon, Venus and S.Node in Sag, who revels in the details when the subject really interests me, Sun in Cap, Asc in Gemini….

  14. PurpleStarGirl

    My mind overthinks. I’m analytical though and very detail-orientated. I have Mercury in Capricorn in the 3rd house.

  15. Mercury (Sag) Square Pluto (Virgo)
    Mercury trine Uranus (Leo)
    Chiron (Aquarius) in the 3rd Uranus (Leo) in the 9th opposing

    Well I defend my opinions if challenged. I bring up and speak of things folks don’t want to hear due to my deep observations of life and feel that there is something lacking when I was educated. I have a pension for thinking into the future (though I am quite sentimental about the past) and have a Trickster Or Court Jester like outbursts sprinkled into my communication. I know my humor is quirky and probably something to be acquired in taste. I failed at math miserably but am interested in Science and how things work. I love to read and will tell you all about what I am reading. I see the under pinning and don’t beat around the bush with what I see and will tell you why the world is wrong or what is wrong etc. I can be very intuitive if not psychic.

  16. Just watched Elsa’s video on Saturn aspecting Mercury. I have boundaries but I do speak up when necessary or if you seem interested in something. With a Sag Mercury you’d think Id see the Big Picture but I also have Moon in Virgo so get lost in the details. Very frustrating for me sometimes.

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    James Slattery

    A Sag Moon and Pisces Asc make details hide. Thank heavens for a Gemini Sun and Leo stellium in the 6th house of work and service! Saved.

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