Synastry: The Astrological Study Of Love & Relationships

Venus Planet of LoveHaving Libra in my chart and planets in the 7th house, I’ve had a lifelong interest in how people relate. I write about it quite a bit, tag – Synastry.

I also found these threads in the forum.

Do you have astrological love questions?  What are they?

7 thoughts on “Synastry: The Astrological Study Of Love & Relationships”

  1. PurpleStarGirl

    Does Sun/Venus synastry count as powerful? And is that particular aspect seen more often in friendships or romantic relationships?

  2. Wondering what others observed in synastry concerning physical attraction? What’s the one aspect in synastry that you think it makes you really attracted to another?
    From my subjective perspective, gotta say it’s sun conjunct mars. Whenever someone gets to close to my sun or mars through a conjunction, I find them really attractive. Not so much with moon-mars aspects, or mars-rising or venus-rising. Second it would be venus/mars with pluto and third probably sun with pluto- even the harsher aspects. But sun/mars overpowers it, in my case.

      1. Yes, they must be of primary importance – physical// 1st house. Thank you!
        Probably my sun/mars are just more engaged there.

  3. Pluto square someone’s mars is insanely primal, passionate & volatile. If your passion has been lying dormant for some years and you meet someone that triggers this aspect, it’s like being brought back to life. At the same time the sense of danger is scary and it can make you run for your life. What a paradox.

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