The Composite Chart Ruler

mars warrior god gold The composite chart between my husband and I is striking in relation to how we are seen in public.

Overall, the chart is pretty disastrous. It’s okay if you don’t mind the composite Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith involved in a T-square. Most people would balk at that.

I’d balk at that if it were really an option. It’s a lot to set aside. The chart is hard core but what about the chart ruler?

Our composite chart has Scorpio rising so Mars (and Pluto) rule the chart.  Mars (prowess) is in Leo (showy) in the 10th house. There’s no end to the flashing of knives in public.  Mars is trine Jupiter in Sagittarius which describes an unlimited source of energy.

This stands in contrast to the rest of the chart.  My husband and I fight but other qualities of our relationship, including all nuance is much harder to discern when you’re not here in the room.

For the record, co-ruler Pluto is also in the 10th house.  You can see how these placements overshadow everything else, even when the everything else is profound.

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Tell us about the ruler of the composite chart of your relationship.

24 thoughts on “The Composite Chart Ruler”

  1. I LOL at my composite too. Grand trine in water and two Aquarians trying to work with that. Composite chart ruler the sun in the 6th house or conjunct the descendant depending on the house system. We are partners in crime! (Or terrible enemies)

  2. hmmm..Capricorn rising. With Saturn in Gemini (6th)trine Uranus and Merc.

    We have Sun, Merc, Venus, and Uranus in the 10th conj MC in Libra. Pluto is in there too..but in 9 and only conj Sun and Venus


  3. Huh, this is interesting. Virgo Rising. Grand trine in water (jupiter, Saturn, Venus). Chart ruler Mercury in the 7th (Aries), conj the Sun. Opposite Pluto in Libra and trine Neptune in Sag. Moon also in Sag, trine slow ass Mars in Taurus. 🙂

  4. Leo rising. Sun and Venus in Leo in the 12th. Then Virgo Merc Uranus and Pluto in the 1st. Geez sounds kinda too much, doesn’t it? Oh well. At least we have a Mars Jupiter Saturn trine in air 🙂

    Maybe not a surprise that we began as a short distance (100 mile) relationship, driving back and forth every weekend and once during the week– with phone calls and texts all the time.

    I am picky and complain but frankly I am way better off than I ever was in every respect.

  5. Taurus rising, with Venus + Sun closely conjunct in Cancer (very nice) conjunct Uranus (okay, a little excitement). These are all square Moon + Saturn conjunct in Libra in the 5th (ok, well, very committed anyway). I guess you could call that dynamic. 😉 Anyway, it’s been working for us for a long time!

  6. Virgo rising, Mercury stands without any contact on the 8th house cups, in Aries.
    What does it mean if it stands in itself??

  7. Avatar

    We also have Mars as the chart ruler and it is also trine Jupiter. Jupiter is conjunct Venus and Mercury. This stellium in the 9th house is involved in grand trines in Fire. We also have a grand trine in Earth. The stellium is opposite our composite Sun in the 3rd house. I would say that the chart is astounding, especially from the point of view of having no knowledge of Astrology when we were married.

  8. Cancer rising so moon ruled chart. Neptune and Mars in Sag in the 5th house. Sun,moon,saturn and mercury all in Taurus in the 10th house.

  9. Until recently I had a non-relationship for 5½ years. Nobody understood the bond we had and/or the fact that neither of us wanted to be in a relationship with each other.
    I didn’t fully understand why it felt so right to me until I looked at the composite chart tonight.
    Aquarius ASC oppostie Uranus… Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in 11th house. (And Pluto in the 7th house – lol).
    Natally I have Venus and Mercury in Aquarius and an 11th house Sun.

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    Stellium in Taurus

    My 20 year marriage has aqua rising as the composite asc. Saturn conj asc EXACT. Saturn served as a padlock on that relationship – I wanted to leave for many years but was too afraid.

  11. mars (pisces, 5) & pluto (libra, 12)
    yeah, we… debate a lot. a lot. (jupiter opposite mars on the midheaven/nadir angle.) looks like there’s other stuff going on, too.
    we’re both kind of… watery, in some ways. obscure, maybe transcendant. i know the relationship is the strongest driver of growth/transformation in my life. not sure about him…

    we have a (loose) grand square with two tight t squares and oppositions. also a lot of trines. it works, but it’s a lot of work. 😉

  12. I put off learning composite charts until recently, figuring synastry was enough. Boy was I wrong! I’ve really started to enjoy looking at them.

    The husband and I have Capricorn rising on our composite, and our Saturn lays in Scorpio, in the 10h and is conjunct Pluto. It describes our relationship perfectly. We’re practical, realistic, devoted, value family and hard work. It hasn’t always been easy, but we always knew it was right. Being in the 10th house, we put a lot of effort into our relationship, we’re always working to make sure the other is satisfied and feels loved (although I suppose having a prominent 10th house could indicate a workaholic that neglects their relationship, we are quite the opposite as our focus is each other). We went into our relationship very seriously, wanting someone to be partnered with for a lifetime. If that’s not a Saturn relationship, I don’t know what is 🙂

  13. Our composite chart ruler is Jupiter; in the chart Jupiter/Uranus are conjunct the ASC (12th House side).

    To say we buoy each other is an understatement. We talk, we joust, and we just in general love the living shite out of each other. We both feel incredibly lucky.

  14. Our chart ruler is Venus we have Libra ASC with Pluto near the ASC. Venus is in Taurus 8th wich sounds good to me but it’s oppsosed by Uranus in the 2nd. We have a Sun Mercury Saturn Neptune T-square…l’m glad other people have ‘scary’ composite charts as well, pheew!

  15. our chart ruler is Uranus aqua on the asc
    Uranus in Capricorn 12Th house
    sun trine Uranus sun in virgo 8th house
    mars semiquadrate Uranus mars in virgo 7th house
    Uranus conjunction Uranus
    Uranus sextile Pluto
    pluto in Scorpio 10th house

  16. Hi! Thank you so much for the article. What about Composite Cancer Rising with Moon in the 7th in Aquarius? Our composite venus and pluto is in Scorpio 5th house. How will that feel/how is that experienced?

  17. Although this is an old thread i wanted to ask what would it mean to have the chart ruler Neptune (ascendant in pisces) in the 10th house conjuncting the MC. Does it mean it dissolves the relationship? It is in opposition with Mars from the 3rd house. Its true that we have a great sex life. But we dont see each other so much, the relationship is on and off…

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