Aries IC Or Mars In The 4th House

aries womanA person has their public image, their tastes, their press kit or whatever. The fourth house in your natal chart describes what is personal to you. It shows how you feel. It describes what you and only those who are very close to you, know to be true about yourself.

To better understand, just think about working with someone as opposed to living with them. You really don’t know what goes on in a person’s house.

I have a Capricorn rising which means Aries rules my fourth house. Deep down, I’m a fighter.

This came up in relation to this thread – What Do You Expect To See Before Pluto Leaves Capricorn. Don’t click if you don’t like to read intense things.

Beyond that, “Fruity” asked on yesterday’s post, “Do you or others have any concrete suggestions for people of how to break or get out of such holding patterns?”

I believe there’s more than one way to free yourself (Uranus) from the carbonite (Saturn). This is personal. In my case, it’s taken courage. I’ve had to fight (with myself).

People were so afraid during the 2020 Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction, many of them thought they were going to die. I told a lot of people in consultation, I did not think they were going to die.

Consequently, I suggested they should start planning for the other option!  What if you’re going to live for another ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years? Are you ready for this?

When you think along these lines, you realize you can’t stay in your foxhole forever.  You’re going to have to fix the problem.

The fourth house is your foxhole. It’s where you go for comfort.  I am currently fighting my way out of mine.

Who can relate?

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  1. Some of us – with strong 11 th and 12 th house / Aquarian and Pisces influences – have to fight our way into the IC and the fourth house as a way of reclaiming personal reality and power. The IC is also the gateway for the emergence of the dark unconscious and the embodiment of Soul.

  2. This connects to the Saturn Uranus square. The top half of our charts can become “carbonite”.
    I recently worked with a young man – 18 years old and a classic Indigo child with a !2 th house Aquarian Sun Neptune conjunction and Uranus also in Aquarius just before the Pisces Ascendent. Black Moon in the 2nd, NN in the 3 rd, and Saturn in the 4 th – all on the bottom of the chart.
    Uranus is his carbonite and his liberation will come thru Saturn…..

  3. 😀 That’s always the capper amongst us oldsters, ‘Dying is not the problem, it’s then done. What happens if I live?’ That’s purely about the physicality of life, of course. I think we all enjoy the deeper experience of life we have cultivated. It’s a gas. And there is also the challenge of ‘survival.’

    Natal Mars rx in the 4th. Deep foxhole for me. Pleasure world (pisces) where I play and create and have occasional garden parties. Wasn’t always so. Younger years, I was on the run and home was just a place to sleep before I headed out again. Sometimes I feel guilty about being so happy in my old run down home and sometimes I feel like the developers will run me over and kick me out. But mostly I just feel safe and comfortable.

  4. Elsa

    Thank you!

    All of what you write is so true!
    and the carbonite out there is real…

    Will write more as I can, just felt I had to reach out to you to thank you and say your writing is extremely perceptive, innovative and inspiring.

    You really make the world a better place and are one of kind Elsa. You are so appreciated. Thank you for You x

    1. Thanks and you’re welcome! I am taking my own advice.

      I have an eye appointment next week. They no longer require patients to wear masks. Yesterday, I went in and chose my new eyeglass frames because they’ll dilate my pupils at the appointment.

      Normal life stuff!

      Everyone has put on weight too, which of course weighs you down. I really fear people will not recover from this, including children.

      When it comes to Saturn / Capricorn, you must push back or you’ll be crushed. It’s like lifting weights. Push against resistance and see yourself get stronger. This concept comes from astrologer, Caroline Casey. She is correct!

      Pluto in Capricorn is a sinkhole of sorts. You must work to get out.

  5. Hi Elsa and Everyone

    I have thought long and hard about what you have so insightfully written in recent articles, about getting out of carbonite.

    I looked to my foxhole, which is venus ruled and chose Love as my way out. I am choosing to love myself, my life, my choices … I chose to remember what my dreams were and what makes me feel really happy, healthy and alive.

    I also have chosen to stop and move away from things that brings the feeling of oppression and carbonite.

    I choose to get motivation from starting something and following that momentum and not expecting the motivation to happen before starting.

    I really took on what you said about finding inner fortitude, the fight.
    For me that means following my north node which is ruled by mars. I am also looking to my natal mars.

    Your articles Elsa not only identified what many in the world are going through but also gave it a name. You named the nameless which is completely amazing.

    Thank you Elsa ?

    You are nothing short of Brilliant! x

  6. well when reading where my aries is, i cooperate well with in laws and parents, and siblings, sounds like me. it’s not in 4th, but more in 3rd of communication. pisces is in 2nd house which is terrible lol because everything dissolves. looked up celebrities with aries /pisces 2nd, it looks like Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II has this. Hmmm my dominant earth parts feels more secured now lol xDD But i did read about one homeless man who was a Capricorn sun/Virgo moon, Sag rising, jupiter aries, who had a troubled chart with his eyes damaged or taken out during a construction work site; he became homeless but because he’s double earth he’ll always find work. But the instability and sadness of his life really made me remember his chart and how profoundly sad. He never married but i think it’s due to his alcoholism. Most likely got depressed alot. Sometimes when i read about someone’s life and it saddens me i look up the chart.

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