Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Once Upon a Time…

Capricorn vintage fabricSo here’s a story. Ultimately it’s in line with the parenting theme though I guess this won’t be immediately apparent. The Saturn Neptune themes fly in all directions don’t they? Saturn = parenting. Neptune = nebulous. ::shakes head::

Once upon a time I met this African man. I was thirteen and I don’t know how old he was. He was thirty maybe. Or thirty-five. And he was GIANT. He was like 7 feet tall with huge hands and I was the skinniest little baby Capricorn goat you could possibly imagine.

And I was from the desert which meant I’d never seen a 7 foot tall black man before. And standing next to him, I was scared to death. Because he was as big as a mountain and obviously if he wanted, he could squash and crush me like a pea!

But what happened is we hit it off. Because we had a lot in common, actually. For example, he was ultra-cool and so was I though I was the only one who thought so at the time. Until I met this guy, that was. This man could “see” me and he thought I was a ridiculously cool kid. Stoopid cool. And because of this he treated me with great respect and a kind of fondness I’d never experienced. And as a result?

As a result, I have found older African men friends, throughout my life. In fact, it’s very hard for you to be a black man who is 20 years older than me and not like me. To not be completely drawn to me, like the living shit out of me, think I’m a kick in the ass, have me think the same of you and always in a non-sexual way.

For example, meet Amos. We go to the same gym and that’s his pic on my cell phone. See, he makes me feel so good… he’s gives me such a zing, I snapped his pic so I could be amused every time my phone rang. He’s that cool. Amos is as cool as the older African man pal before him and the one before him and the one before him.

“Can I take your picture? You give me a zing and I want to see you during the day because you make me feel good.”

“Go right ahead…”


And I’ll come back to tell you what this has to do with Saturn and Neptune, but in the meantime, have you had any experience like this? Are you aware of some weird stream you’re living in? Tell us.

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5 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Once Upon a Time…”

  1. I seem to make connections with people in the service industry, some remember me after not seeing me for years. And the people in the neighborhood that all the other people think are ‘crazy’ whether they be cat ladies or whatever. This time around I have a cat lady and a very flamboyant neighbor.

  2. Ahhh. That’s so sweet! I like young asian ppl and they like me. In an international class with middle-class girls from every developed part of the world and even some developing nations I went straight to the Japanese girl. Why? They just feel like home to me.

  3. For some reason when nighttime hits and other times too, I have long talks with weirdos like homeless people who ultimately attach to me probably because I am vulnerable and I am listening (also because I am walking around alone when most sensible people would be asleep or, during the summer, normal, non-homeless people would be at work). I cut wayyy too much slack, for example, to two mildly druggy Sagittarians that I know who have harebrained philosophical theories. At night I pay them wayyy too much mind. I say that the moon comes out at that time and so does my ability to empathize with weirdos and put myself in uncomfortable situations that I want to untie myself from in the morning!

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