Aries Mars vs. Scorpio Mars

The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.”
                      –Ernest Hemingway (Mars in Virgo)

Which Mars is better, which Mars would win? This is a type of question that comes up not infrequently. Mars’ rulership is both Aries and Scorpio (though Scorpio is Pluto-ruled as well) so it makes for an easier comparison.

Many are familiar with the popular movie Gladiator and the psychological and martial battle between the film’s main characters, Maximus and Commodus. Arguments could be made for these characters having either Mars placement. Maximus was a man of action and apparently simple strategy (Aries) until forced to become secretive (Scorpionic trait) to meet his challenges. Commodus was scheming and dark (lower expression of Scorpio) in his approach but in execution his moves in the moment were relatively unplanned, more Arian. Ultimately Maximus prevailed over Commodus. As the “good guy” he expressed the higher characteristics of whatever was his Mars, where Commodus expressed the lower.

Mars in Aries is the simplest Martial Mars. Scorpio Mars would be considered the deeper of the two. Scorpio Mars has a strategic approach to competition. While Aries Mars employs martial strategy it is of a more straightforward type. Action vs. Forethought would be the key in this comparison. Which is “better”? I don’t think either is better. I think each has its merits and in high expression would be well met in the other.

That’s the key. Whatever Mars you possess can win on its own merit, provided you own your Mars, “rock” it, and express its highest character.

Where is your Mars? How do you “fight”?


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  1. My sun sign is Aries and my ascendant is Scorpio and I think the two are sometimes at war within me. Which will win? Lately I’ve leaned toward Scorpio but Aries defines me pretty well, too.

  2. how do I ‘fight’? Just in a very ‘hidden’, mysterious and ‘influential’ way through/ helped by relations/ships, dialogue, intelectual conversations, arguments power etc…

    How could I do it in a diffrent way as long as my natal Mars lies in my 12th House in…Libra(I love you, too, Elsa! 🙂 )

    But since 2009 (due to my Progr. Mars in the 1st House in Scorpio) I started to fight in a more ‘open’ way. More determined, focused, more in a Scorpio-ness style.

    Bravo Satori, I’m totally agree with you: ‘Scorpio Mars has a strategic approach to competition’.

    A professional strategist here.(I’m not joking!)

  3. In Gemini – verbally. And trine Saturn in Libra – good luck winning an argument 😉 Maybe I shoulda been a lawyer instead, LOL! I do not back down from an argument or disagreement and am known for a tendency to “speak up”. This annoys some people, but with my Pluto in the 1st I have learned that it is far, FAR better for me to say something when there is a problem, deal with it, and get over it rather than to clam up and harbor ill feelings or resentment.

    The way I see it, conflict is just a part of life – we’ll all have to deal with it at one point or another. Better to deal with it directly than let it eat away at us.

    Mars is also in my 8th, so this discussion about higher vs. lower expression is particularly pertainant in my case…. 🙂

  4. I think of it as Aries is the Day expression of Mars when the battle takes place. And Scorpio is Night Mars when the strategy and tactics are considered.

    I’ve got Leo Mars in the 12th. If you come at me on the Astral Plane, you’re fucked. Anywhere else you’ve got an advantage on me cause I’m probably cat napping.

  5. I have Aries Mars/4 but employ a few different techniques. Grand Trine with Neptune/12 and Saturn/8.

    Sometimes I erase me/them (Neptune)
    Sometimes I erect a rock solid wall between us (Saturn)

    I only really fight well if I’m backed into a corner and by then I’m more pissed off at myself than them.

    I’d like to fight more effectively.

  6. @Nota- I’ve got Mars in Leo in my 4th which is an intercepted house/sign… I hate fighting. I grew up with extreme domestic abuse… I am a berserker when angry and have been attacked in very personal and hurtful ways… But when push comes to shove, I’ll throw down… Cat naps are very nice, I agree.

  7. I think that’s why Russell Crowe so embodied that character, He himself has Mars in Aries in his natal chart.

    I’ve got Mars in Pisces, and I’m an Aries. Nuff said.

    1. Hi Elsa I’m Scorpio/Sag with Leo ascendant I was born 11/21/49 10pm, I believe we have a lot in common, you are very direct and I like that,

  8. Mars in Cancer doesn’t fight.

    Mars in Cancer gets hurt, amputates the offender, and retreats to the crab shell (kitchen!) for comfort food.

    Mars in Cancer tries to sort things out and puts out plenty of warning before the nukes fire, but once the nukes fire it’s completely finished and not up for negotiation.

    1. What if the mars in cancer has an aries moon and it rules his chart?
      The other interesting thing about this movie is the two characters are played by an aries and a scorpio.
      A sreenwrite/ director with some knowldge of astrology?

  9. I too0 have Mars in Cancer (better make a note of that on the ‘conflict’ thread of the blog, after my multiple entries!)

    Interesting about Russell Crowe and his Mars in Aries: he’s not my physical type at all and I don’t usually find him attractive even as an actor, but I have very much liked him as the Galadiator and also as Jack Aubrey in Master and Commander – both roles where his Aries Mars gets full expression!

    Nota, loved your night and day comparison! – very good

  10. Hmmm my Mars is Libra in the 4th opposing Saturn in Aries in the 10th. I try to fight fair or avoid it but when pushed I get pissed and all bets are off.

  11. every time I have a question there is a post about it
    I have mars sextile pluto. What does that mean? I think its good and want to consciously tap into the energy. I have scorpio rising as well.

  12. ThankYou Satori Great Post !!!

    I have Mars in Aries when i was a Kid i have to fight for everything and i was the best usually but one fine day 10 years old i stop fighting and focus energy on sports and i try not to fight but focus energy !!!

    Blessings !!!

  13. Mars in Scorpio here! I won’t fight others if I don’t find it necessary as it’s a waste of my energy, otherwise, RUN. Apparently when I’m angry the pure energy of anger rolls right off me and others easily see it and become terrified. The ones who stick around thinking they’re going to win are usually reduced to a pile of tears unless they run before it can get to that point (and they’re wounded by then anyway). It’s almost all verbal, tone matters, and I know exactly what will hurt the individual on a very personal basis and it will all come out directed right at them. People have tried to run circles around me when I start pulling out what wrongs they did, and I am able to back them into a corner no matter what. There’s no winning against an angry Scorpio Mars.

    I rarely get into physical fights and it’s my thing to never start them. The one time someone did decide to punch me a few times found out I don’t play fair and also know what hurts the most physically, and I have stamina/persistence. This woman found out I could continually pull her hair without needing to relax for a good 15 minutes while she screamed bloody murder.

    Funny you mentioned Mars Scorpio vs Mars Aries. I find Aries kind of boring in arguments, which is a good thing, because I tend to like Aries all around so our fights won’t even last long, leaving a better potential for pals after fighting.

  14. “This woman found out I could continually pull her hair without needing to relax for a good 15 minutes while she screamed bloody murder”

    @ev- You are one bad-ass! Remind me not to get you angry at me! Hahaha!

  15. LOL Read_em! Fortunately it takes the other person really trying to physically wound me to get to that point! When it comes to defending my physical body I am ruthless.

  16. Mars in aquarius here. I’m having a hard time trying to sum up my fighting style. I don’t think I’ve ever had to really fight anything/anyone… I “fight” by being detached? hmm…

  17. oh yeah, detachment is a fighting style! it’s a pretty effective one too, particularly if the competitor is someone who needs a reaction. they walk away unsatisfied and you win!

    has anyone read the fable of The Tar Baby? I’m thinking 7th house mars! 😀

  18. Mars in Scoprio here (as well as ascendant), Venus Aries. I’m just really beginning to appreciate my Mars in Scorpio due to these blogs, Thanks!

    I’ve always been an excellent secret keeper, not only mine but others. My lips are sealed – til death. I quickly lose respect and see as a weakness in others who can’t do the same! (I didn’t realize my ability was due to my scorpio influence 😉 ) I’ve also always required a physical outlet (notice I didn’t say “wanted” but “required”). I’ve always been involved in sports, have a black belt in martial arts (although I hate fighting) I LOVED and thrived on the intensity required to be good at the sport. And I’m very passionate… It’s the Aries part of me I still don’t fully understand. It’s impulsive, childlike, but I also feel I have a warrior heart. It’s taken many beatings, but will always survive 🙂 Thanks again for the great blog!

  19. Mars in Virgo 12H with several hard aspects. I had a volcanic temper growing up, but it took a lot of pushing to get there.

    I enjoy a good debate, but fighting makes my stomach hurt. I will try to avoid it, but if pushed will become extremely cutting. I will also bring up past transgressions into the fight; the same exact transgressions I should have aired my anger over in the first place.

    Mars has progressed into Libra 1H and I’ve been ‘airing out’ annoyances immediately in a diplomatic way these days. It’s a welcome gradual change and an interesting one. I feel like I’m ‘owning’ my anger now instead of squelching it and confusing my loved ones with an unexpected explosion.

    Thank goodness for Father Time and mellowing with age.

  20. 🙂 Believe it or not, I’ve pondered this question. I always considered myself the Scorpio, even though my Mars is in Leo: vs. an ex who was all Aries.

    I won.

    Hurt like hell though.

  21. Mars in Aquarius. I fight by not fighting, most of the time. If someone throws the first punch, well, they can’t possibly win if their fist just keeps hitting nothing but air… haha!

    On very rare occasions, though, I do explode like no other, and people are shocked and floored at what I am capable of. I don’t like when I get out of control like that, though.

    And I have Scorpio too… I do strategize, very well, over a long time, and I do it very quietly and secretly, building my army. Then the enemy doesn’t know what hit them, and who was behind the attack.

    90% of the time, I don’t do that though. I only resort to that when absolutely necessary, i.e. when someone is attacking me first, and is obviously not backing down. I’m usually pretty good at keeping to myself.

  22. Mars in Scorpio, chart depending. If you want a fight to the death, look to Scorpio energy.

    I’d say Mars in Taurus isn’t entirely without that similarity.

  23. Sir,

    we have mars in tenth ,12th,4th ,11th in leo,tauras ,sagitarious and pisces respectinvely ,what will happen when mars will transit in scorpio.

    please give detail

    with regards

  24. Mars is in Scorpio in the 8th house. Unless it’s absolutely imperative to my life, I don’t fight.

    I think that is a method of fighting, too. But, I need to conserve my energy.

    However, I always am, in one form or another, preparing myself for events, albeit, unforeseen events. This ranges from Astrology, Tarot, I Ching, Psychology books, Sun Tzu Art of War, and much by this author Robert Greene, who has Neptune in Scorpio conjunct his Midheaven, opposite a bunch of Taurus in the 4th house.

    What Mars in Scorpio views as 1 pound of effort, is often taken by others, as being equal to 10 pounds of effort.

    I have Capricorn Sun with Mars in Scorpio, and the combination gives me a rather interesting modus Operandi. If Saturn is conservation and structure, and Pluto is what’s hidden and underground, I would describe my fighting style to be something like a well-maintained Oil Rig.

  25. It depends on the fighters. Mars in Aries can be tricked and manipulated very easily. I’ve done it. Mars in Scorpio has a disadvantage also. They are trapped within the mental games(that struggle for power) they play. When you act outside of that, it bewilders them and makes them the polar opposite of the strength that embodies their ways, they become the weakest of the weak and they do not like it. I give mars in scorpio the respect it deserves unless it violates. I don’t even have to do anything, they do it to themselves. It’s important to understand that no matter how much of a menace you can be, someone else is always ready out there to come tear you a new one. It’s important to let go of that as it also lets go of the things that hurt you as well. As for physical combat, Mars in Aries are very strong and resistant. It took me nearly 3 minutes to apply a rear choke and checkmate one who didn’t train, didn’t work out, and wasn’t taking good care of his body. Normally I can checkmate inexperianced people in seconds. My number one student was mars in scorpio and it came to the point to where we would stalemate each other, especially after we started training again when he was in the marines. I think mars in aries with the most physical training is most powerful in combat. That’s just my opinion.

    Sun in Aries
    Mars in Taurus
    Scorpio Ascendant

  26. Another thing I wanted to add is that the strength of a mars sign doesn’t have to do with the mars sign itself(which shows how it manifests itself) but with how close to the sun sign it’s in as well as other placements and with a progressive. A taurus with a mars in scorpio means a very dim mars placement and vise versa. Mars and sun conjunct is where it’s really at. My gf is mars in cancer sun conjunct in the 10th house and she ain’t no joke. 130 lbs or so of pure feminine machine. shes quicker to jump up and fight than i am and she ain’t scared of no one. my father has mars in scorpio conjunct with his sun and various other planets. hes a very chill guy and gives off a very gentle vibe. you would never even know that he can hit you in the face about 10 times before you can even blink. not only that but he’s like a shadow that disappears. hes in front of you one second, the next he is behind you. i’ve been doing martial arts now since i was about 6. i train in tae kwon do, good ol’e fashioned boxing, and brazillian juijitsu i’ve went up against many a mars in scorpio and from that experiance i can usually tell if my opponent is a mars in scorpio. if they sense you as a threat, they will try to finish you off as quickly as possible. if they don’t. they like to play with you-like it’s a game to them. the expression on their face when they KNOW they got you know can be very scary. a very calm and focused expression on their face when they come to finish you off. mars in aries is completely different. they are a handful. and if you can survive the initial onsolaught, you might just have a chance. they also have a hard time admitting failure and they don’t know when to quit. cut off their air supply for about 15 seconds or so and they usually come around.

  27. I love that movie. MAXIMUS!
    I have Mars in Libra. You would think I fight fair. But..I don’t. I fight to win the war (less talked about Libra trait) and to the death (in 8th house conj Uranus and Pluto)

  28. My mars is in Aries, but it’s in the 8th house. It’s also conjunct my Venus and Sun in Pisces.

    I get passionately angry quickly, and it’s usually a hot-headed flaring of emotion.

  29. mars in taurus! in the ninth … anyone else with this placement… how does it manifest…
    I identify so much with aries and 8th house i don’t think i understand my mars… i would be really helpful to understand it to direct my energies even strategize maybe… i get my taurus moon but not the mars – bummer

    1. I have that too. I think its not a physical but an intellectual fight. On the long run. Takes time to get me into a fight mode but when I get there, it is hard to stop. My father used to say: your train comes :)))

  30. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Mars in Cap. I’m a ninja. Or a general. It’s all about tactics. Maximum effect with minimal casualties (or effort). I approach a lot of life that way.

    I also have Mars conj. Sun in the 5th house + Leo asc. If I can do it with flair, I will. That includes fighting. 😉

  31. Great post. I am totally going to watch Gladiator later. I have Mars in Aries in the 8th so I feel both sides of the energy.

  32. Mars in house 8 scorpio, I think only twice I’ve had to fight what I call really dirty and both times it was a matter of survival. Both times it also involved a business matter. I really didn’t like what I was doing but it needed to be done. In the end nothing bad happened to anyone and I did survive, but I just didn’t like it. When I divorced my 2nd and 3rd husbands, I had to sell our business both of the ex’s tried to screw me out of a fair sale. They tried to go people who would support them and leave me short, I went to their competitors, long story short. I survived.

  33. Mars + 8th House + Scorpio does not leave me expecting the user name “daisy” 🙂 There’s some mean voodoo in that placement, no wonder you survived despite the rough treatment!

    Also, Maximus’s strategy in the opening battle of the film was to use the deceptively simple frontal assault to disguise a flanking maneuver by cavalry. Maybe I’m biased but that sounds pretty Scorpionic to me 🙂

  34. I have Mars in Aries too, in the 7th. I was more like the Tobin Hood type fighting for the poor and underdogs.
    Now my libra asc has slowed down this.

  35. I love Gladiator. I cry at the exact spot every time. Such a great film.

    Mars in Sag. But I do think certain mars placements will beat others even if they are both in their highest expressions. Yes, mars may honor another mars, but it depends – some can take them out if need be. Someone who knows how to use their Mars in Cap or Mars in Aries near 0 point – watch out! Nearly unbeatable.

  36. Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in 8th/9th house. I don’t even know how I fight. It’s like I don’t don’t have any control over my Mars. I have the hardest time with direct confrontation and will be nice to the wrong people. Then the bitch comes out all of the sudden, verbally, at the worst times. I’m very unhappy with my mars. 🙁

  37. Mars in Scorpio conjunct sun in Scorpio in the third house. I don’t get many opportunities to fight physically, although my best resource for grounding is the Tai Qi practice I’ve maintained for over 15 years. In verbal arguments, I am really good at staying focused on the purpose of the fight and work to find a positive resolution for both of us. I don’t get lost in anger, so it is easy to keep and objective perspective even in the heat of the moment so I can clearly work toward resolution. The only times I have had to hurt with purpose was when the other person intentionally insulted me.
    I use my martial energy to heal. I transform my power into peace of mind within myself. I help people find their own way to peace with needles, my hands and my words.

  38. Taurus 12th house. The Taurus may slow my action down a bit but I’m in it for the long haul. I usually outlast whoever I’m “fighting” whether it’s on the physical level or psychologically. Stamina. I don’t give up. The lesson/downfall is that I need to learn to let things go and move on before they become real grudges.

  39. Pisces rx 4th. I’ve learned not to. It does no good. Goes nowhere.

    But I do have endurance when I set my mind and get my body going to accomplish something, if that counts as fight.

  40. I had to mull this one over, as Mars in Scorpio is one of the few easier aspects in my natal chart. Mars in Aries seems more noticed and visible. When I think of how my Scorpio Mars functions, well, for example if I’m trying to help somebody and know who to go to; yet also know the person who could help them is so busy that they only pay attention to certain people reaching out to them, well I’ll send the seeker to that person who’ll contact the busy person who responds right away because they’re wired to respond to that person. As it turns out I feel no less significant in the process. It’s simply a strategy to get something done. There is a saying I always reflect on that reminds me of Mars in Scorpio:. “When the window is closed, you have to learn to slide across the crack in the sill.” (smiles)

  41. Avatar
    Umar Abdallah

    I think Maximus is a very good example of mars in aries, he is a COMANDER, and Commodus is a POLITICIAN. Both have stronger battles in its respective levels. Both are good

    If you take a glance to our the universal’ll find that there are a lot of examples that shows how a commander becomes the supreme LEADER (as is the case of Maximus in Gladiator’s movie, or Dwight D. Eisenhower), but its very difficult to notice some politician that BECOMES a commander of the entire army. I think you would need more features.

    Anybody has a good example? i don’t know..

    But it is very necessary to be a Forethought man in all the situations.

    Im a person with Mars on aries, ascendant aries, and Uranus in Scorpio.

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