Ask The Collective: Why Do Humans Ignore The Obvious?

ElsaElsa ask the collectiveI’ve been thinking about naïveté over this last week.  Specifically, we seem to view life as if we’re children.  We’re trusting and so very easy to trick.

I know there are numerous theories out there in regards to this, but it there a home truth to be found?

I’ve been mulling this and then this morning I has a consultation with an Aquarian with Venus in Pisces. I mentioned the astrology because it’s so perfect for her remark.  She wants to see a discussion around why humans ignore that which is obvious.

Her phrasing of this is better than mine. I told her I would post this and see what ideas people have.

This is related, from back in 2012. I was recalling being surrounded by whores, unbeknownst to me. Obvious/Oblivious.


As I’ve been hinting, recently, I do think Saturn in Pisces is going to drop the veil on legions of people, revealing to them, the things they not seen that are right there to see.

Why do humans ignore the obvious?

18 thoughts on “Ask The Collective: Why Do Humans Ignore The Obvious?”

  1. Some truth came in front of my eyes recently. I have natal Venus in Leo. Saturn hit opposing the Venus, the truth came in front .. Yes, I was also didn’t see the truth that was hapeneing in front of my eyes.

    I got tricked. Its not that I didn’t want to see, but I got deceived.

    Trusting is easier than dealing the truth, maybe that is the reason, sometimes I cannot see the truth.

  2. Saturn in Pisces is my 6th house so this revolves around my health and place of work.

    I work with young children and there’s a lot of questionable things that I don’t see parents paying attention to. It’s like how do you not see this??

  3. To be honest- there are 2 sides within me on this front that are going back and forth..

    One- I am pissed as hell at the ‘Ignorance is Bliss’- been observing this in people for most of my adult life and we are in the predicament that we are in ***on all fronts*** because of this very thing. People CHOOSING to ignore the obvious – regardless of the excuse used to justify because in the end it requires discomfort.

    Two- we all had a ‘before life’ of not seeing the obvious and then and ‘after moment/reset of life’ where all we see is the obvious. Essentially the rose colored glasses were taken off. So with that said to each their own time.

    But… my view

    No matter the astrology, no matter the life circumstances, no matter the anything. Seeing the obvious is a choice and not wanting to see the obvious is also a choice.

  4. Saw a psychologist in tiktok today who said the two trends he’s noticed in his long practice were human beings “profound longing” and “capacity for denial”. As a mega Pisces it resonated. He specifically mentioned the mass trauma of the past few years and how we are not processing it and it will return to haunt us.

  5. Why ignore? Building fantasies are too much fun ?seeing the obvious truth overwhelmingly painful ?perhaps just confessing the big mistake, embarrassing ?why people need something that wasn’t there ?you know the fake it till you make it?
    The only way I was capable of ending my marriage ,a very brutal painful length of time with an evil man (he had a hold of me ),was a woman began to have drunken sleepovers with him and then I successfully packed him out , got to police and court to help me, I am guessing she’s a Pisces , she will wake up one day maybe soon and understand she
    Can Not get the monster out of her house
    As the hold on her neck and hand over her mouth more than she knew?

  6. I live on a tiny island and this person has for 8 1/2 years continuously come around me to Wave , I have been so free of it , no need to think about my past but then the wave ?I have began to look at The treetops Ahead of me as the birds are really starting to gang up OK thought I should add that

  7. The word “obvious” may be the problem here. People are individuals. What’s obvious to one may not be obvious to all, for complex reasons. <- I know this much is true. And then you have Neptune people who are routinely blind in spots, with no earthly idea they are missing something or even that there may be something to miss. I've offered myself as an example. There are also people who might feel "X" is obvious, but the X they feel is obvious is actually an illusion.

  8. Neptune/Pisces undoes and seemingly betrays 11 th house and Uranian/Aquarian type energy. That is its task – to move the energy down from the head into a unification in the heart. Ignoring the obvious is part of the process of betrayal (and evolution) of Uranus.

    1. Don, you just flipped a switch for me. Basic astrology…the differences between one sign & the one following. Obvious! Thank you!
      Putting that aside, Neptune opposed my Saturn recently & this Capricorn w 6 air planets who is definitely curious contemplated mystic, mystery & a few Neptune/Pisces words. What is a mystery? Then A mystery to me? Well, a mystery to me is anything I don’t know. How does a car work? A mystery to me. It was quite a moment & allowed me to simply not know… I’m not curious about everything & that’s okay. I don’t know became my favorite phase. What a relief! Suddenly, I’m using my curiosity on behalf of my interests. I’m training myself to ignore what I don’t have interest in, can’t influence, or have no time or energy for. Somehow I’m trusting more. Doesn’t mean I don’t see obvious, but we can’t do it all. & somehow I’m seeing more of the karmic mysteries… Thanks.

  9. The mind has so many ways of tricking us. To protect us… hidden survival tactics…if we aren’t prepared to see it the mind will shape it into something else…we actually go into shock when we can’t tolerate the pain or something traumatic…add to that to all the things we see as kids and aren’t prepared to process yet and the imagination will take over. Denial runs deep. I don’t know how we function as adults if one doesn’t go into therapy. Some walk blindly. Maybe Neptune helps us or hinders with the defense mechanism part. Live in a cloud u will never have to look at the reality. Saturn likes to show it loud and clear though so u csnt hide from it too long.

    1. your comment made me think: i sometimes think saturn can cause trauma. not neptune. neptune sometimes helps with healing and escaping from the abuse/trauma while saturn is continuously beating you. It’s not good. That causes trauma too much. there needs to be a balance and thats why i think neptune helps an individual heal even if its to escape. It’s like healing your bones in a cast or in a hospital, or in a coma, they have to heal. and that takes time which is a good part of saturn.

      1. hmm makes sense why saturn is exalted in libra, the balance, you can’t keep being a reality check beating people into it. There has to be kindness and a balance.

        1. I agree.. Neptune definitely helps us heal by protecting us from harsh realities but we can’t stay in that bubble too long. And Saturn in libra, I like it, I need to do some research!

  10. I think many humans avoid the obvious because they are trying to reconcile reality with their own beliefs very hard. Many beliefs are untrue, but people have grown to depend on them for their feeling of stability and safety in the world. But when reality intrudes on an untrue belief sometimes there is a pretty wide gap between where life presents obvious truth and where a person becomes so uncomfortable they are willing to acknowledge it so they can keep the (obviously untrue) beliefs intact. I guess it probably depends on the pain of re-ordering their belief system.

    1. Thanks for posting this. When I was considering this for today’s newsletter, I thought of “beliefs” as another possible priority… but then forgot as I dashed off the letter and felt it was getting a bit long.

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