OJ Simpson’s White Bronco Slow Chase (Saturn In Pisces)

broncoWe’re coming up on the Saturn return of OJ Simpson’s infamous slow speed chase.  I was pregnant at the time and I watched this whole thing, transfixed.  Slow speed chase? It made no sense.

I thought it might be interesting to look back at this event, knowing what we do now.  I can’t say this is the single most definitive event to spark a Saturn in Pisces discussion, but it was certainly significant and surreal.

I recall considering how, OJ, was receiving special treatment.  I’d never witnessed anything like it.

hertzLike most everyone, I was an OJ fan.  No, I didn’t watch football, but he was an American hero and I did love his Hertz commercials.

I was struck by the contrast of the slow bronco vs running through airports or down a football field for that matter. In hindsight, I feel life changed forever on this day.

Remember my post regarding dissociation? I can easily access the feelings I experienced watching the 45 minute long chase. I’m sure there is a tie between this scene and the one we’re headed into.

  • Did you see OJ’s slow speed chase?
  • Did you watch his trial?
  • What was the deal with this?
  • Have we learned anything over the last 28 years?

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8 thoughts on “OJ Simpson’s White Bronco Slow Chase (Saturn In Pisces)”

  1. This post is interesting to me because with Aquarius energy dominating everything feels rather frenetic like the entire nervous system is vibrating and you’re in a hurry – it’s a rush job.

    But for a while I’ve been feeling the door opening to Pisces energy. Stronger today with Venus going into Pisces.

    Most of me is still feeling the frentic, but there is another space opening that says in a whisper, ‘you have all the time in the world’, ‘what’s the rush?’, ‘it’ll all happen anyway’…etc. It’s very faith based, eternal energy.

    So then I was thinking about this post and the ‘slow’ car chase and it resonated, because with Pisces energy coming in our sense of time is changing. As a Pisces Moon/Jupiter, I tend to feel more my self when being ‘beyond time’. So I’m glad this energy is unfolding. My brain runs on ‘lack of time’, or ‘lack’ in general. Shut up brain!

  2. Yes we watched the chase. Now they are common place. I don’t remember everything but I do remember being transfixed at the time because this was the first, chase I’d ever seen. I couldn’t understand the running away because to me that said “guilty”! What do I think we’ve learned since then? Honestly, not much at least in my opinion.

  3. Yes I watched the chase. We had been to blockbuster video and had rented The Fugitive to watch. Imagine finishing the movie and immediately breaking into OJ cruising down the freeway, lol! That’s no doubt why I remember it as well as I do. The juice is loose…

  4. Oh Yes !! I remember this clearly.
    Watching glued to the TV like everyone else.
    However I don’t remember it as a slow chase..to me he was speeding down the highway being chased by police cars, even Driving on the wrong side. Though it appeared like a slow chase…
    It was quite incredible,with the blood down the house step’s.
    Watched the Trial,at the time was studying law.. though not criminal law.
    *The Dream Team*
    That defended him.. really matters the line ,Money does buy you everything ring true.
    Jonny Cochran really fought hard for him.
    On circumstantial Evidence.
    Since there were no witnesses.
    Nothing has been learned in 28 years.
    Especially on the Law of Double Jeopardy!!!
    He was found not guilty under criminal law,and GUILTY under Civil Law !!
    However Because of the Double Jeopardy law couldn’t be convicted!! Whaaat…
    That’s just ridiculous to me.
    That law has to be changed.
    I even saw a similar movie called Double Jeopardy…
    Must watch.
    Criminals on the Loose.

  5. Such a vivid memory, a warm, sunny early Friday evening in LA. Instead of running some intended errand I watched the chase for hours. During the trial, my boss watched it in his office all day every day while I manned the front desk. From clips on the late news, I can still see the attorneys’ faces so clearly. Hard to believe it was that long ago!

  6. I was 11 years old when that happened. We learned that sometimes we can evade the law. We can get away with murder. All we have to do is know the right people, hire the right help, and garner sympathy. But we also learned that if we don’t lay really low and act with integrity after we get away with something, Saturn will get us. Remember he effed up years later and went to prison for 9 years for something unrelated. Armed Robbery? 🤦‍♀️

  7. I had never heard of him until this happened. I was 13 or thereabouts. I remember when the verdict came in. Boy was that a thing to watch. It was all so dramatic. I didn’t watch a minute of the trial but wow was it like a movie for everyone. The big drama. The biggest true crime story any of us have lived through.

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