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  1. i’d say taurus and cap are sexiest, but that’s like asking who falls into my fifth and eighth houses….

    and then, of course, strong pluto, but themfolks one needs to exercise discretion with because only a few of them seem to have moved beyond self gratification…… which, i guess, one could say “scorpio” but eh.

    i can’t really answer any of the other questions. not enough data.

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      James mccasland

      As an Aries with moon in Scorpio. I have to vote for Scorpio or Leo. Libra and Aquarius are charming and interesting but won’t rock the bedroom.James in the heat of California Desert.

  2. I think it’s all in the eye of the beholder, really.
    To me Scorpio is sexier, but I also like Capricorn.
    Least sexually complicated? Hmmm? Aries?

  3. My vote is Capricorn. (Not necesserily a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Venus and/or Mars have done me just as fine in the bedroom).

  4. Personally:
    Aries least complicated sexually

    Venus ruled Libra and Taurus for sexiest (I like venusian types)

    Hard into old age?? Not sure but Pisces is super charged for me right now. Taurus and Virgo’s not so much…

    Vitality depends on the aspects I think…but who am I to say??

  5. Least complicated? I vote “Aries” too

    Ability to project “I am HOT!” Scorpio it’s been said that Scorpio can be sexy in a baseball cap & jeans . . . it’s true.

    Sustained sexuality? Capricorn by far, in fact they get better with age. 🙂

    Differences between men & women are often a matter of style. A woman with Mars/Venus in Aries is just as direct about sex as any man. And a man with Mars/Venus in Pisces can be as sensitive and caring as any woman.


    GOOD LUCK & BON Voyage, Matthew!! 😀

  6. Ha ha Matthew you crack me UP!

    Definately Caps get my vote for hard into old age. Longevity, people, lonegevity…

    I also love how accepting Pisces are in general, so though I haven’t been with a Piscean lover, that acceptance is pretty sexy.

  7. I’m not sure where I read it, Cosmo I would suspect but, I definitely did read that Pisces average the highest number of sexual partners.

    And for most of the questions I would think it depends on what the individual likes.

    The least complicated sex I’ve had was with a Taurus (unless you count all the emotional stuff and the complicated matter of getting him out of my bed so I can get on with my day :D) the most complicated was a libra.

    I find Gemini’s terribly sexy, but in a relationship (or when I’m looking for one) the guys I pick up tend to be Libra. The best sex ever was a Pisces. Worst was a Leo.

    As for it manifesting differently between men and women the only girl I ever dated was a cancer, and of all the men I’ve dated there’s never been a cancer that I know about (although I have my suspicions about one guy who fed me and then brought me three blankets and a pillow when I was sleeping on his couch, and tried to feed me again, while he was making up the couch {he tucked in ALL the blankets}, and then asked me if I needed another blanket, all of which exhausted and exasperated me I’m Full! I’m Indoors! Its not going to be that Cold! I Ate already!). However with pisces there wasn’t a significant difference, at least that I noticed. They both had the same laid back I love myself so much I got some left for the rest of the world so here I am cause I’m not stuck up or even mildly uncool pisces vibe.

  8. least complicated? everybody’s complicated. sexiest? definitely gemini, imagination is key 🙂 followed by pisces (dreamy), cancer/capricorn (caring), scorpio (powerful, deep). least sexiest? virgo, for sure. capricorn takes the cake for longevity…and yes, gets better with every year! i don’t think there really are genuine sexual differences between male/female…most are adaptations to society. i’ve got mars/venus in aries and i love sex as much as most men supposedly do, and i’ve met many men who are far less sexual than me…but i still feel awkward admitting it, initiating it or even appearing more sexual than my partner! i guess it is an individual phenomenon, as astrological combinations are distributed evenly for male and female…they are only modified by social tradition.

  9. my research from questioning clients :
    mars in an Earth sign makes the dicks, and especially in Virgo very sensitive, as if the entire surface has a pulsing sensation which the owner 🙂 of the dick may not even realize. My clients with these Earth mars dicks seem to be taken aback when their partners mention their most intense orgasms ever as if their entire bodies explode. They mention, their woman and men partners, that the Earth mars dick may not even need to move much in order for the “sensation” to happen. As if some pulsing etheric energy comes through and ignites a full body orgasmic sensation in the partner.
    Taurus dicks tend to be thicker and the heads bigger.
    Capricorn longer and but still thick.
    Virgo in the middle or just the “right size”

    Air mars dicks tend to be thinner and longer, but versatile.
    Gemini playful and straight and curved (mercury influence) Libra mars, thin long with silky, smooth skin also playful, where the Aquarian mars dick tends if not circumcised as they are not here in Europe, to have a problem with a tight foreskin. the Aquarian dick can create an orgasm from a distance just by intending from the genitals.

    The fire mars dicks tend to have a pointy shape, being thicker towards the balls and thin out to a tip. Their hard on’s are usually fast and intially very rock hard but not steady for a long time. Aries mars dicks tend toward premature ejaculation, but if “trained” has intense stamina. And the ability to “rise again” quickly. Fire mars dicks tend to range in size.
    Leo dicks tend to not want to cum quickly or at all while having sex,it order to complete the “performance”. The Sag mars dick, tends to “dip” into it’s preferred orafice.

    The water mars dicks: Cancer is good wholesome sex dick, never had a client complain, most water mars dicks all said they felt “loved” while fucking. Scorpio mars dick may give this impression of the best sex ever, as if mystified, hypnotized they tell me even though objectively the dick and sex were standard and the guy can even fuck without a hard on, if that’s possible. The pisces dick only fits well into certain sockets but if correct soul fit, it tends to change with each partner. I had a partner who swore his dick got bigger and shorter just for me.

    I have a lot of dick research from thousands of charts/clients. There are also details about which planets are in aspect..

  10. I don’t know about least complicated or vitality, but I definitely think Scorpio Mars are sexiest.

    My favorite lover has a Scorp Mars/Venus/Uranus conjunct. My worst lover has a Pisces sun, but I never got his full chart and don’t remember his birthday anymore, so I can’t say more than that.

  11. Wow koheli, thats some research! I will vouch for the mars in cap dick..my partner has this and though i’ve met some dicks in my time (!) i have the most intense orgasms on his, he barely has to try. Venus in scorp too so he’s also got magnetic eyes that i could just drown in. And when its all over he’s got a tender cancer moon to snuggle up to. Does it for me.

  12. Koheli that’s impressive. I agree with most of what you said, especially the mars in earth dicks. There are expeptions to every rule. The best sex I’ve had I’d say pisces. Pisces do it better, was my motto for a while. Scorpio tends to be great at the cortship and the ind games of romance, but the sex itself isn’t the best.

    Aquarius was the worst ever. Leo varies, depends if we have venus mars aspects, if so it gets better with no particular reason. Libra was pretty bad, but i couldn’t consider my experience with libra to be statistically significant.

    I’ll have to add Aries along with pisces as the best sex. Aries are really uncomplicated. God I miss that. I’m dating a cancer with virgo mars, koheli’s description of mars in virgo is a euphemism for premature ejaculation. 🙂 I’m having a gigantic saturn-mars transit, so help me God.

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      James mccasland

      Many years ago I dated an Aquarius in SF, went to an
      Art exhibit, to a restaurant having drinks, she went to the rest room and didn’t come back. Was she sick, did I say something wrong. I asked someone to check. She was talking to the washroom attendant. Lol.

  13. Koheli’s is one for the books. What a great comment! Thanks for sharing that.

    Ability to connect and be engaged seems to change between the signs. Leo has been no fun although I am a leo. Libra bored me, sag doesn’t seem present, Aries seems to want to conquer and not connect.

    But other signes are incredibly creative and looking for cues to connect with you. I think that mentally gemini is fascinating. Anyone who can get inside of your head has won half the battle. Pisces is also fascinating in that they think outside of the box. Other water signs like cancer and scorpio hardly have to to anything besides hold themselves back a little in order to stir or be magnetic.

    SaDiablo, I too have had a lover who is Scorpip Mars/Venus/Uranus (also sun) conjunct. I swore that I could never have sex with another person ever again!

  14. Even though I’m a Pisces myself, I have to admit I love Pisces men…they have a droll sense of humor, accept you for what you are, and then there is the total merging in the end resulting in a lot of…liquidity. lol. No other sign manages to connect to the soul like a Pisces.

    Scorps scare the bloody hell out of me. I love Leos too but they are all about themselves. Sags aren’t bad. Aries are straightforward and eager…

  15. Koheli,
    You’re a national treasure 🙂 Maybe you and Elsa should collaborate on a “mars on mars book for hot sex” ?

    Did everyone notice that most people complimented Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces, which are feminine signs? What do you think that means?

  16. haha…yes, the playful air dicks are good! and the pisces does accommodate!

    ss – i agree, the boyish charm does a number on me as well 😉

  17. From my own experiences:

    Sexiest: Libra and Scorpio. How about Libra Suns with a lot of Scorpio? 😉

    Least complicated sexually: the Fire signs. In order: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo.

    Who’s still going into old age: Capricorn, if life hasn’t made the particular Cap into a sarcastic miserable prick 😉 and Scorpio.

  18. Sheesh i’m surprised no one mentioned Taurus. They may not be the most gushing sign at first,but get to know one and your in for a real treat. You wont find a more sensual person on the earth. Pices and Aquarius both do the trick for me pretty nicely as well, and capricorn too.

  19. Man: Sun Taurus Mars Leo…Large head and thick and lasts like the energizer bunny..satisfying. Perfect fit.

    Man: Sun Sag Mars Libra..average size but curved and let’s just say everytime the big “O”.

  20. Cancers in my opinion are the sexiest but I have a 4th house stellium. I haven’t yet met one I didn’t want to jump. I’d say Sagittarius is the least complicated sexually. Taurus with the old age.

  21. Mars in Aries for being horny all the time, and Venus in Taurus for taking time and luxuriating in every aspect of it.

    Impetus and execution. Ahhhh……

  22. Least sexually repressed in my experience are both male/female Aquas. I guess the whole free, open mind, don’t give a fuck attitude does it for me.(both were Mars Aqua, too)

    Libras weren’t bad, very fun but a little too unagressive and subdued lol. (One Leo Mars, the other Scorpio Mars)

    Cancer suns… hmmm lazy, lazy, lazy.

  23. Least complicated (as in let’s get hot, no questions asked) Aries and Leo

    The sexiest men I’ve dated are Scorpio and Leo. (though the sexiest woman I’ve met is a Pisces sun with Leo rising and a Scorpio moon)

    1. That’s my combo Alicia and while I don’t expect any sympathy…? Well I’ve always been weirded out by male attention — maybe the Catholic school early on didn’t help. But it has been excessive and just weird. I’m an introvert and 42, never married and seem to always be recovering from being swept off my feet or now in my middle age learning to discern when to ward off d-bags.

      Richard Burton said of Elizabeth Taylor (who had this sun-moon) that she would marry anyone. I think it’s more that everyone wanted to marry her.

      Again, don’t cry for me, but allure isn’t necessarily great for life plans.

  24. Koheli! ;:)

    Thanks for sharing your research so succinctly. Are you planning a book?!
    There are also details about which planets are in aspect.. Would love to read these. The best control ever was with a mars-saturn conjunct in aries, and no Saturn did not affect the size whatsoever, but the flip side that can come with that combo is a mean streak. Mars-Venus are hot hot hot no matter where they are.

    I vote Scorpio – Aries – Capricorn for sexiest.
    Taurus – Aries for the least complicated (unless Pluto is involved).
    Neith pretty much nailed it about gender differences.

  25. Most complicated: Taurus & prob Leo second(high on drama). Sexiest: Taurus & ppl w alot of planets in Taurus). Scorpios: passionate-but 2 controlling for my taste-not worth it.

    Longevity & keeps my interest: Leo, Sag(some-there r 2 kinds of sags-short & stocky and tall and slim but robust-the slim ones r hot! & they All have great asses). But honestly i should say the longest-bcuz Im a Horse in chinese astro so i really havent met a sign yet that kept my interest for too long. Though the person I kept going back to for 11 yrs was a Pisces.

    Least complicated= Libra, Cancer both will go out of their way to make you comfortable.

    Off limits & straight crazy: Gemini hands down. LOL

  26. Scorpios are amazingly magnetic,hot and highly sexual,however,they are too much of egocentic creatures,and can be really agressive.But get one in bed,and you will be running out of breath!
    In my personal experience,I get along very badly with Scorpios.But,Aries are my favourite type.Yeah,they can be pretty agressive,but they are really sweet and very caring.As for Taurus,it’s a no-no for me,as I am a Libra.Taurus is way too paranoid in terms of jealousy and socialization.Like Scorpio,this one can be very controlling too.The best ones for me,by experience,are Cancer,Sagittarius,and Aries.

  27. Least complicated? Cancer suns, they all have buttons and once you find them, they cum on que.

    Most complicated? Virgo sun and Gemini mars. This guy lasted for hours every time and it sometimes became a chore because he lasted too long and if you woke the beast, you’d better clear your schedule for half a day and drink plenty of water.

    Sexiest? Scorpio sun/mars is always intriguing, Capricorn too.

    Least sexy? Libra. I want you to come at me with passion not play mental tennis trying to decide what to do or feels good.

    Best sex ever? Personally, Virgo sun and Aries mars. That man is blessed.

      1. Agree – there must have been some aspects involved. Virgo sun tried hard so A+ for effort, but Gemini anything is just weak. There must have been some hard core aspects to Pluto or Saturn.

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        James mccasland

        I believe likes repel.
        I met a woman who had the same birthday as me. Venus conjunction but also, the Saturn’s conjunct, and the same adverse aspects.
        Better to relate with someone of different sign.

  28. Mars in Gemini for technique.
    Scorpio for endurance .
    Mars in water signs for oral sex – Gemini works too.
    Aries for rough, wild, intense sex.
    Capricorn for sex addiction.
    Taurus and cancer for thoughtful touching and tenderness.
    Sagittarius for friendly, enthusiastic open
    Aquarius for detached sex.
    Pisces for fantasy sex.
    Virgo for the attention to meticulous detail – especially in arrangeing the love making setting.
    I want to neglect Leo bc of their big stupid ego but Leo will give everything in exchange for adequate praise.
    Libra for reciprocal sex.
    How is a girl to choose?

    1. Had to acknowledge you ! Gemini Mars conjunct my Sun; never left
      a lover unsatisfied. Virgo rising attends to details, Taurus Moon, takes its time, then it’s onto toys for a wet finale ! OK, NOW I’ve
      earned my reward.

      Choose wisely.

      1. Just the sight of mars in Gemini in a guy’s chart turns me on. In my dating experience, guys without astrology knowledge have no idea what I’m seeing when I look at there chart. I have totally failed in my prediction before. I totally agree with above comments regarding mars or Jupiter in Taurus . That’s another one that’s hard to say no to.

        1. I’m Jupiter MC in Taurus — female tho! I also keep them coming back — even decades later!! I’m just generous about pleasure. More is more 🙂

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      James mccasland

      There used to be a zodiac sex poster with the twelve signs and a position for each sign. I have not seen it for many years but I remember Aquarius was female superior and described as “Humanitarian.
      Sagittarius was some acrobatic position and described as “creative”.

    3. Can you elaborate on Mars in Gemini? My experience with the Gemini sun sign is so shockingly bad — consistently.

      I just can’t imagine a mars Gemini being any good.

      1. I think Gemini rules the hands and the tongue. I think it gives manual dexterity. I’m a rock climber and I’ve also noticed mars in Gemini climbers are extremely precise with their hand and foot placement which is a great advantage in climbing. I think the influence of Mercury ruling Gemini makes them thought- full about how they use their hands . I’ve known many body workers with a Gemini influence. When a Gemini lays there hands on you it is with great skill. The focus on detail is also applicable with their tongues.

        1. fact. Also Libra. Libra are best kissers in my experience. Mars in Gemini is quick and bad at everything else other than hand and mouth.

          1. Well that’s a major qualification! I may be coming around to other kinds of sex, but bumping uglies is primary. I mean, come on.

  29. I dated a Sag chic, Uranus is in my 5th house in Sag, and I attract them but they mentally disappear when we get going. Perhaps because they’re comfortable with me and just lie back and orgasm.
    Capricorn women, since I have a stellium in Cap, are great. They can keep up with my appetite.

  30. I have Taurus in 8th house, I need someone who stays hard until old age! Taureans takes that trophy. Strong, sturdy, steady, and always on schedule which is all night until dawn.

    Most complicated…..Pisces, um whats causing they’re Erectile dysfunction? Why are they hard from fantasizing people/things but when they’re with an actual person, they do not get hard? Are they even sexually attracted to humans? (NOT REFERRING TO ALL PISCES, just my unfortunate experiences)

  31. Who’s the least complicated, sexually? Aries and Taurus.

    Who’s the sexiest? For me, it’s Taurus and Aquarius – my 5th house and 8th house respectively. I cannot deny my attraction to these signs.

    Who stays hard well into old age? All the earth signs seem to age well to me. Taurus, Virgo and of course, Capricorn.

  32. I thought I had a pretty strong sex drive (Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo) but I cant keep up with a Mars in Aries, I just cant.

    1. I just had a tryst with Mars/Venus/Asc in Aries and yeah the appetite was intense. He was always giving me hungry looks and delaying leaving the bedroom. As a Leo rising Sag sun Aries moon I probably was too restless for him.

  33. Aqua sun Scorpio mars can do it all; Cap sun Cap mars is lusty and lasts and lasts.

    Aries can be ahem premature at times but fun for sure, Taurus is boring and takes too long, Leo brings the heat but not the technique

    Cancer is a yawn, Scorpio is too emo, Pisces too complicated

    1. Just to expand on that… Aqua/Scorp can get in your head and your heart. The mind games these guys can play are tops — I’m fairly complicated but these types always know what to say and do. I’ve felt “known” in a single conversation. It’s the fixed nature of the signs, they can really own you heart and soul. The only problem may be hyperactivity due to the square aspects

  34. I am very impressed with Koheli, the dick expert. The least complicated?
    People and circumstances make sex complicated. Desire is a good place to start.

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