Am I Being Used? Pluto Transiting Natal Venus

Pluto Man

Hi Elsa,

I met a man I am crazy about in May.

He has been out of town on business for the past few months, and I am really missing him. Lately I have heard from him less, though he talks about coming home. I have done a lot for him in his absence and am beginning to wonder if I am just being used… or does he really care as much as he says he does?

I would also like to know if my financial outlook is going to improve in the coming year.


Dear Wondering,

You have two issues here, but they are related as love and money are both ruled by Venus.

On the man, it does not sound very promising to me. “A few months” is a very long time to be in limbo. I’m sorry, but I think you probably are being used, which is okay… just stop it immediately. And I know this hurts, but there is a point to it.

You are just winding up a Pluto transit (wipeout – the planet of extreme) to your natal Venus (love and money). After a Pluto transit, there is often a void and in the case of Venus, that would be no money/no love. And this is where you are now.

So will there be improvement this year? Yes! You will slowly come back, the way a forest does after it has burned to the ground. You’ll rise from the ashes. But you must suffer the void first.

And this is what I’m saying around this guy. Let him go, because he is a corpse. He is not a “living love”. Then feel your pain, and expect it to be acute. But while you’re suffering , understand this:

This is a one shot deal. You will never pass this way again and there is a future coming.

Good luck.


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