Weekend Love Forecast – Electriquarius Stellium

sax selfieVenus, Pluto, Mars, Mercury, and Sun in Aquarius… Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini. SO MUCH AIR this weekend! While the preponderance of planets is in fixed Aquarius, the mood is mutable with Moon in Gemini. So what do we expect? TALK, lots of talk, ideas, expectations, and communications.

Mars is in Aquarius, so anything we do will revolve around ideas and opinions as well. Consider what is possible, then go out further on a limb. Taking the high road is warranted, but what’s the high road? That’s where we formulate and experiment in order to proceed.

Something new! Try something new! Well, Mars in square to fixed, earthy Taurus Jupiter may spin out in the particulars. Mars-Jupiter in effect all weekend long, from Aquarius to Taurus creates tension in the extreme urge to go. Inertia can be overcome, but we may still not end up where expected. Overshooting the mark may also be an issue.

Friday night, the Gemini Moon trines Mars and heads into square with Pisces Saturn, exact overnight. Mercury perfects its square to Aquarius-ruler Uranus by night. This sounds pleasantly active: interesting and full of novel, upbeat interaction. However, it also gives “Comedy of Errors”, so adjust your expectations and follow the mood of the moment.

Expect communication… expect expecting communication but getting something else, or odd timing. Expect it to slow the process and affect the mood. But ultimately, that Moon-Mars trine keeps it light.

Don’t be afraid to dance. Are you awkward? It’s the night for awkward to shine.

Venus sidles up to a zippy conjunction to Pluto, exact early Saturday. The aesthetic is odd and intense, and folks are hungry… in theory. Sometimes hungry people don’t eat, so again: expectations may need to be adjusted. Appetite is volcanic but theoretical. And it’s not at all what one might expect. Again, try something new. The risk is that new and odd may be disturbing if taken too far (Mars-Jupiter), but the only way to win is to try. Experiment.

Saturday night, the Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron in Aries then trines Mercury overnight. Whatever shenanigans erupt Friday, it all makes sense the following night. Maybe “all” is a stretch, but the mood highlights all that is necessary to know for practical applications and purposes.

Additionally, Venus moves in conjunction with Mars through the rest of the weekend, and sweetens the adjustment to its square to Jupiter. Physical touch is softened with pleasure: Electric pleasure in the theoretical can be felt physically, and desire hones action. Expressing your desires in action is ideal, but modulate in real time for feedback on intensity (too much, too little).

Sunday morning, the Gemini Moon perfects its trine to Mercury then goes on to square Neptune and trine the Sun by nighttime. The mood is nimble and life-affirming, even if we’re tempted to blur out the rough spots. Because of that (rather than in spite of), sneaking a look at what feels challenging is our best bet for self improvement. Have faith that you’re good enough, because you are.

Immediately after the Moon-Sun trine perfects, the Moon moves to its own rulership in Cancer and the Sun blends into Pisces. Open your heart, and open your ego to your heart. We don’t need to dissolve who we are in order to let in a connection to self through others… a connection to others through opening the self. Dreams are affecting and prophetic.

Do you have any weekend plans?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Electriquarius Stellium”

  1. Yes! Danced my body silly last night! My daughter Josie Moon turned 38 February 16th!
    She is an Aquarius wonder!
    I her Mama… a Scorpio sun and other Scorpio goodies…we have our NN flipped..hers Taurus NN my Scorpio NN. We get each other. Sooo much fun❤️ Both of us are having big life changes

  2. You’re inspiring me to move away from the jigsaw puzzle & shake my 74 yr old booty over to Seattle for the Flower Show. Now to get 79 yr old hubby w an achy back on board & in the car! We are a ton of air together & I bring the fire! Sounds like a fun weekend whatever we do.

  3. Seems like similar themes going on, a social outing and then a birthday party, was surprisingly light hearted and fun! I guess the Gemini Moon making trines to the Venus/Pluto Aquarius helped there 🙂

    Venus style, there was a lot of over indulgence and food comas though, lots of cakes, so I will be entering beast mode at the gym this week 🤦😂

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