Bigotry: Dreams, Nightmares and Saturn in the 12th House

My fiance in this story, the man with the nightmares has Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th house (dreams) square Pluto in Leo.

I am talking to the soldier about this in 2003, ten years after the fact. We both have emphasis on the 8th house (death):

“So anyway, he would wake up with these nightmares and I would wake up with him. And he would relay the dream and I would see the thing visually and feel it. A helicopter going down… swirling. Your stomach.”

“Yep, I know what it’s like. I’ve crashed in a helicopter. I have been in a helicopter crash and they’re bad. They’re not good, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah. And I don’t know what that’s like for real but I can tell you I could feel all this twirling and jerking and swirling and falling and it would make me sick to my stomach and hurt my head. Because I’d be woken up from a dead sleep and I wouldn’t have my bearings. He used to have these dreams early in the evening rather than waking up in the morning with them so probably just as I was falling into my deepest sleep I would be jolted awake and he would describe this helicopter and I would just feel my head start to spin and I would feel the whole thing. Like panic and your stomach dropping. Pain in my chest and my head.”

“That sounds bad.”

“It was bad. It was sad too and it was happening all the time. It was happening frequently. And initially I figured if he got it out… if his dreams got some air they would lose their power like the hydra. But I swear it had no affect. My listening and his talking and my heaving… all my feeling didn’t seem to do any good. In fact it seemed to get worse. It was like this thing had roots to the planet core and he was in its grip so consequently we were in its grip.”


“Yeah. I guess I thought it was a hungry ghost. Or he did. That ghost is hungry but how do you feed it? What does it want? I was asking these sorts of questions and so was he. It was like a puzzle and I felt I should be able to solve it. I mean come on. This stuff is right up my alley.”

“Well it sounds like you were trying, E.”

“Oh yeah, I tried everything I could think of. I tried conventional stuff and unconventional stuff too. For example I tried to talk to this guy. Hey dead guy, what do you want?” I laughed. “Do you want him to know you’re dead? That you’re alive? Are we supposed to look for you? Is there something to see in this dream he keeps having that he’s missing? What?”

“Anyone answer you?”

“Hell no. No one dead ever says anything to me and I don’t know why not. I’m perfectly willing to converse with them but I guess they figure they’ll see me later, when I’m dead too. I don’t know what they think or why they never talk to me because I’m pretty sure they’re around and I always honor them.”

“So do I.”

“I know. Good for us. We stay connected to our dead people.”

“I do stay connected to the dead. Even the long dead.”

“I know! I know you do and you probably do a better job than me because this dead guy wouldn’t say a thing to me. I got no sign at all so it was like a closed avenue but it was one I did go up.”

“I see.”

“Yep. But with no help from the other world I had to rely on this world. And with my boyfriend up in the middle of the night three times a week, and with me to sick to my stomach, something had to be done. So when both brothers made a point of telling me they had never been to the memorial and when both brothers told me we’d be driving by it on this trip? Well, I took this to mean they wanted to go and they wanted me to take them. Or to go with them.”

“Sounds right to me,” he said.

“Yeah? Thanks. Because I did take them and like I said, I think it may have been a mistake.”

Do you have nightmares? What’s in your 12th house?

pictured: Melancholy c. 1620, Domenico Feti, Oil on canvas, 168 x 128 cm

12 thoughts on “Bigotry: Dreams, Nightmares and Saturn in the 12th House”

  1. I seldom have nightmares any more since I let the snakes in my dreams bite me willingly. And 12th House?! How about Sun, Jupiter, Juno, Mars & Mercury (the last is on the 12th House side of my ASC). My problem is it’s hard to re-enter this reality when I wake up . . . takes coffee & being up for about an hour! 🙂

    It’s very difficult to share a bed w/someone who has terrible nightmares from being in a war zone.

  2. No significant nightmares, a few as a kid, which were very grisly (war type nightmares where I would see my siblings being killed by bayonets). I have an empty 12th house, Aquarius on the cusp.

    I do have significant amounts of day-mares though. It’s come to the point where I can’t really watch much horror because what I see replays and replays in my head and makes me tremendously unhappy and sick feeling. Even the news is a bit much to take.

  3. Very rarely. I have some unpleasant dreams sometimes, recurrent too, dreams that I want to get out of, but nothing that makes me wake up in shock or anguish.
    Moon on the 12th house, in Aries.

  4. My bf and I have a similar connection (mostly to do with his family’s war history and a ‘love hole’ as a result) – though it tends to have the hydra effect: these ghosts do go away.

  5. I have a 12th House Saturn in Virgo but I’m a lucid dreamer so I never have nightmares. My dreams are an avenue to self-revelation. Out of this world stuff. Just thinking about it makes me sleepy.

  6. Mercury in Scorp in 12th. Saturn in 2nd in Cap. I dream a lot. Almost every night. I have had nightmares often, in the past. Not as often as I use to. They don’t make sense. I seem to be covering my head or trying to get something off it. I usually realize I am dreaming and scream and scream in my dream until I wake up. 😉

  7. When I have nightmares I wake up soaking wet. I don’t know if being too hot causes the nightmares, or if the nightmares cause me to be too hot. Don’t laugh, but I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, North Node, Ceres and Juno in the 12th house.

  8. my nightmares are usually more like adventures– jupiter in the tweflth.

    but I do have the occasional night terror which is freaky…

  9. I have Saturn & Uranus in Saggi & Neptune in Cappy in the 12th, all retrograde. Neptune is loosely conjunct the Asc.

    They descripe my nightmares pretty accurately – they are reoccurring (the retrogrades maybe), they involve some kind of escaping (Neptune) from unusual creatures (Uranus) & I can always control the outcome (Saturn).. They’re pretty much like adventures as well (Saggi on the 12th cusp).

    I remember dreams I’ve had since I was a child, which wasn’t that long ago anyway .. That’s my Cancer Sun opp. Neptune. But after a nightmare I usually wake up oblivious of the current date & plans for that day so I immediately have to check a calendar.

  10. I have vivid nightmares occasionally. Once or twice I’ve been able to wake up from them but usually they have to play until the bitter end. Mars in Scorpio in my 12th house.

  11. Why wasn’t this thread finished? I’m ultimately curious about what was found at the memorial – although, hey, none of my business really. 😉

    On the dreams aspect, I have to say I’m shocked by all the Scorpio-in-12th guys saying they have a lot of nightmares. My fiance has Mars/Venus/Uranus all conjunct in Scorpio/12th and has never had a nightmare. I sometimes think he just doesn’t remember them, but he’s a pretty vivid dreamer so I’m not sure that’s it anymore…

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